Be it a career change, an exciting new hobby, perfecting existing skills or simply enhancing professional employment prospects– we help you unlock creativity through our industry aligned all-encompassing Graphic Design Course.

Go beyond practice and theory

Your classes will go beyond the practice and theory of graphic design by offering invaluable advice, insights and tips from leading Graphic Designers. You will understand what is required in order to be successful in the creative career field as a professional Graphic Designer.

Having done my level 1 and level 2 in graphic design, I felt that I still had gaps in my knowledge and I wasn't comfortable with what I knew. I signed up with Blue Sky Graphics and I am really glad I did. I am definitely better now than when I started and this is all thanks to my tutor and Blue Sky Graphics 🙂

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A Comprehensive Advanced Course

The graphic design course is a structured academic and industry aligned advanced course suitable for complete beginners, intermediates or those wanting to improve their existing skill set. The graphic design course is comprehensive and through our teaching methodology is designed to train participants to become professional Graphic Designers. There is an emphasis on corporate illustration, composition, painting and logos as well as advertisement designs while focusing on vectors, lines, features, shapes, and spaces. All this will be integrated into how graphic elements are printed after they are processed in graphic design software for the purpose of visually illustrating emotions and messages.

During the course you will be exposed to: advertisements, magazines, newspapers, corporate graphic designs particular to company cultures and brand identity, stationery, letterheads, business cards, logos, books, packaging and much more.

The graphic design course teaches you to understand and learn how to operate a labyrinthine yet amazing world of Adobe software. With this software we explore the uses of words, shapes, textures, forms, sizes and colours to communicate by combining ideas and images to make a new concept. Graphic design through common misconception is not just about layout and typography, but much more about ideas behind visual meaning. Graphic design can make a company more successful in the world if it makes communication smart, attractive and able to captivate its audience. Graphic design can effectively be used by businesses to make (or break) their brand identity, increase sales, promote web traffic or promote services and products through advertising on their websites to convey complex data to its readers in a clear way.

Elements of graphic design include: Colour, Size, Texture, Line, Shape, Space and, Form. It is important that each element is understood correctly, and this is one of the key principles we teach on our graphic design course. In other terms, graphic design communicates certain ideas or messages through visuals. These visuals can be as simple as a business logo, or as complex as pages of web design. This course goes beyond just the practical side of graphic design and includes the theory and substance behind modern graphic design.

Your teacher will guide you on:

What salary you can expect at the start of your career?
How to get new clients for your business for freelance designers ?
How to find work for the new graphic designer starting out in the big world?
How to quickly integrate into the graphic design field?
How to combine working from home versus working at a studio ?

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