Digital Illustration Course Syllabus

Study digital illustration online with your own teacher one to one from the comfort of your home.

This course and all our courses, are one to one and strictly online with your own private tutor. The course lasts 7 months from start to finish and consists of a 90 minute lesson each week. Choosing a slot of availability, you can study in the morning, afternoon and evening from Monday to Sunday. We advise that you check the availability with the school before enrolling as slots are allocated on a first come, first serve basis.

Below you will find a detailed description of how you can get into the demanding world of digital illustration, how to find a job after completing the digital illustration course, a detailed syllabus of all stages of the learning process and how to integrate into the industry.

Please note, this course is also suitable for people who have no previous painting or digital illustration experience but want to learn professional computer drawing skills and techniques. 

Digital illustration Course Syllabus (0632)

One-to-one Digital illustration course online with a private tutor.

One of the ways to become a computer drawing professional is to enrol in a digital illustration course and study privately from the comfort of your own home, with your own private and professional tutor on a one-to-one extensive program.

It’s not new that graphic designers use graphic illustrations to provide their customers with professional illustrated logos and drawings. We can see the use of illustrations in children’s books, in graphic drawings in animation and in countless other areas such as cartoon characters for business branding. We at Blue Sky Graphics train you to meet industry requirements and develop a career as a graphic illustrator with a professional and diversified portfolio.
Whether you wish to work as a freelancer or work for an advertising agency, you can feel confident that whatever the requirements might be, you will be able to deliver successfully. Have a look at all the amazing videos we have prepared for you so you can have a glimpse of some of the things you will be able achieve upon the completion of the course.


Digital illustration Course Syllabus

Enrolling in digital painting and illustration courses – What you will learn?

Learning digital drawing is done on Illustrator 2022.

  • ILLUSTRATOR CC Introduction and examples of software capabilities and advanced graphic illustration
  • Black arrow – the element selection tool
  • White arrow – the direct selection tool to distort elements
  • Edit commands vector elements
  • Magic staff tool – choosing shades and combining colours correctly
  • Views in the document
  • Graphic textures
  • Fill in a textured illustration
  • Patterns and combinations in digital painting
  • Arranging objects in a document and navigating-Arrange
  • Graphic composition – Align Composition in vector illustration – shading and shades
  • Symmetry at work and graphic illustration of existing sketches and illustration from a sketch directly to the computer
  • Assimilation and refinement of advanced illustration techniques Sharpening the talent of illustration in the student
  • Transformation – change to elements – Transform
  • Transparency in the illustration and emphasis on connecting the techniques to create illusion and illusions
  • Advanced graphic illustration
  • Animating and giving a sense of image for sharpening colours
  • Mesh – making objects look more 3d or photo realistic
  • Layers and work efficiently
  • Filters – apply filters
  • Effects – apply all kids of effects to illustrations
  • Dot tool – digital illustration and drawing tool
  • Live trace
  • Live paint
  • Symbols
  • The shadows to stand out
  • Distorted envelopes
  • Creating brushes and using them efficiently
  • Advanced colouring – Gradient
  • Developing creativity and spatial thinking
  • Painting styles according to the new trends in 2020 and new techniques

Homework and exercises are provided during each lesson. The duration of the course is 7 months and consists of 30 sessions of one and a half hours. You will gain a certificate of completion and a professional portfolio of paintings and illustrations on completion.

Digital illustration Course Syllabus

Drawing course classes

During illustration lessons you will learn to draw in an illustrator software and save the illustrations and drawings process on a file on your computer. Learning professional techniques on how to draw is an important step in computer drawing. During your digital drawing lessons you will learn topics such as: Work on vector lines to create editing computer illustrations, logos, ads, drawing and advanced graphic illustration, Comics, learning to draw on a computer based on a picture, learning to draw in stages, drawing a picture, painting a face, drawing computerized characters and much more.

Illustrator is a special drawing and graphic illustration software useful for graphic illustrators, it allows you to easily draw on your computer with advanced digital illustration and drawing tools. Our Digital illustration course is delivered to the highest standards and to maximum comfort in an online platform with a private tutor. The course is suitable for all levels from advanced illustrators to beginners.


Digital illustration Course Syllabus

How does illustration and paintings lessons take place?

Illustration and Painting lessons are conducted online, the lessons are one-to-one with personal and private guidance with a friendly teacher who will guide you and support you throughout the course. The aim of this course is to allow everyone, even those without any illustration experience to fulfil a dream and draw on the computer easily with a private teacher.


Digital illustration Course Syllabus

Homework and assignments

Apart from the weekly meetings you will need some time during the week to complete the homework. This is from the exercises obtained during the lessons of a drawing or a simple illustration of sketches to advanced drawings. On average, homework will take you 3 to 4 hours per week. You will need to present your homework every following week to your tutor which will give you professional live feedback. The lessons are very interactive and experiential because of the personal and private guidance you have from your tutor, learning at a personal pace is more effective than studying in a group of people, since all the attention is directed towards the student. 

