(updated 03/22)

All students must read and accept these terms and conditions at the point of enrolment with Blue Sky Graphics trading as UK Blue Sky Graphics Limited.

The purpose of this document is to outline each parties’ duties and responsibilities. These are the responsibilities of us as a course provider and you as an enrolled student (initiating attendance and registration) with Blue Sky Graphics.
These terms and conditions are subject to change from time to time at our sole discretion. We will, however, notify you of amendments to these terms and conditions, either by email or by posting them on our website at blueskygraphics.co.uk

Please note that enrolling in any of our online courses creates a contract with UK Blue Sky Graphics Limited, registered in England and Wales under company no: 11999881.
In this regard, any legal matters that arise will follow the law of the United Kingdom which will take precedent and full jurisdiction over all contractual matters as they relate to our business.
In these terms and conditions, UK Blue Sky Graphics Limited will be referred to as “Blue Sky Graphics”. Blue Sky Graphics shall also be also used interchangeably as ‘We’, ‘BSG’, ‘Us’, ‘Company’ or ‘Training Provider’ and the customer as ’You’, ‘Learner’, ‘Client’, ‘Students’ or ‘Student’. Upon email receipt of the Student’s confirmation of enrolment (Welcome onboard email), a legally binding enrolment contract is enacted between the Student and Us. By registering for our course, you warrant that you are legally capable of entering into binding contracts. Your registration details constitute an offer to purchase the delivery of our online course.
All courses are subject to acceptance by The Company. Students are required to fill out an enrolment registration form to enrol onto a BSG course.
The student’s course will be confirmed usually by email in the form of a confirmation of enrolment (Welcome on board letter) or by post, telephone, or through an automated email from The Company Website. The contract will be formed when we confirm receipt of your order through an electronic receipt or an invoice receipt. We reserve the right to refuse enrolment on any of the courses we offer.
The Student will be deemed to have received the confirmation of enrolment (Welcome onboard email) on the date on which the email attaching it is sent, if sent on a working day prior to 17:30 (BST or GMT)  If sent after 17:30 (BST or GMT)  or on a non-working day, the student will have been deemed to received it on the next working day.
It is the student’s responsibility to ensure they have a good-working and stable internet connection for the classes and virtual classroom and email communications.
All students are required to have access to the Adobe Creative Cloud or another Adobe version (older versions are fine but please check with us) and a computer that supports these programs for the duration of the course.


Courses and fees:

  • Graphic Design Course 0110 (7 months duration) costs £1999.00 GBP
  • Web Design & UX-UI Course 0220 (7 months duration) costs £1999.00 GBP.
  • Digital Illustration Course 0632 (7 months duration) costs £1999.00 GBP.
  • Motion Graphics Course 0630 (7 months duration) costs £1999.00 GBP.

We may also offer (by strict invitation) an additional course Advanced Graphic Design Course 0260 to our existing students wanting to further develop a more rigorous and academically advanced graphic design approach after their first course. This course is intended for students that wish to further advance and extend their portfolio or focus on a specific niche. Please note due to the nature of this course we can only offer this to existing BSG students.

Advanced Graphic Design Course 0260 (7 months duration) costs £1999.00 GBP. Please note this course is intended for students that wish to further advance and extend their portfolio or focus on a specific niche. Please note due to the nature of this course we can only offer this to existing BSG students to build on their knowledge of the Graphic Design Course 0110.


UK Blue Sky Graphics is a VAT registered company and VAT is currently charged exclusively at 20%.
Our company VAT number is 388 353 358. Our company number is 119 998 81.

Students may opt to pay in full or to choose an instalment payment plan for courses 0110, 0220, 0632 and 0630 which we refer to as “Flexi payment options” as detailed on our website. The overall costs for any of our courses may be higher if using a Flexi plan. Please see the website for details. 

We may change, alter or modify instalment plans at any time with reasonable notification.

The payment plan methods are:

Flexi Payment Plan 1 which is £999.00 x 2 instalments payments.
Flexi Payment Plan 2 which is £499.75 x 4 instalment payments.
Flexi Payment Plan 3 which is £294.00 x 7 instalment payments.

The first instalment for the Flexi Payment (  Flexi Payment Plan 1,2 or 3) is due as a deposit prior to the course commencing. It is redeemable against the first month of the course so the second payment does not fall due until at least the second month into the course.

