We know exactly what our students need to accomplish and learn in order to be a successful graphic designer, a clever one too.


A leading online graphic design training school.

We have been teaching students since 2005 and we LOVE it!

We are passionate about graphic design and have been since 2005. Our online classes specialise in delivering professionally  and industry aligned graphic design courses with a portfolio you can call your own! We are proud to welcome students from all over the world making us a truly international community.

Welcome to Blue Sky Graphics Design School

a leading independent online graphic design school with over 10 years experience in creating future Graphic Designers and enhancing creative curiosity.

Established in 2005, Blue Sky Graphics is a dedicated one-to-one online graphic design school welcoming students with all capabilities. We specialise in all levels from anyone completely new to design to those with some background experience but looking to boost their creativity skill and credentials. Through our courses we prepare you as Graphic Designers and prepare with you a specialised portfolio.

Our Tutors

Our specialist designers are not just experts in their fields but actually come from a creative academic world making our tutors some of the most patient, passionate and performance driven teachers around . Don’t take our word for it we regularly receive 98% satisfied or above feedback from our students.

Studying Online

Our lessons are held online in a virtual classroom. There are many reasons for studying online ranging from the sheer convenience of learning from the comfort of your home to the more practical reasons such as travel and time restraints. Our lessons are also one-to-one so you have the live and uninterrupted attention of your tutor.

Online Graphic Design Courses

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Blue Sky Graphics will give you many bright ideas for employment in a field that perhaps you did not even think existed but has actually been around for decades. At the beginning of the course, you will get an overview of the entire course structure and an overview of what is to follow through a detailed syllabus. This takes the form of a thorough step-by-step class style assuming zero previous knowledge if you are a beginner.  Students that come to us with prior knowledge will receive a detailed syllabus therefore so as not to go over anything previously learnt.

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