You can enquire about prices by leaving your details in the contact form or by calling us and consulting with one of our course advisers on 0207 459 43 42. Our welcoming and dedicated team is waiting to hear from you.

At the bottom of this page you can find details such as what jobs you can do after graduating from this course and how to download the Illustrator software to your computer to get you started.

Digital illustration Course Syllabus

Drawing course for beginners – how can I learn to draw and paint if I have no experience?

If you have no experience you don’t have to panic as you don’t require any experience to start learning digital illustration. Anyone with a passion for digital art can study this course. Even if you have never drawn on a piece of paper before, you can easily learn digital illustration and start drawing graphics with professional tools following some easy steps.
The assimilation of the curriculum will be by receiving exercises starting with a basic drawing and slowly building your skills to an advanced level. The course is first structured by copying drawings and using professional shapes and tools to perform this work style and then with practice together with your tutor you will develop your design style.

Practice – Throughout the course you will need some time during the week to complete the homework and the exercises given to you by your tutor in order to master Illustrator software quickly. The painting styles taught in the digital illustration course are very broad to give students the opportunity to study digital illustration in a broad and multidisciplinary way and not only focusing on one design style, from business painting and illustration to drawing figures and backgrounds. Drawing exercises will allow the student to learn how digital painting is composed and thereby develop a personal style. Digital painting is made up in the shape of a jigsaw puzzle which means that each element sits on a different element and they come together to create shadows and animation in the graphic drawing. You will “lock” the drawing on Illustrator software and then start drawing the lines and shapes by yourself. Copying drawing techniques, allows you to develop a personal line to learn to work quickly in Illustrator software which later in the course will allow you to draw graphics by yourself without any dependence on other drawings.

Implementation Phase – Implementation phases in a graphic comes automatically as soon as you understand the logical moves of creating shapes. Sometimes things seem complicated but once you get the logic and understand the concept of the software you can draw any graphic style you want. There is no doubt that once the drawing is divided into several subjects the general drawing becomes easier.

Digital illustration Course Syllabus

Digital illustration course in Illustrator Adobe software 2022

Painting Studies – Using Graphic paintings for the Business World – Branding Process

In the business world we can see countless uses of illustration techniques, like making logos by using 3D figures and effects. During the course you will learn how to develop a logo according to customer requirements and work together with graphic designers. Graphic designers are not digital painters so they work in full collaboration with painters who master painting software such as Illustrator to cater to clients who require logos and business branding in the form of graphic illustration. Digital drawing in the world of computer graphics is not just logos. We can see various icons and symbols on websites and apps made by graphic painters. During the course you will learn to work on a style of compressed graphics to adapt the digital drawing to an app or website at very low weights. Icons currently in apps or computers were made by graduates in digital illustration in many cases.

Digital drawing software – I do not have drawing software. How do I purchase it?

The Illustrator software is not purchased by those who use it, instead it is rented on a monthly basis to you by Adobe. Once you register for a digital illustration course, you will need to subscribe to the Adobe website and download the software directly to your computer. At any point you can unsubscribe and not be charged for it. The benefit of working with a monthly subscription is that it allows you to receive regular updates made in Illustrator software. It is not possible to purchase one-time Illustrator software since everything works in the cloud. You can download Illustrator software on any computer and work from anywhere even without Internet.

Digital illustration Course Syllabus

Painting styles learned during the course

Curved Round Drawing – Creating human figures or any other style of digital illustration will be solely with clean lines. The emphasis in a digital illustration course is to use tools so that the lines look smooth and authentic and not truncated. You will learn how to make shadows and provide depth using different tones in ascending and descending degrees of the same colour, for example in making a face image you can emphasize the same colour with lower tones to give depth to your design.

Painting in perspective – One of the new styles and trends in 2020 is illustrating with perspective. Drawing in triangles, squares or working on straight lines. Painting in perspective is gaining momentum in the world of graphic branding in the preparation of clean vectors with different shades. During the course you will learn how to give depth with the use of squares or any polygonal shape of one kind or another. A technique called LOW POLY in perspective painting allows the dots to be drawn and depth to be spread throughout the graphic.

Understanding the branding process for the business world – Understanding “professional briefs” received by graphic designers allows the digital painter to understand exactly what the idea behind graphic branding is. If a company wants a branded digital painting you need to learn all the right parameters that will allow you to create exactly what the company wants to promote using the logo. 
A graphic drawing designed for the world of branding will always be minimalistic, which will allow viewers to focus and remember the company quickly. Throughout the course you will receive professional exercises for making logos based on vector graphic drawing and you will learn what working together with graphic designers is. The process of thinking broadly or in marketing construction by drawings to design a website for making applications based on multiple icons.