Students using Flexi Payment Plans will be invoiced and charged on the first day of every month following the date they enrol. For example, should you enrol for the intake commencing Monday 09th May 2022 your subsequent payment would not be due until Monday 01st June 2022.

Each subsequent payment will be deducted from the nominated credit or debit card on the same date each month unless a bank payment is made before. You are advised to contact accounts should you wish to alter the dates of payment.

Upon enrolment a deposit of £294.00 is required from the student to secure a space  for any students using any Flexi Payment Plans. Deposits are redeemable against the course fee. Any deposits not used will be returned to the student using the same means of payment by which the deposit was paid. 

Students are advised to book onto their course in advance and payments must be made at least 2 weeks prior to the course start date or by prior mutual arrangement by us and the student. Classes are subject to availability. We exercise a first come first served policy for our course enrolment admissions and we hold a waiting list for enrolment up to 6 months ahead. We will on occasion accept last-minute enrolment registrations (subject to availability) and in these circumstances, a deposit payment would be required immediately.

Students that wish to pay their tuition fees in full are required to do so before their course start date. Paying in full means students are not required to pay a deposit.

Additional costs:
Additional costs for equipment and other resources required (unless otherwise stated) for the course shall be paid for by the Student.

Depending on the course you are enrolled in you may be required to have access to Adobe licensed software. There is an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription available online and students at Blue Sky Graphics may benefit from a substantially subsidised discount. As a Blue Sky Graphics student, you may be eligible for a highly discounted rate for the Creative Cloud software for the duration of the course. Acceptance is subject to Adobe’s terms and conditions and we are not affiliated with Adobe’s terms of business. The discount may be obtained ahead of the course commencing and we will help you install the discounted subscription. At the time of print, the student costs for the Creative Cloud is £16.24, but this may be subject to change.

Upon completion of your course, we are proud to partner with Blissets where you will be able to professionally print your portfolio. Blissetts and Blue Sky Graphics have partnered to give the opportunity for Blue Sky Graphics graduates to print a polished copy of their hard work with a renowned print house.

With a Royal Warrant as Bookbinder to Her Majesty the Queen plus being one of just 17 Xerox Premier Partners in the UK, they have the best equipment to provide a quality printed commercial portfolio for Blue Sky Graphics students for the very special price of £49.00 only for BSG students. Price is subject to change. This can be uploaded and printed through on online platform  https://blueskygraphics.co.uk/portfolio-upload/.


Enrolment registration is available online 24/7 using the apply section of the website or through contacting the Course Coordinator or Admissions Team requesting an enrolment registration form. Please note that your class day and time must be confirmed for availability before a set date is booked.
All payments should be made through our invoicing system (Quickbooks and PayPal payments) or through Bank Transfer. Currently, we accept payments by Visa, Mastercard and American Express, but our payment systems may be subject to change with prior reasonable notice.

