We know exactly what our students need to accomplish and learn in order to be a designer, a clever one too


Let us inspire you

We empower our students with the best chance of seeking their dream jobs by creating skilled competent graphic designers.

Success is our aim.
Graphics is our game!

Why Blue Sky Graphics?

Our Teaching Style
Here in BSG School our courses have been prepared with the highest level of care and attention constructed with industry standards in mind. Our class strategy is to ensure an easy to follow step-by-step, well presented, vigorous teaching experience with the learning style of the student always in mind.

We take a cognitive approach to education meaning that every time we teach you a concept of design we make you practice it and to put that concept into practice.  These practical skills layer one on top of the other in a sequential manner until you are thinking and processing design in a very natural way.

3 P's

Our Organisation’s Values consist of 3 P’s for Passion, Proficiency and Professionalism.

Passion because we strive to use our drive and commitment to energise, engage and inspire students in our world of Graphic Design.

Proficiency because we only strive to perform as training delivery experts by tapping into your talents, abilities and creative aptitude.

Professionalism because our tutors are selected on their service expertise, aptitude and training excellence all with specialised subject knowledge.

Our Online Lessons

Why Blue Sky Graphics?
We know exactly what our students need to accomplish and learn in order to be a designer, a clever one too. Therefore we do set homework (and there’s a fair bit too) and we do set our expectations high. Others schools may teach a one-week crash course, or give you a textbook. That is simply not our style.

Why Blue Sky Graphics Tutors

Our tutors will offer you valuable and constructive industry-relevant advice on your assessments. Our tutors are always on hand before and after your classes to answer any questions you may have during homework.