How Do You Know If You Can Be A Graphic Designer?

How Do You Know If You Can Be A Graphic Designer?

The market for a graphic designer will rise by 13 per cent by the end of 2021. This career option has countless opportunities, options, niches, and there will still be a need for more graphic designers. Graphic designers operate on TV, news, internet, books, and may even run their own company on their own. It has never been a better time to study graphic design, join us today at BSG online graphic design schooling today.

How would anyone decide if they are being cut out for graphic design? You want to make sure that this is the best decision for you if you are investing time and resources in schooling.

If you want to be paid for your talent, and still have a daily challenge to your imagination, then you are likely to be a graphic designer. Check out the top five signals that you are cut out to be a graphic designer. Read on, um…

How Do You Know If You Can Be A Graphic Designer
How Do You Know If You Can Be A Graphic Designer

1. You are a creative person

Well, this is a little obvious, but you just ought to enjoy enjoying your imagination. If you find like you see the environment a little differently, and still try to make anything around you more beautifully pleasing, then you are a natural graphic designer.

This imagination is often used for problem-solving. The ability to think abstractly can help you speed up your graphic design business, taking you to the top quickly. It is a really satisfying feeling to realise that you are literally getting rewarded for your creativity if you are excited about it, then find out how to be a graphic designer.

2. You see designs all over the place

Do you wander about and pick designs from everywhere you go? Most graphic designers have a keen eye to correct the work of others, and possessing the opportunity to recognise how to constantly do something perfect would differentiate you from the rest.

If you find yourself wandering through the grocery shop, checking out the slogans on the labels, and rearranging the shelf pieces, rendering them more creatively attractive, you were born to be a graphic designer.

3. The details of the matter to you

Each millimetre of the concept must be taken into account while dealing with the customer. If the pixels are only a little wrong, the final result would not be suitable.

This also applies to the specifics of the business, if you enjoy keeping up with the new fashion trends and the psychology behind the design fascinates you, then this would be a really exciting profession for you.

4. You are a great time manager

The vast majority of graphic designers operate as freelancers, which implies that they are hired by businesses to work with them directly and not as employees. You have the bonus that you may not have a manager glaring at you, but that being said, it still ensures you need to handle your time well.

If you have strong self-discipline and commitment to having the job finished, as if you were so committed that you could skip lunch to complete the design, that is a great indication that this is a great career option for you.

The vast majority of graphic designers operate as freelancers
The vast majority of graphic designers operate as freelancers

5. You have got great communication skills

Having a good listening skill will make or ruin your career as a graphic designer. You ought to be able to articulate exactly what you are trying to achieve, as well as to repeat to your customer what you think they are asking for.

Patience is your virtue in your profession as a graphic designer, there would be days when you and your customer just do not meet eye to eye. This occurs, and the ability to remain calm when communicating about these problems is what distinguishes the stronger designers from the rest.

6. You think for beauty of your daily life.

Is the size or colour of the pillows on your sofa? Are your frames correctly aligned? If so, you can appreciate the value of visual visibility. Balance, Repeat, Contrast, Alignment, Hierarchy. The five design concepts that shape the basis of design education are already developing in your head.

7. You should appreciate the strength of branding

Branding is more than just a logo—it is the spirit and the concept underlying the good or service that people are connecting to. Successful brands are creating an immediate response. If you recognise and appreciate brand loyalty, the inner designer is well at work.

8. You have got an art knack and a homemade knack

If you want to make your hands dirty? Can you love the method of crafting as much as the final product? You are an artistic person at heart whether you spend your weekend undertaking home DIY designs, or even unwinding in an adult colouring book.

9. You remember, the style is greater than the eye meets.

You see what some don’t, and you enjoy wowing mates with the secret sense of iconic logos. Uncovering the hidden arrow in the FedEx emblem, finding out the bear in Toblerone, or recognising the—> z in the Amazon.

10. You are collecting crafts that empower you

Whether you save your favourite cards and invites, have a bowl packed with cool old matchbooks, or you can not afford to throw away an empty but gorgeous perfume bottle – these are all indicators that you are talented! Designers love to collect examples that motivate others, and when anything succeeds, it works.

11. You are in lust with learning

Have you ever watched a YouTube video to help you master your latest skills? Our sector is ever-evolving, and as programmers, there is still something to explore! At Shillington, we realise that our artistic path is a life-long journey, which is why we still find opportunities to remain ahead of the curve.

12.You recognise fonts with various identities

You know the choice of font matters. With so many different types available, it is important to find the right typeface pairings to match the style. Designers will easily inform you what functions and what doesn’t, so if Comic Sans and Papyrus make you gag – you are well on the path to being a designer!

13. You know the difference between Maroon and Maroon.

Who thought there were so many colours in the rainbow? You! You! If you know what the new colour patterns are? Are your bookshelves color-coordinated? Color choice is a major part of the design, and it takes a sharp eye to master it. Only seeing the range is a wonderful way to begin.

14.You are buying stuff just for the packaging

Can a bottle of wine with a special mark still make its way into your shopping cart? Have you caught yourself staring at the take-out container that your meal came in a while of scarfing down lunch? If so, you are really appreciative of package design and you know what it means to stick out on the shelf.