(updated 12/20)

All students must read and accept these terms and conditions at the point of enrolment with Blue Sky Graphics trading as UK Blue Sky Graphics Limited. The purpose of this document is to outline each parties’ duties and responsibilities. These are the responsibilities from us as a course provider and you as an enrolled student (initiating attendance  and registration) with Blue Sky Graphics. These terms and conditions are subject to change from time to time in our sole discretion. We will however notify you of amendments to these terms and conditions either by email or by posting them on our website at blueskygraphics.co.uk.

In these terms and conditions, UK Blue Sky Graphics Limited will be referred to as “Blue Sky Graphics”. Blue Sky Graphics shall be also used interchangeably as ‘We’, ‘Us’, ‘Company’ or ‘Training Provider’ and the customer as ’You’, ‘Learner’, ‘Client’ or ‘Student’.

Upon email receipt of the Student’s confirmation of enrolment (Welcome on board email), a legally binding enrolment contract is enacted between the Student and Us. By registering or enroling onto our course through The Company, you warrant that you are legally capable of entering into binding contracts. Your registration details constitutes an offer to purchase the delivery of our course. All courses are subject to acceptance by The Company.

The course will be confirmed usually by confirmation of enrolment (Welcome on board email) or by either email, post, telephone or through an automated email from The Company Website. The contract will be formed when we confirm receipt of your order. We reserve the right to refuse enrolment on any of the Courses we offer.

The Student will be deemed to have received the confirmation of enrolment (Welcome on board email) on the date on which the email attaching it is sent, if sent on a working day prior to 5.30 pm (GMT). If sent after 5.30 pm (GMT) or on a non-working day, it will be the next working day.

It is the student’s responsibility to have access to a stable internet connection for the classes and communications. All students are required to have access to the Adobe Creative Cloud or another Adobe version (older versions are fine but please check with us) s and a computer that supports these programs for the duration of the course.


Graphic Design Course 0110 (7 months duration)
Web Design and User Experience Design Course 0220 (UX-UI) XD Adobe (7 months duration)

Each course costs £1499.00 GBP. Students may opt to pay in full or to choose an instalment payment plan which we refer to as Flexi options as detailed on our website. We may change, alter or modify instalment plans at any time with reasonable notification.

The payment plan methods are:

  1. Flexi option 1 which is £749.50 x 2 instalments over the course.
  2. Flexi option 2 which is £375.00 x 4 instalment payments.
  3.  Flexi option 3 which is £199.00 x 8 instalment payments each month on the first of every month or to be set on an agreed designated day.

A deposit of £199 is required to secure a space for students using any Flexi option. Deposits may be deducted against the final months fees.

The first payment of each payment plan will be deducted on the day of enrolment. Each subsequent payment will be deducted automatically from the nominated credit card or PayPal account on the same date each month. To secure new enrolment an upfront deposit of £199.00 is required to be paid by the client to us which will cover the first month of the course. Payment must be paid 4 weeks before course is due to commence or by prior mutual arrangement.


Enrolment is available online using the website or through email 24/7 but your class time and day must be confirmed for availability before a set date is booked. All payments should be made through our invoicing system, PayPal or Bank Transfer. Currently we accept payments by Visa, Mastercard and American Express, but our payment systems is subject to change as are payment methods.

Please note we, our staff, teachers or associated contacts will never ask you for cash and if you suspect any unusual activity you are advised to contact our central office.

Where extra bank charges to us are incurred by virtue of the Student’s chosen mode of payment, these shall be paid by the Student

Bank Details
Our account details are as follows:

Account number: 000 17933
Sort Code: 30 – 96- 29
Name: UK Blue Sky Graphics Limited

Please note your bank may offer a same day or faster payment option. Payment transfers by BACS may take longer up to three working days. Students who wish to pay via bank transfer by instalment option or in full may pay in full by this method. Payment in cash is not accepted.

Should you wish to pay by PayPal please let us know and we will send you a payment request.

