Web Design & UX/UI Course Syllabus

The course enables you to design websites and applications in a user-friendly and professional format. The focus is on improving the usability and user journey in order to better the experience and user-friendliness of browsing the website-a key skill that you will need in your professional careers.


  • Web Design and UX-UI with Elementor & XD builds on prior foundations of graphic design with a special emphasis on composition for mobile apps and websites. From building and interactive websites, banner, apps to digital branding – web design is everywhere. Our web design course prepares you for an exciting career that can take you on many diverse paths.


  • Our course embraces the recent advancements, developments, and changes undergone by the creative industries. The main benefit of using Elementor is that you can create impressive page layouts and designs. Elementor is highly search engine optimization (SEO) friendly on WordPress and was built with the strictest code standards and delivers the best performance when creating page designs.
  • The aim of the course is to develop and show evidence of your creative and technical skills, in the form of a ‘live’ websites you have worked on. This evidence is what you work towards as well as a Diploma Level Award 3 in Creating a Website and Level 3 Diploma in Creative iMedia.
  • During this course you will be trained in several key areas which also include: web design, graphic composition, colour theory, design rules, web interface design, constructing home pages and intranet web pages including niche website design. This will all be implemented through a variety of applications across building software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, WordPress, Elementor- a drag-and-drop page builder plugin that replaces the basic WordPress editor with a live frontend editor facilitating complex layout visual creation.
  • You will work with Adobe XD program, designing applications and learn how to work with developers in the future. Many web designers strive to become web developers -these are professional who designs both the external look of the site and the internal infrastructure and use programming and mark-up languages include: HTML, XML, CSS, Python, Java, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP. We do not offer Web Development degrees.


Whilst it is not always necessary to have formal qualifications to become a web designer in the UK, most designers have experience in other types of design. It is important to have done some training in web design such an gaining a Diploma and building a portfolio through online course delivery. A solid portfolio of work is a crucial aspect of becoming successful in this field. At Blue Sky Graphics we equip you with a commercial portfolio through training delivery but are not educational accreditation or university affiliated.



The development of interpersonal skills.

  • Participating in small groups (online live tutorials) and in group work and group projects (Corporate training only).
  • Taking responsibility for one’s own learning with some monitoring on the part of the lecturer.
  • Being involved in activities where consensus is sought.
  • Attention to detail
  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Problem solving
  • Technical ability
  • Decision Making
  • Time management
  • Related subjects
  • Computer science
  • Graphic Design


A)  Being confident and flexible in identifying and defining visual website problems and being able to apply the appropriate knowledge, tools and software methods to solve them through UI and UX.

B)  The acquisition of communicative and design methods for composition on desktop, mobile, tablet multimedia devices.

C)   The ability to learn design language and its most relevant applications with contemporary digital design culture and corporate society.

D) To build your own website.

E) Learn about the frontend and backend of a WordPress website, how to install WordPress plugins and themes, and the tips needed for building and maintaining a WordPress website.

F) Meet Elementor – powerful plugin the help us to build a website without a single code.

G) Learn how to build a landing page for your clients.

H) Using Elementor submissions  to organize   leads.

I) Typography and colours in digital design.

J) Composition & Contrast.

K) Create Pages and Add to menu and build custom header & Footer.

L) Using Pop ups for efficient marketing.

M) Page 404 theory and practice.

N) Make your website responsive to all screens (tablet, mobile, desktop).

O) Animation in web design.

P) How to integrate a Blog in our website.

Q) Using SEO in our blog and Website.

R) Connecting the website to google console and Google Analytics.

S) Being confident and flexible in identifying and defining problems and being able to apply the appropriate knowledge, tools / methods to solve them.


Unit 1  

  • Meet Elementor and its powerful plugins. Build a website without a single code.
  • Learn how to build a landing page.
  • Using various plugin to organise and generate leads.
  • Typography and colours in digital design.
  • Composition & Contrast.
  • Create Pages and Add to menu.
  • Build custom header & Footer.
  • Composition: make your website responsive to all screens (table, mobile) Animation in web design.
  • Integrate a Blog onto website.
  • Using SEO in our blog and Website.
  • Connecting the website to google console and Google Analytics.

Unit 2   

  • Online lecture: Adobe XD – Typography and colours in digital design
  • Online class: Composition & Contrast – App Design
  • Online lecture: Grid system in app design
  • Online class: Build a full website design with Adobe XD
  • Online class: Prototyping & adding interactivity to Adobe XD
  • Online class: Mockups for Websites and Apps

There is no required textbook for your one-to-one class. However, your tutor will be supplying you with a variety of creative tools, applications and principles during the virtual classroom lesson. Please note you will be able to go through everything with your own personal teacher. All homework provided will be required action each week in order to be successful in your journey as a graphic designer. Contact us to enrol today!