Promising career prospects, freelance opportunities, financial gains, love for art and design or just passion for creating. The point is, there is plenty of room for artists to express themselves in their work, whether it’s through logos, branding, websites, print etc.


Many artists are increasingly moving towards graphic design because it’s easier to make a living as a Graphic Designer than it is in areas such as fine art and it all starts from learning with a course and making a portfolio which is offered here.

These are just a few of the MANY reasons that bring millions of people to the world of Graphic Design:

1) Huge demand and low supply

Let’s get scientific and talk about demand, real demand and supply relevant to the UK market, Europe and Northern America. Companies in the Media and Graphic Design industry, create visual concepts by using computer software to communicate to their audience, ideas, brand images and captivate their consumers. Most businesses need a Graphic Designer and it is easy to become a designer since you can enrol on with Blue Sky Graphics and learn through a comprehensive course.

Designers are needed because if a business is going to do marketing (and most do!) then someone is going to need to design those artsy-fartsy marketing materials. If businesses keep expanding and new start-ups continue to appear, then Graphic Designers will always have plenty of work. Graphic Designers also create and design graphics for various print and digital media such as websites, banners, advertisements, brochures, magazines and corporate reports. Therefore, going by economics, industry demand is driven by downstream markets, which include consumer goods, manufacturers and advertisers. Over the five years to 2019, consumer spending has led to increasing corporate expenditures. This, in turn, has strengthened and increased the demand for graphic designers, who are commonly employed to create a brand image for new products and services. A glimpse on any job board (reed, monster jobs etc) will give you a good snapshot of the demand and limited supply.

2) Take your work with you anywhere in the world

You have your portfolio and you are proficient in graphic design, so now you can travel with work. Graphic Designers can work internationally just like Hairdressers or a Lifeguard, for example, since the software is the same anywhere in the world. Clients all over the globe need work done and a designer is a designer anywhere!

3) A Job for life and great money!

With so many opportunities, chances are good that a Graphic Designer will always have a job. Economic problems can cause a rise in advertising and increase companies’ needs to hire graphic artists. Graphic design will land you great money, with those starting out, regularly seeing between £26,000+

Why study graphic design

4) Volume of work and repeat business

Chances are, once you have secured work with a client, they will likely become valuable customers for other projects in their business. Some commercial websites will require logo designs, website construction and check out displays. Items and stock for e-commerce websites for instance, will need constant revision and to be updated accordingly, meaning more volume of work.

5) Freedom to be artistic and creative

Love expressing yourself in a way that is truly your own? Graphic design allows you to make you own mark, whilst working with your clients’ needs. With freedom and creativity comes variety and this makes things fun and sharpens your skills in a variety of visual styles. As a freelancer, it will be anticipated to tackle any style, ranging from type or logo work to 3D or 2D graphic designs with photo touch up, for example- how cool, right?

6) Cross pollination with other industry areas and networking

Across Media, Film, TV or the Arts, there is a huge variety of transferable skills that graphic design enables. As a Graphic Designer you will be making your rounds at different art studios and meet many other creative likeminded people. This allows you to make connections with a large network of creatives, develop friendships and open up future possibilities. After freelancing for a while, you will see what a small world it is, as you run into the same faces when doing projects for different clients. Who knows, it could even lead to larger media companies, that could get you a salary in which you can afford that supercar you always wanted!

7) Negotiate on your terms and be free!

Be a freelancer and have the flexibility you need in your life. Freelancers have a huge deal of joy and flexibility over others that might work in an office. And since freelancers value their work and their freedom, unlike in-house artists, they may refuse to do specific work or reject various ideas. Also, keep in mind many creative professionals not only prefer less oversight, but they also flourish without it. There are many places to find freelance work (check out fiverr to state the most obvious) on the Internet and you can make some fantastic money from the cosiness of your own sofa or in your free time on the train.

8) You can learn by yourself

While we do recommend going to an online school for graphic design, several amazing graphic artists learned on their own, perhaps over a long period of time but they did. If you practice enough, enjoy reading and have discipline to follow book manuals (put off already?) you can learn on your own. However, with an online course, you can learn very quickly and often in less than half the time, especially with a one to one tutor! The big benefit of going to an online school is having teachers to support you and critique your work. So, if you learn by yourself, you will need to be able to measure what your current skill level is and where you need to improve in certain areas. Also, when you can have company why bother working alone?

The way our courses work is by allowing the tutor to teach you, by taking control of your mouse and computer. They will then show you exactly how to perform tasks in Photoshop or Illustrator or InDesign through your own computer screen. That way you can see how it is done and repeat the action yourself. For quite a few people, visual learning is better and it is almost like having a real home-schooling teacher right there in the room with you.

Learning by yourself is not recommended and since our online courses are some of the best value out there today, there is no doubt getting started will be easy and inexpensive. The cost for each online course is very affordable, you can check out our prices here and by the end of the course, you will achieve an all-important portfolio and an in house breakdown of learning objectives certification.

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