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What is graphic design? Why is graphic design important?

So, when you think of graphic design, do you think of artistic advertisements  on the streets? Attention-grabbing graphics on websites? Well did you know that graphic design is a service, not a product? For this reason, clients who often have very particular needs are usually met in a very particular way through delivering a bespoke service of visual communication.

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What is Illustrator?

Illustrator is a wonderful piece of kit that has amazing vector editor functions. It can be used to create incredible illustrative artwork, corporate logos, page layouts, website, print designs, and vectors for literally just about anything with which you might need a vector. Images with Illustrator are vector based so it can be scaled to any size without losing quality.

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Why you do not need a degree in Graphic Design

Graphic Design is a field like very few that attracts many sorts of people from many sorts of backgrounds. Common to misconception is that graphic designers come from an arts background or needed to have taken a degree in graphic design at university. Much more to the truth is that universities are in fact not nearly as popular as they once were for anyone thinking of studying graphic design as not only is arguably an unnecessary expense but there are many courses and alternative ways of studying.

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Why do companies need Graphic Designers?

Graphic Design studios and design agencies across the UK are in high demand to execute projects for a broad range of work for a many type of businesses. Remember that while a picture may be worth a thousand words, graphic design be worth thousands of pounds in any business. A career in graphic design is often deemed a rewarding way to help companies find their unique identity and graphic designers are often seen as the pioneers of change.

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London Graphic Design

London Graphic Design is a huge industry that hosts a variety of Graphic Designers in a multitude of roles across London from marketing role to product design and development. Many of London’s graphic designers are from small but growing start-ups but also in large corporate media companies that use offices around the city. London corporate banks that use Graphic Designers for their media and marketing needs will usually always have a team of London based graphic designers ready.

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What do clients and employers look for in a portfolio?

What is the perfect portfolio? What is the most effective way to get new work from your portfolio? In this blog, we interview several tutors at Blue Sky Graphics and seek to dispel common myths about what clients and employers actually look for in a portfolio by offering you some of the best tips from our industry experts and Graphic Design Tutors here at Blue Sky Graphics. We ask four tutors what they think.

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Trusting a Graphic Designer

Trust in your Graphic Designer explores how we can build kudos and trust through excellence in our work and portfolio. Through that hard-fought mission of earning trust, not only do some of the UK’s leading Graphic Design studios partner with us to up skill their own junior Designers, but many of Britain’s future Graphic Designers entrust us with their time and training requirements.

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Making money from Graphic Design.      6 Tips to Make Extra Money as a Graphic Designer
Graphic Design kit with paint set

Making money from Graphic Design. 6 Tips to Make Extra Money as a Graphic Designer

For Graphic Designers these days there are truly multiple streams of ways to make money on the side. Working as a Graphic Designer is especially suitable for anyone looking for flexi hours or freelance working patterns.If you are still looking for new ways to get some extra money for the creative things we do, I’ve got some solutions that don’t involve having to solely navigate the sticky and sometimes demanding world of taking on traditional client work. This blog is all about other less traditional and innovative ways to make extra cash as a Graphic Designer. Here are our 7 tips

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