UK Blue Sky Graphics is VAT registered company in the United Kingdom and VAT is currently charged at 20%. The VAT number is 388 353 358.
Please note that our staff, teachers or associated contacts will never ask you for cash or to send money through bank transfers to any account other than the UK Blue Sky Graphics Limited business account and if you suspect any unusual activity you are advised to contact the Head Office and speak to the Course Director.
Where extra bank charges to us are incurred by virtue of the student’s chosen mode of payment these shall be paid by the student.
Our Bank Details
Our business bank account details are as follows: 
Account number: 000 17933
Sort Code: 30 – 96- 29
Name: UK Blue Sky Graphics Limited
Please note your bank may offer the same-day or faster payment option. Payment transfers by BACS may take longer and up to three working days. Payment in cash is not accepted.
PayPal payments are only accepted for course fee payments in full. To use this method of payment you notify the accounts manager so we can raise an invoice accordingly for you. Please note we can only provide PayPal options to students wishing to pay their fees in full so therefore we are unable to honour Flexi Payment Plans using PayPal.
Fees payable
Fees are payable upon enrolment with Blue Sky Graphics and a receipt will be issued upon payment. For payment-related issues please contact the Course Coordinator or Accounts Manager (support@blueskygraphics.co.uk) otherwise please call the Head Office. Please also contact the Accounts Manager if you are issued with a new card or you need to amend your payment method.
We consider Knoma a good option for students wanting to use a loan and to pay for their course with little or no interest over the period agreed by Knoma. Students using the Knoma payment platform to fund our courses are entirely bound by the terms of Knoma. The opinions of Knoma do not necessarily constitute the opinion of our own at the Company.
Your lending agreement is between you and the lender, UK Blue Sky Graphics Limited accepts no liability in regards to any loans taken out via one of our finance partners listed here. We strongly encourage you to fully assess your financial situation and to read the full terms and conditions before taking out a loan.
Taking on a loan is a considerable commitment, like any loan it must be repaid under the terms of the lending provider, even if you are not at work. You are encouraged and should make sure you have taken all reasonable steps to investigate all the funding options that may be open to you to ensure you make an informed decision about whether the credit product loan is right for you.
Anyone that cancels a course with us when using Knoma after enrolment will be liable for third party fees and administration costs up to a maximum of £238.00
If there are payment defaults or delayed payment using any of the Flexi Payment Plan options Flexi 1, 2, or 3 we may pause your classes, training, portfolio support, student support time, or homework until payments are up to date. We may on occasion terminate your course or temporarily hold classes until payments is up to date and have been made as required.
For payments that are later than 5 consecutive days or are overdue by 5 consecutive days, we reserve the right to levy a late payment fee of £20.00 which may be applied to your total balance. We would ask you to contact the accounts team should you believe a payment may be late. 
Any declined credit or debit transactions may incur a cost of £2.38 however, in order to avoid administration charges please email or call the accounts team before your due transaction debit date if you are having difficulty making payment (accounts@blueskygraphics.co.uk).
As our student it is required of you:

  1. to ensure that enough funds are available in your account to meet the requirements of our agreement on each due date.
  2. to make payments on time and without delay.  Our accounts team will contact you usually within 48 hours to arrange an alternative payment method should there be issues receiving payments.


We are delighted to have you on board and we welcome you onto one of the meticulously designed one-to-one courses. We are fully committed to ensuring you a quality learning experience with your one-to-one tutor and delivering excellent customer service.
Please read our commitment to you.


Blue Sky Graphics is committed to ensuring that the training and assessment environment is free from discrimination and harassment. We are caring, egalitarian, religious and politically neutral. 
Discrimination and harassment will not be tolerated under any circumstances by the school. Students should expect fair and friendly behaviour from UK Blue Sky Graphics staff and each other. Students who feel that they have been discriminated against or harassed should report this information to Admin staff. This will initiate complaints handling procedures that will be fair and transparent and will protect your rights as a complainant.


Your teacher is your guide, support and tutor and they will give you their undivided attention. Your class will always be one-to-one.


In total, the teaching time for the course is 45 hours as well as an additional 7 hours of student support contact time. Additionally, there are approximately 120 hours of homework. Therefore the total duration of the course is 7 months. On occasion we may agree to teach the course using the condensed fast track course option which is to offer you double lessons each week over a shorter period of time. This would take the course duration from 7 months to around 4 months. Please note we advise you have between 6 to 8 hours free for homework each week.


Your teacher is there to help you every step of the way! Use this valuable resource and you go far. You will find many questions by current and past students on our website that can help you answer a query, or you can post a question to one of the tutors yourself. You can also call the welfare officer or email support@blueskygraphics.co.uk if you are having any difficulties.


If you want to make changes to your recurring card payment arrangements, please contact us in writing via email at least 5 working days before the due date of the next debit transaction. These changes may include terminating your Standing Order, wishing to pay in full the balance of your account, or altering the monthly payment schedule. Certain changes may be affected at the sole discretion of Blue Sky Graphics. We have a cancellation policy in place which can be found below.


