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Get to know the benefits of remote learning technology and study graphic design from the comfort of your home.

Remote learning or ‘online distance learning’ is very practical and convenient. Today the technology is very advanced making it easy for anyone who wants to learn by their computer in a one-to-one focused approach. Lessons are over the internet where you connect with your tutor in a virtual classroom space! 

Remote learning allows you to fit your learning around your job and home life and you can pursue your course from anywhere, with the use of a computer and a solid internet connection (even if you travel). Many people that enrol for remote learning are people who are working part-time and full-time.



The virtual classes are conducted through a remote connection which allows the tutor access to show you how to work with graphics software, step-by-step and deliver classes in a personalised way. The class takes place through the PC, Mac or laptop computer in a similar way to TeamViewer or GoToMeeting.

One-to-one lesson structures, mean you receive close and quality supervision by some of the best professionals in the Graphic Design Course. Studying individually in a one-on-one environment will ensure you quickly learn and absorb all the material needed in today’s graphic design world.

Class Information

Each class consists of uninterrupted, dedicated, contact time of one hour and a half (90 minutes) for tutor and student each week. After each class the student is expected to complete set homework that should last a further 90 minutes that same week. This is the format on a Week-by-Week basis and each courses runs for 7 months from the start of enrolment.

Classes are set at a time convenient to the student and start as early as 07:30 am to as late 10:30 pm from everyday of the week including Saturdays and Sundays! Allowing you to work around your busy lives and work schedule, the classes are made to suit your working week. Please contact us if you have any individual enquiries and where possible we will try to accommodate.

Learning from home has never been easier!

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