Fees are payable upon enrolment with Blue Sky Graphics and a receipt will be issued upon payment. For payment related issues please contact the Course Coordinator or contact Accounts (payments@blueskygraphics.co.uk) otherwise please call the central office. Please also contact Accounts if you are issued with a new card or you need to amend your payment method.

If a Student is using Flexi option 1 the first £749 instalment is required before classes begin and the second payment during by the third month of the course delivery.

If a Student is using Flexi option 2 the first £374 instalment is required before classes begin and the second, third and fourth payment during each consecutive month.

If a Student is using Flexi option 3 the first £199 instalment is required before classes begin and the remaining payment during each consecutive month of the course. Often the final invoice pay me slightly higher to finish the payment plan.

Knoma is a great option for students to pay for their course and if used properly can be done with little or no interest. Students using the Knoma payment platform to fund their course are entirely bound by the terms of Knoma. The opinions of Knoma do not necessarily constitute the opinion of our own at the Company.

Your lending agreement is between you and the lender, UK Blue Sky Graphics Limited accepts no liability in regards to any loans taken out via one of our finance partners listed here. We strongly encourage you to fully assess your financial situation and to read the full terms and conditions before taking out a loan.

Taking on a loan is a considerable commitment, like any loan it must be repaid under the terms of the lending provider, even if you are not at work. You are encouraged and should make sure you have taken all reasonable steps to investigate all the funding options that may be open to you to ensure you make an informed decision about whether the credit product loan is right for you.

Anyone that cancels a course with us when using Knoma after enrolment will be liable for third party fees that are charged to the company of £104.93 as well as a payment administration fee of £85.00.

If there are payment defaults or delayed payment using any of the Flexi options (Flexi 1, 2 or 3) we may discontinue training or temporarily hold classes until payment has been made as required.

Administration charges of £5.00 may be applied to declined credit or debit transactions however in order to avoid administration charges please email or call Accounts before your due transaction debit date if you are having difficulty making payment (payments@blueskygraphics.co.uk).


We are delighted to have you on board and welcomed onto one of courses. Please read our commitment to you. Once your initial payment has been successfully processed you will be sent you’re an enrolment welcome pack or the enrolment details containing class confirmation, login and password for your online secure access to GoToMeeting.

The time that this payment takes to process depends on your financial institution’s internal system. As a rule, this payment acknowledgement response arrives within 24 hours. Blue Sky Graphics will issue you your enrolment details within 48-72 hours (within normal business days) of this response.

In the case of instant PayPal payment plans PayPal notifies us of instant approval of payments. In the case of e-cheque PayPal payment plans PayPal notifies us of your cleared e-cheque within 7- 10 days of payment. We will issue you your enrolment details within 48 hours (within normal business days) of the above notifications from PayPal.

A tax invoice of payment made will be issued to you for the first payment, the dates of future planned direct debits will be noted on this invoice or a Schedule of Payments letter.

This invoice will be issued to you within 72 hours of enrolment. Once your account has been paid in full you may request a tax invoice of fees paid by writing an email to payments@blueskygraphics.co.uk

The date of enrolment will determine the date of payment each month for students using a Flexi option instalment plan and this is generally the same date each month thereafter. E.g. enrolment that start the the 15 th of February , the next debit date will occur on the 15 th of March, then the 15 th of April and so forth until full payments in total have been made. We will notify you of a declined transaction and/or successful reprocessing via email.

In line with UK law and data protection Blue Sky Graphics will keep all information regarding your nominated account private and confidential. It is essential to the processing of secure online credit card payments that the we use a secure third party payment intermediary or secure payment gateway. Both the payment gateway and our financial institution are privy to your account details for reasons of processing your payments.


We expect you:

  •  To contribute to learning in a harmonious and positive manner irrespective of gender, race, sexual preference, sexual identity, political affiliation, marital status, disability physical or mental or religious affiliation.

  • To be honest and respectful, this includes not falsifying work or information and not communicating in any way that may cause offence to others or to us (the company).

  • To be responsible for your own learning and development by participating actively and positively and by ensuring that you maintain progress with learning modules.