Your feedback counts and our students are ultimately what makes us Blue Sky Graphics. We believe that success creates success. We value your opinion and feedback. We want to offer you the best online, one-to-one experience and our aim is to make learning fun and effective. Your compliments are encouraged. With your permission, we may use these on our testimonials along with many other happy students. Any complaints are handled in a timely manner and you are advised to contact our Happiness Manager, Ms. Chanell Ruzman (support@blueskygraphics.co.uk). 
Once your initial payment has been successfully processed you will be sent your enrolment welcome pack within 72 hours. This will be sent to you securely by e-mail using the e-mail address provided. You enrolment welcome pack contains the enrolment details confirmation of your class booking, tutor information, handbook and a complimentary copy of an e-book related to the subject of graphic design providing useful secondary background reading. Please note we are unable to provide hard copies of the e-book. You will also receive your login and password for your online secure access to our virtual classroom, Zoom, or GoToMeeting.
Once you make a payment the time that this payment takes to process depends on your financial institution’s system and you will receive an e-receipt to confirm payment usually within 24 hours. Once payment has been received we will issue you your enrolment details within 72 hours (within normal business hours).
A tax and VAT invoice of payment made will be issued to you each time a payment is processed and by request, we can provide you with a payment breakdown summary or Schedule of Payments document.
This invoice will be issued to you within 72 hours of enrolment. Once your account has been paid in full you may request a tax invoice of fees paid by writing an email to payments@blueskygraphics.co.uk
In line with UK law and data protection, UK Blue Sky Graphics Limited will keep all information regarding your nominated account private and confidential. It is essential to the processing of secure online credit card payments that we use a secure third-party payment intermediary or secure payment gateway. Both the payment gateway and our financial institution are privy to your account details for reasons pertaining to processing your payments.


There are a few requirements for enrolment. We also have some expectations and a few house rules that students are expected to follow.

  • You should possess the drive and motivation needed to undertake e-learning.
  • You should not miss any of your classes without letting us know as they won’t be made up without payment. Teachers’ time is valuable as are the resources of the school.
  • You must be aged 16 or over. If you are under 16 and wish to study, please ask a parent or guardian to contact the school via email or phone and we can discuss your particular case to see whether you would be eligible to study with us.
  • You should be passionate, creative and love design.
  • You should possess sufficient English language skills to C1 or above  (prerequisite).
  • The Web Design & UX-UI Course 0220 requires you to be either a Graphic Designer or have existing graphic design skills to enrol.
  • Students must e-mail us at info@blueskygraphics.co.uk to update any changes to their personal details such as their name change or email address, telephone number and residential address.

We expect you:

  • To arrive (on time please) to your class each and every week. We have a strict policy that we believe is very reasonable with regard to lateness and continually missed classes.
  • To contribute to learning in a harmonious and positive manner irrespective of gender, race, sexual preference, sexual identity, political affiliation, marital status, disability physical or mental, or religious affiliation.
  • To be responsible for your own learning and development, by participating actively and positively and by ensuring that you maintain progress with learning modules.
  • To monitor your own progress by ensuring that assessments are submitted in a timely manner.
  • To pay your course fees on time. We reserve the right to pause your classes and your time slot being forfeited unless payments are up to date within 72 hours. 

Please Note: Refunds or cancellations cannot be offered outside of the stated refund policy. There are no exceptions to the above cancellation policy as once the period has lapsed then fees such as virtual classroom registration, administrative fees, awarding body registration or tutor fees need to be paid and cancellations will not be accepted except in the circumstances described in the cancellation policy.

  • If you are paying by Flexi Payment Plans – in the event where a recurring card payment or standing order is unpaid or your card has been declined, we will contact you via the email address supplied in your registration details and we will then also contact you by letter and/or telephone/ text requesting that you arrange the payment.

  • If our communications requests for payment are ignored and your account remains in arrears after 28 days of your original payment date, your account may be passed to a Debt Recovery Agency. We use Taurus debt collections and any correspondence from them may be related to your Blue Sky Graphics account. Further charges may accrue when passed to a Debt Recovery Agency. If contact has been made but the arrears are not resolved within 28 days of your original payment due date, we will reserve the right to pass your account to a Debt Recovery Agency.

  • In the event of your account being passed to a Debt Recovery Agency, additional administration and interest fees of up to 20% for amounts up to £500.00 or up to 10% for amounts over £500.01 of your total remaining balance will be applied to your account. Further County Court costs may be applied if payment is not received which may affect your credit rating in the future. By default, the debt is lodged with all the main credit reference agencies.

  • Please note that we endeavour to be very understanding and fully committed and willing to work with our students to resolve any difficult situations they may encounter. If you are experiencing issues in making any payments to your account, then we must emphasize that you please contact accounts or support rather than allowing the debt to be passed for collection due to inaction as we will strive to arrange an alternative payment plan for you which will not incur any additional fees.

