Web Design and UX Design Courses Newcastle upon Tyne

Web Design and UX Design Courses in Newcastle upon Tyne

Growing up, you’ve always stood out in art lessons and jumped on the ability to work on exciting artistic ventures. Now that you are preparing your career, you can’t help but think about how you can apply your creative passion as a designer to a job. But making the transition from doing creative stuff for the love of it to seriously working as a designer is a huge leap — and you want to know more about the job before you make any commitments. So, we’re here to direct you all the way, hoping you’d learn Blue Sky Graphics web and UX design and become a professional!

Web Design

Web design is considered the prototype of the website accessible on the Internet. An Internet designer concentrates on a website’s appearance, style and even text. The style refers to product design and categorisation. Effective Web design is user-friendly, aesthetic and suits the consumer market and brand on the website. Most web sites have a usability focus, so there is no inappropriate material which can upset or confuse users.

The aim of this course is to demonstrate the concepts of and application of Web technology. It teaches you how to work through convergence, digital models and overlapping of website creation systems. A list of other Internet sites must also be prepared in the process of web design, which will enable you to build materials. The site structure defines all aspects of the website, including its wording, layout and intent.

This training includes the graphic design framework without which the course can be very challenging.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a web-based platform written in PHP, which has an open source. The content management and blogging system (or CMS) is probably the easiest and most successful today.

Just a few examples of the kind of pages that you can create with WordPress are here:

It can be used by everyone, from small individuals to big business owners. Even non-developers can easily upgrade the websites that were developed by WordPress and a wide range of subjects and plug-ins are available on this building system.

This is being used to teach you to create a new website with Blue Sky Graphics.


Elementor is the ultimate and free website developer that allows you to quickly and easily build lovely WordPress pages.

The main difference is that you can achieve a high level of design when designing live and on the front end of your web.

Elementor is the first page builder to provide limitless design and is currently the only. It comprises hundreds of useful widgets, a superbly detailed template library, a full range of mobile editing devices and a visual revision history feature.

Adobe XD

Adobe XD is a flexible platform for UI / UX programmers, web designers and mobile app designers. The interface is intuitive and decreases work time.

The prototyping function is one of the most important components of XD. This feature allows us to create a user experience mockups, create interactive menus and downloads, and navigates page by page.

For a project that opens the prototype right in your browser, you can use a direct link with XD. XD also has an integral feature for commenting that can be used for easy feedback exchange or questions within the project.

UX UI Design

UX means something you can experience. The “user experience” aspect refers to the interaction between customers or services. Therefore, the architecture of the user interface takes all the different elements into consideration. A UX designer is curious how the user feels about the interface and how simple it is for users to do the tasks they want.

While the user’s experience is a set of items for a successful and pleasant use, it is a supplement to the user interface design: the look and feel, the functionality of the items and interaction. User interfaces are built in a digital way. All visual interactive elements of a user interface – including buttons, icons, positioning, typography, colours and reactive designs – are included.

The aim of UI design is to guide the user visually through a product’s interface. It all includes developing an intuitive feeling that the user does not have to think too hard!

What Will You Learn?

The UX design course is an advanced course for those who already know the techniques of graphic design. This includes the Photoshop, XD Adobe and Illustrator programs.

A UX project is explicitly designed to simplify any application or program’s user interface. You will learn how to make a customer-friendly website where everything is open to the user, and not too hard to run the app. This seeks to solve the obstacles and issues associated with consumers to boost productivity, efficiency and user experience.

Job Opportunities

To win UX customers and recruitment managers, a compact and easy to share digital portfolio is important. But what does that mean?

You first need to find the right place to house your digital samples. Secondly, you need to make sure you have samples of UX that focus on customers and employers.

UX Designer: As a UX designer, you will be involved in the full range of user experiences and interactions with a brand. You will work with other members of the marketing team and the wider company to ensure that goods and services meet consumer needs.

Depending on the form and the size of your company, your exact responsibilities may vary. You can, for example, design e-commerce front-end sites for the online shopping market or work on a government website to provide information and advice to the general public.

UX Architect: Information architecture has its origins in both library science and cognitive psychology; in some ways, you might think of information architects as digital librarians! Information architects are involved in combining content and knowledge in a digital product, and in the way it results in a positive user experience. They ensure that the page or screen is built to allow the user to easily achieve their target. Data architects are also responsible for the overall design of the site and provide the user with a consistent experience.

Work from Home

You can also start working from home and make money, because you can study these courses online at home! It’s a good chance for housewives and part-time employees who find it hard to get away from their busy work and home life. Some use their excellence for making money on freelancing websites like Fiverr, Freelancer and Peopleperhour!