“Stunning portfolio created by the very end and very pleased with all I’ve learnt. The course is all kinds of awesomeness and I highly recommend it”

Sanna Ahmed

Loved every minute of it!
I've been working on the Graphic Design course and it's been brilliant. I was self-taught before this, with zero confidence in my abilities. My tutor taught me so much and built up my confidence to the point I feel so proud of what I've done. Felt like I was being taught by a friend.
All good things must come to an end 😃
The course is excellent. I love how dynamic and versatile the course was. You get to learn the fundamentals of Ps, Ai and Id, but also if you have any previous knowledge you'll improve considerably. Your tutor guides you all the way through the course nicely, makes the lessons fun and encourages you to do better.
Great course. Would highly recommend!
I thoroughly enjoyed the graphic design course. I had a great tutor who went through the course material exactly at my pace of learning. He always answered my many questions, duing my session and inbetween via email/message. He also gave me honest and constructive feedback. The homework set each week was enjoyable and just the right amount.
Fantastic personal learning experience!
I've had a really great experience with Blue Sky Graphics & my tutor! We have covered so much during our lessons and he's been very flexible for me to shape the lessons to what I would like to learn and achieve. This has been a really great experience and much more personal than sitting in a classroom with lots of others - I highly recommend!!!
Amazing course for beginners
I had zero experience about graphic design before I started and quite frankly didn't know where to start. I can confidently say this course has helped 100% and given me good knowledge about graphic design - I no longer look at graphic artwork the same way again! I can honestly say I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as a BlueSky student and it has broadened my horizon in terms of design.
Great Graphic Design course!
Recently I finished my Graphic design course with Blue Sky Graphics. This was an amazing experience. Great, well-structured content for every class.I had a fantastic and dedicated teacher. He knows graphic design trends and he will put you on the right path. I will miss my classes a lot!
The perfect reintroduction to the world of graphic design
After taking an extended career break, this course both reignited my passion for graphic design and updated me on the latest in design trends and the newest Adobe software developments. I had a wonderful tutor - knowledgeable, patient and always helpful - and with his guidance, I feel like my design skills are better than ever.

Founder, Dadimas.co.uk

Anneeka Ludhra

Learning from home at Blue Sky Graphics Online School is very convenient for me. The staff were really passionate and helpful and now I have built my very own content on my website.

Testimonials - Blue Sky Graphics Design School


Freelance Fashion Designer and Home Interiors

Lessons were prompt and thorough and although it took a little while for me to grasp some of the Photoshop tools I am grateful to Han for being very patient and I recommend Blue Sky Graphics School to anyone interested in design.


Marketing Manager, DLICIOUS Fast Fitness Foods, DL Restaurants


The teacher was very encouraging and motivating and I have now helped design my new healthy menu which looks amazing!

Mother of two, freelance Web Designer and pilates enthusiast


I loved using InDesign in the Web Design Course. It has helped me on my way to supporting my autistic son who loves graphic design too.

Freelance Designer

Natalie Mercer

Highly recommended to anyone who is looking to learn graphic design. 

Working as a freelance designer at home is amazing…
My teacher was fantastic and made it easy. I love graphic design…

Blue Sky Graphics is rated Excellent

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We were satisfied with the method of study and the professionalism. Han increased my design knowledge for an internal design brief and I recommend Han to graphic designers needing brushing up.


We used the services of the school to train one of our employees, we were very satisfied.

Advertising and Travel Media Publisher, Ink

I started as a beginner and now I am feeling very competent using Photoshop, Illustrator and even Indesign. My teacher was very patient and I highly recommend him.

Cambridge University Press

Highly Recommend

Whittard of Chelsea

Noticeably improved the creative skill set of our design team.


The teacher was very encouraging and motivating and I have now helped design my new healthy menu which looks amazing!


The staff were really passionate and helpful and now I have built my very own content on my website.

Marketing Manager 

Sanna Ahmed

I have been learning from home which was absolutely great. Professional service, really easy to pick up everything and learn.

Freelance Web Designer

Laura Sinclaire

The teachers during both courses are highly experienced and very generous with their time and effort to help me – always available and patient.

Freelance Designer

Lior Levi

I felt very comfortable in my online class. The class hour was convenient.

Freelance Designer

Steve Smith

With Blue Sky Graphics I was able to learn one-to-one with a professional teacher.

Freelance Designer

Sally Davidson

This has been a great experience for me. It was so convenient to work from home with an online one to one professional teacher.

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