  • Please notify the office of any changes to your personal information. Students must e-mail the support office (support@blueskygraphics.co.uk) or contact the admin team (admin@blueskygraphics.co.uk) as to any changes to their personal details including email address, telephone number, and residential address. 

CLASS POLICY- Attendance and Punctuality

These rules are applicable to all courses including the condensed option of the courses:

  • Students must not miss any more than five classes over the course in order to be awarded a certificate. Students must attend a minimum of 75% of classes.
  • If attendance is less than 75% students may not be awarded their certificate.
  • Classes that are missed will still be charged unless the student has made an arrangement with their tutor to make up the class. With prior consent by the tutor and student any missed classes may be delivered at a later date but these are charged at the pro-rata rate of the course.
  • We reserve the right to terminate your course due to breach of our Missed Class Policy (This is explained further in Missed Class Policy below)
  • If a valid doctor’s certificate is provided to the Course Coordinator or student support team a student’s attendance record will not be affected for valid sick days.
  • Any long-term sickness (exceeding 14 days) will need to be discussed with Blue Sky Graphics.
  • Being late is not acceptable unless there is a compassionate and compelling circumstance.
  • Technical issues such as slow internet and connectivity problems will need to be rectified so they do no not repeat.
  • If a student arrives late by fifteen minutes or more after their class is due to start the tutor has the right to cancel the class. The student will be recorded as missing a class which will be deducted from their class allowance.
  • It is your responsibility to discuss any attendance issues with your tutor. Students who are in jeopardy of failing the course due to poor attendance will receive a written warning.
  • You are entitled to a maximum of 2 consecutive weeks holiday period. Should you need to be absent for a longer period than the 2 weeks holiday please contact student support. This and any additional holiday will need authorisation from student support otherwise it may mean that you forfeit your allocated class time and in some cases forfeit from the course.

It is also expected of you:

  • To ensure that homework is met on time after being set which is always a realistic amount of work deemed useful and necessary for the fast progression of your learning journey. The teacher is there to help you and make your life easier ensuring you fully grasp and understand your course contents.
  • We expect you to finish your course and allocate time each week for your homework. Having the right attitude to studying is as important as homework.
  • We reserve the right to withdraw you as a student from the course, along with the Certificate of Completion that may be due or issued without refund of fees already paid.


Our teachers will use English language, literacy and numeracy skills all of which are critical to almost all areas of work. This is especially true in graphic design where there is a need to communicate with all parties such as clients, read and understand design briefs and do research. Our course is delivered in English, so it is assumed that every student will have a good command of English, reading, comprehension, speaking, listening and writing.


There is a 3 strike rule in place designed to balance the interest of our tutors and the business together with being empathetic to our valued students.

  • Strike 1 is where a student cancels for the first time, without a minimum of 24 hours notice, resulting in them receiving a written warning.
  • Strike 2 is where a student cancels for the second time the student cancels without a minimum of 24 hours notice will result in that lesson being charged for (deducted) from the course total.
  • Strike 3 is where a student cancels for the third time and this will result in 2 lessons being deducted, charged for and the student is required to attend a meeting with the student support.

As an online school, we endeavour to be as fair and reasonable as possible and we all know that from time to time occasionally things arise that cause us to change our class but there are costs associated with using the virtual classroom, teacher times, and lesson planning.


All our courses last 7 months however from time to time you may request using the condensed fast track course option which is to offer you double lessons each week over a shorter period of time. This would take the course duration from 7 months to around 4 months.

The condensed option of our courses implies that instead of singular weekly lessons of 90 minutes, you will instead be taking double weekly lessons of 90 minutes.
Choosing this option implies you will have the extra dedication to the course and understand that the condensed class policy has additional rules for those taking singular weekly lessons.

  • It must be confirmed in writing, with your tutor and student support or Course Coordinator that you are taking double weekly lessons.
  • You are entitled to reschedule lessons with your tutor as long as you have given a minimum of 24 hours’ notice.
  • You are permitted to a maximum of 2 rescheduled lessons per calendar month. (Rescheduled meaning you give at least 48 hours notice so that you can change your class day or time for that week, if you are unable to attend the class that week, it will be deemed as a holiday)
  • Flexi payment plan 3 is not applicable to the condensed courses.


