One course that fits all

We offer four different Design Courses

Each design course is an all-encompassing high level course for either complete beginners, intermediates or those wanting to brush up on their existing knowledge. Contact us today for more information.

Learning graphic design from home has never been easier! 

Design Courses.
Remote learning: Hassle free.

Remote learning or online distance learning is extremely popular and very convenient since the development in technology has made it possible to learn from the comfort of your own home in a one-to-one focused approach.

Those who want to learn an important profession in their lives can do so through the comfort of their home on their personal computer or laptop. This hassle free approach frees you from needing to physically be at school (also avoiding transportation expenses!).

Lesson takes place online through your computer

This has become possible thanks to the invention of the internet.
The one-to-one Design Courses are done in a virtual classroom using technology similar to TeamViewer or GoToMeeting by using remote software giving access of your screen to the teacher to work with you on your graphics software, move your mouse and explain step by step in a personalised approach.

Design courses: One-to-one classes + Tutors undivided attention + focus = 100 % Successful student

Studying individually will ensure you get all the material required in the graphic design world. It is widely believed that private classes are among the best form of teaching with a 100% success rate as the teacher works at the comfort and speed of the student.

One-to-one lessons mean the student receives close and quality supervision in all our courses.

All our design courses requires you to do homework after your lesson (you will always have your tutors support) and will require you to apply everything you will learn each lesson. Like anything in life once you apply yourself and put it into practice … hey presto, you will soon be on your way to being an expert Graphic Designer with Blue Sky Graphics.

Are you ready for a change, a new career, a higher salary, or just after a new creative obsession ? Study with us.

Learning graphic design from home has never been easier! 

For those people who do not come from the graphic design profession or who are simply looking for a new hobby, one thing is certain, you will always find global interest in the world of graphic design. It fascinates, captures the attention and evokes visual meaning to millions in the world and since the field of graphic design is constantly changing and challenging people’s perceptions, this field does not remain static. An emerging online presence with many online businesses and e-retailers has meant a bigger demand for graphic designers.

A huge amount of encouragement, innovation and going beyond the average will help you become a successful Graphic Designer!

Our tutors are true experts in their field and know their subject area very well so they can give you all the invaluable insight, advice, tips and industry secrets in order to be successful in this area.

Your teacher will guide you on what salary you can expect to achieve in the area of graphic design at the beginning and once you have gained experience further down the line.

We will cover questions such as: How to find work for the new graphic designer starting out in the industry? How to quickly integrate into the graphic design field? And how to combine work from home versus working at a studio ?

Learning with us is fun and easy 🙂

Our Graphic Design Course lasts over a period of 7 to 8 months which consists of just over 90 minutes per class each week!

Classes can take place all day Sunday through to Saturday (classes now available every day of the week).

At the beginning of the course, you will get an overview of the entire course structure and an overview of what is to follow through a detailed personalised syllabus.. This takes the form of a thorough step by step structure assuming zero previous knowledge. Students that come to us with prior knowledge will receive a personalised syllabus so as not to go over anything previously learnt. Blue Sky Graphics will give you countless ideas for employment in a field that perhaps you did not even think existed but have actually been around for decades. The course instils key skills for the development of thinking and creativity among the graphic design.

Get ready to jump on board, create a new career and make money. Are you ready to get your creative juices flowing?