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What is Web Design About?

Most students pursuing the Web Design Course tend to already come with some prior knowledge of graphics software as it is fairly difficult to study web design without understanding the basic principles of graphic design.

Web Design focuses on the construction, designing and implementing graphics for a variety of websites on the Internet. During the course, the student will be taught how to operate and work in web design, graphic design, colour theory, home pages and internal pages with Photoshop, Illustrator and WordPress.

On completion of the Web Design course, you will have most importantly created your own portfolio as well as have certification of having attained full working knowledge through a “Web Designer” certificate.

What will I learn?

The Web Design Course includes practical theory in web design software and the operation of graphic design for websites. You will learn to operate the integration of software, graphic designs and its overlaps with website construction. During the course of Web Design, you will prepare a portfolio of several websites that you will make during the contents of the course.

Web Design Course – WordPress and HTML elements

Here you can open pages and embed graphic design elements from other web design programs. Using WordPress you can link pages to the home page, design landing pages, including pages that are designed with other programs but which can be transported and installed in the WordPress software. WordPress will enable you to determine the search engine settings that help promote your website in its organic form.

Principles of search engine optimization

Search engine optimization abbreviated to SEO is related to code headings, balance and weights in a CSS worksheet. You will learn the importance of search engines, images and weights, embedding videos on websites, duration of stay, surfer experience, images and ALT, site optimization, keywords and links, external links and internal links and Site map. You will also learn how to write effective articles for google search engine and much more.


The portfolio, one if the most important assets to a Graphic Designer will be created throughout the course and will be an integral part of the entire concept of the course. The portfolio is fundamental, and its importance is emphasised during the website development stage of the course. During the Web Design course, the student will be supervised by the tutor during construction of a high quality portfolio (good for future clients and career development).

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