We hope you will find our courses challenging, productive and excellent value for education but should you need to cancel your course please let us know as soon as possible or within 14 days of enrolment- whichever is sooner. There may be an administrative fee payable as a result of any incurred costs.

Cancellations within14 days are free apart from fees of any associated administration costs or third party costs that are passed onto us such as a virtual classroom – GoToMeeting registration costs or professional body or accreditation costs. In any event, these costs will not exceed £238.00 at any time.

To exercise the right to cancel, the student must e-mail the Course Administrator or Happiness Manager or student support requesting a Student Cancellation Form.

Students who seek a refund after 14 days will only be considered for a partial refund or credit note in the case of compassionate and compelling circumstances (listed below) within the first 6 weeks of enrolment. Compassionate or Compelling Circumstances are generally deemed to be those beyond the control of an individual. These circumstances would be considered as having an impact on the student’s course progress and well-being. 

In this case, certified copies of documents supporting the student’s case must accompany applications for refund. Partial refunds can be requested by email to support@blueskygraphics.co.uk

You will need to complete a refund request form, attach it with your documents and send it to us either by post or email to the contact details supplied on the refund form. Issuance of a partial refund is at the sole discretion of the school, if the school does not deem that you qualify for and/or cannot provide sufficient documents to support your case, you will not be issued a refund. Refunds are strictly unable to be considered after 6 weeks of course enrolment albeit reasons compassionate or otherwise and any fees outstanding must be paid in full except in the case of life-threatening or sensory changing illness. 

If due to serious health deterioration such as the end of life treatment, loss of sight, speech or hearing or similar which would impede you from participating in lessons (supported by medical evidence only) and prevent the student from continuing then a partial refund may still be offered at our discretion.

Note: Refunds will not be granted under any circumstance after the expiry date on any course.

The time scale for a refund:
Any refunds owing to you will be processed by Accounts and the refund due to you will be made within 10 working days from the time which you requested it. We will make the refund using the same means of payment used for the initial transaction, unless the student has expressly requested otherwise. We cannot be held liable for any consequential loss, damage or compensation arising from the cancellation.

Postponing and pausing the course once started:
We understand that life can at times be unpredictable and  sometimes unexpected events in happening and things arise. If you need to pause or postpone the course please contact the course administrator as soon as possible. We can allow only 1 postponement taken during the entirety of the course. This means postponing for only once during the course for a maximum of up to 8 consecutive weeks only.

Holiday over the course:
You are entitled to a maximum of 2 consecutive weeks holiday period. This and any additional holiday will need permission from the management team and or will mean that you forfeit your allocated class time and in some cases forfeit from the course.

Pausing the course after 8 weeks:
After 8 weeks any course that has commenced with the student but where the student does not complete the course within the 7 months allotted for the course will be entitled to purchase a 5—month extension for £300. Students who opt to purchase a 5-month extension must submit homework for feedback within the extension period in order to be eligible to remain on the course. If the student does not purchase the course extension, the student may request a certificate stating modules completed to satisfaction. Access to the course and its materials will be declined after the 7 months date has passed. Access to learning materials not already undertaken will strictly be declined.
Note: Refunds will not be granted under any circumstance after the expiry date on any course.

Payments over pausing the course:
Where course postponements have been agreed upon between the company and the student, the remaining invoices must still be paid according to the current due date.


Blue Sky Graphics reserves the right to cancel courses for whatever reason before the date a course is due to commence. In these circumstances, a full refund of all monies paid in respect of fees for the course will be refunded.
Any financial losses suffered by a student as a result of the cancellation by Blue Sky Graphics of a course shall be borne by the student. Blue Sky Graphics accepts no liability for consequential losses.

The Company may terminate this agreement or suspend any of its obligations under it immediately and without liability for compensation or damages if:

  • The student fails to comply with any of its obligations under this agreement with a special emphasis of payment commitments being up to date;
  • The student becomes bankrupt or subject to receiving a debt relief order or makes any arrangement with creditors generally or suffers any similar action as a result of debt;
  • The student commits any act which brings the Company into disrepute or which in the Company’s reasonable opinion is prejudicial to its interests or has committed a serious breach or repeated breaches of our Terms and Conditions;
  • The student is paying by instalments and the student fails to make alternative arrangements for payment within 14 days;
  • The school believes that your standard of English is not sufficient to maintain a full understanding of the course contents;
  • The student’s attendance falls below 85% of classes without prior notification of absence.

