The Digital Illustration Course and all our courses, are one to one and strictly online with your own private tutor. The course lasts 7 months from start to finish and consists of a 90-minute lesson each week.

What’s more, is that you will have an extra 7 hours in addition to your weekly classes which already consist of 90 minutes (1.5 hours) of one-to-one contact time with a private tutor. In total, the teaching time for the course is 45 hours as well as an additional 7 hours of student support contact time.

Additionally, there are approximately 120 hours of homework. Therefore the total duration of the course is 7 months (with approximately 172 hours of course time).

Choosing a slot of availability, you can study in the morning, afternoon and evening from Monday to Sunday. We advise that you check the availability with the school before enrolling as slots are allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Become a computer drawing professional

Imagination is the beginning of creation. A great way to become a computer drawing professional! Enrol and study digital illustration online with your own teacher one-to-one from the comfort of your home.

No previous painting or digital illustration experience?

No worries! This course is suitable for people who have no previous painting or digital illustration experience but want to learn professional computer drawing skills and techniques.

Digital Illustration Course (0632) syllabus

One-to-one Digital Illustration Course online with a private tutor.

One of the ways to become a computer drawing professional is to learn how to effectively manipulate images using vector based software and creating new art with digital tools.

Illustration is used across digital and print platforms and across different industries.

A digital illustration artist may work in areas including but not limited to : marketing, children book covers and book pages, films and games, storyboards (for film, television and advertisement commercials), editorials, magazines and posters, food packaging and fashion houses.

Enrol and study privately from the comfort of your own home, with your own private and professional tutor on a one-to-one extensive program.

Enroling in digital painting and illustration courses – What you will learn?

Learning digital drawing is done using Adobe Illustrator 2022.
Illustrator CC Introduction ( demonstration and examples of software capabilities for advanced graphic illustration)
Black arrow – the element selection tool
White arrow – the direct selection tool to distort elements
Edit commands vector elements
Magic staff tool – choosing shades and combining colours correctly
Views in the document
Graphic textures
Fill in a textured illustration
Patterns and combinations in digital painting
Arranging objects in a document and navigating-Arrange
Graphic composition – Align Composition in vector illustration – shading and shades
Symmetry at work and graphic illustration of existing sketches and illustration from a sketch directly to the computer
Assimilation and refinement of advanced illustration techniques Sharpening the talent of illustration in the student
Transformation – change to elements – Transform
Transparency in the illustration and emphasis on connecting the techniques to create illusion and illusions
Advanced graphic illustration
Animating and giving a sense of image for sharpening colours
Mesh – making objects look more 3D or realistic photos
Layers and work efficiently
Filters – apply filters
Effects – apply all kinds of effects to illustrations
Dot tool – digital illustration and drawing tool
Live trace
Live paint
The shadows to stand out
Distorted envelopes
Creating brushes and using them efficiently
Advanced colouring – Gradient
Developing creativity and spatial thinking
Painting styles according to the new trends in 2022 and new techniques
Homework and exercises are provided during each lesson. The duration of the course is 7 months and consists of 30 sessions of one and a half hours. You will gain a certificate of completion and a professional portfolio of paintings and illustrations on completion.

Drawing course classes

During illustration lessons, you will learn to draw in one of the best illustrator software (Adobe Illustrator) and save the illustrations and drawings process on a file on your computer. Learning professional techniques on how to draw is an important step in computer drawing.

During your digital drawing lessons, you will learn topics such as:

work on vector lines to create editing computer illustrations,
work on logos, ads,
drawing and advanced graphic illustration,
work on comics,
learning to draw on a computer-based on a picture,
learning to draw in stages,
drawing a picture, painting a face,
drawing computerized characters
and much more.
Illustrator is a special drawing and graphic illustration software useful for graphic illustrators, it allows you to easily draw on your computer with advanced digital illustration and drawing tools. Our Digital illustration course is delivered to the highest standards and to maximize comfort in an online platform with a private tutor.

The course is suitable for all levels from advanced illustrators to beginners.

Begin one-to-one online learning with your very own private tutor