  •  To monitor your own progress by ensuring that assessments are submitted in a timely manner.

  •  To pay your course fees on time. We reserve the right to place your classes on hold until payments are up to date.

  • Please Note: refunds or cancellations cannot be offered outside of the stated refund policy. There are no exceptions to the above cancellation policy as once the period has lapsed then fees such as virtual classroom registration, administrative fees, awarding body registration or tutor fees need to be paid and cancellations will not be accepted except in the circumstances described in the cancellation policy. 

  • If you are paying by Flexi option instalments – in the event where a recurring card payment or standing order is unpaid or your card has been declined, we will contact you via the Email Address supplied in your registration details and we will then also contact you by letter and/or telephone/ text requesting that you arrange the payment.

  • If our communications requests for payment are ignored and your account remains in arrears after 14 days of your original payment date, your account will be passed to a Debt Recovery Agency. If contact has been made but the arrears are not resolved within 28 days of your original payment due date, we will reserve the right to pass your account to a Debt Recovery Agency.

  •  In the event of your account being passed to a Debt Recovery Agency, additional administration fees of 20%, for amounts up to £500.00 or 10% for amounts over £500.00 of your total remaining balance will be applied to your account, and will be payable by you. Further County Court costs may be applied if payment is not received which will affect your credit rating in the future. By default the debt is lodged with all the main credit reference agencies. 

  • Please note that we endeavour to be very understanding and fully committed and willing to work with our students to resolve any difficult situations they may encounter – so if you are experiencing issues in making any payments to your account, then we must emphasize that you please contact accounts or support rather than allowing the debt to be passed for collection due to inaction, as we will strive to arrange an alternative payment plan for you which will not incur any additional fees.


It is your responsibility:

  • To ensure that homework is met after being set which is always a realistic amount of work deemed useful and necessary for your fast progression of learning. The teacher is there to help you and make your life easier ensuring you fully grasp and understand your course contents.

  • To ensure that enough funds are available in your account to meet the requirements of our agreement on each due date.

  • To notify the office of any changes to your personal information. Students must e-mail the support office (support@blueskygraphics.co.uk) or contact the admin team (admin@blueskygraphics.co.uk) as to any changes to their personal details including email address, telephone number and residential address.

Our accounts team will contact you to arrange an alternative payment method should there be issues receiving payments. We reserve the right to withdraw you as a student from the course, along with the Certificate of Completion that may be due or issued without refund of fees already paid.


Your teacher is there to help you every step of the way! Use this valuable resource and you go far. You will find many questions by current and past students on our website that can help you answer a query, or you can post a question to one of the tutors yourself. You can also call the welfare officer or email support@blueskygraphics.co.uk if you are having any difficulties.


Our teachers will use English language, literacy and numeracy skills all of which are critical to almost all areas of work. This is especially true in graphic design where there is a need to communicate with all parties such as clients, read and understand design briefs and do research. Our course is delivered in English, so it is assumed that every student will have good command of English, reading, comprehension, speaking, listening and writing.


If you want to make changes to your recurring card payment arrangements, please contact us in writing via email at least 5 working days before the due date of the next debit transaction. These changes may include terminating your Standing Order, wishing to pay in full the balance of your account or altering the monthly payment schedule. Certain changes may be affected at the sole discretion of Blue Sky Graphics.


We love feedback and we love your compliments too and value your opinion. We want to offer you the best online one to one experience and our aim is making learning fun and effective. Your compliments are encouraged. With your permission we may use these on our testimonials along with many other happy students.


We hope you will find our courses challenging, productive and excellent value for education but should you need to cancel your course please let us know as soon as possible and within 14 days of enrolment-whichever is sooner.

Within 14 days from deemed receipt of the enrolment confirmation, the student has the right to cancel this agreement at any stage without giving any reason and without incurring any liability apart from any associated administrative or third party costs that are passed onto us such as virtual classroom GoToMeeing registration costs or professional body or accreditation costs . In any event these costs will not exceed £199.00 at any time.

To exercise the right to cancel, the student must e-mail the Course Administrator or Happiness Manager requesting