We cannot be held liable for any remedy, consequential loss, damage, or compensation beyond this. While we make every effort to run courses as advertised, we reserve the right to change course content, assessment, dates and trainer/moderator.

Should the course not take place through the fault of a third party, or there are delays in receiving information or unforeseen circumstances (e.g. adverse weather, internet issues) no discussion will be entered regarding client compensation however alternative course dates will be made available to the client.


We hope your experience is nothing less than excellent and envisages a useful, thought-provoking and stimulating one-to-one classroom experience for you. We also endeavor to run the course as smoothly as possible. In the event of a dispute, we would ask you to phone our main office and explain clearly the issues to the Course Coordinator or the Happiness Manager.
All complaints will be fully investigated as per our “Complaints Procedure” providing (A-C):
A)  The complaint is made while the student is in attendance of our course (i.e. the course has not been terminated).

B)  The complaint is communicated clearly and registered in writing with a member of the senior team (either the Happiness Manager Chanell Ruzman, Course Coordinator Noah Wildman, Operations Director Nadia Feizpour or Master Graphic Design Tutor Han Soloman or registered with your course teacher.

C) All invoices relating to the student making the complaint have been settled in full.
We also reserve the right to suspend any student who disrupts a course by his or her unacceptable behavior.


Besides your passion and patience (IT issues and small hiccups can sometimes occur from time to time but, usually get resolved quickly) we hope your classes are interactive, fun and rewarding.

Since you will be studying remotely (distance learning) or from home, there will be a certain amount of equipment that you will need to undertake the course successfully.
A Computer or Laptop; PC or Mac is fine, the course runs on any operating system. GoToMeeting and Zoom itself function like any other internet website and no special requirements are needed to run GoToMeeting or Zoom. You will however be using graphics software throughout the course. This software requires a minimum amount of system requirements to run smoothly and efficiently.
System requirements to run design software.
Windows Users:

  • Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD Athlon® 64 processor (8 RAM minimum) or higher specification
  • Windows® 8 or Windows 10 or Windows 11 or  higher specification
  • Internet connection necessary for software activation and access to online services.

Macintosh Users:

  • Multicore Intel® processor with 64-bit support, -Mac OS X v10.7 or 10.8 or above
  • Internet connection necessary for software activation and access to online services.
  • iPad or similar tablet will be unsuitable for the classes.

You will be required to obtain or have Adobe Creative Cloud (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and Acrobat Pro). Please speak to your tutor for advice on installation. You can take advantage of preferred student rates.


Connection to the Internet is fundamental to connecting to your online class. We recommend (normal speeds) of 25mbps download and 3 Mbps upload or above. Do not worry if you do not know your connection speeds (most speeds in the UK tend to operate well) since your teacher will quickly be able to determine your connection suitability.


We may run competitions or incentives from time to time just as a sketch pad giveaway for school referral or word of mouth recommendations that lead to a new enrolment registration.


If a referral from an existing student successfully enrols onto any of our (full length) courses between 1 January 2022 and 31st August 2022 both referral and referee will receive a digital graphics drawing tablet as an incentive. To qualify for the tablet our student must refer a friend that has not yet enrolled with us and when they apply they must mention the student’s name. There is no limit to the number of students referred. Cannot be added retroactively. This offer does not apply where the referred student (new student) undertakes a short course (courses that last 3 months).

The offer does not apply if the student undertaking the referral is in arrears or is/has been excluded from the course. This offer is valid from 01/01/2021 inclusive to midnight on 31st August 2022 inclusive. Referring members must be over 16 years of age to receive the incentive. No cash alternative is available.

The promoter reserves the right to change or withdraw the offer at any time. The promoter of this offer is UK Blue Sky Graphics College, 8th floor, Metro Building, 1 Butterwick, London, W6 8DL (UK) (registered company number 11999881).

For a copy of the terms and conditions in Braille please write to us at UK Blue Sky Graphics College, 8th floor, Metro Building, 1 Butterwick, London, W6 8DL.

Should you require a copy of our terms and conditions in writing or in Braille please write to us at: UK Blue Sky Graphics Limited, 8th floor, Metro Building, 1 Butterwick, London, W6 8DL.

Company Number: 11999881

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