Graphic Design and Web Design Learning in Chester

Graphic Design and Web Design Learning in Chester

If you want to learn graphic design skills quickly at home, then Blue Sky Graphics is the right place for you. Not only do we teach you skills, but we also show you how to make practical use of them.

The 3 Ps-passion, proficiency, and professionalism are our core principles, and we want to pass on the same attributes to our students. Our online courses are offered in a one-to-one environment where you can get the tutor’s undivided attention so that you can learn better!

Once you’ve learned graphic design, you can move on to advanced web design and UX/UI design!

Note: You can only enrol in web design and UX/UI design courses once you have the knowledge and skills of graphic design. All three of which are available in Blue Sky Graphics.

Web Design

Brands are becoming more and more concerned about the design trends on the corporate websites they use. Recently, the entire website design industry has developed as a whole! Apart from looking attractive and having the best navigation, the site should stand out from the others. This raises the burden of distribution on website designers. They will track future web trends and know how to use web design software correctly and execute the same accordingly. They will track future web trends and know how to use web design software correctly and execute the same accordingly.
We can get better designs when we understand our medium. Even those who do not understand web design have the task of designing websites or managing web designers and developers. Other people who do not follow web design have a professional duty to review it on behalf of the rest of us. If we want better sites, better jobs, and better-informed customers, the need for education begins with us.

Our Course on Web Design

Web design is the method by which content intended for the Internet is designed, conceptualised, and organised. Modern web design goes beyond what things look like (aesthetics) to understand how things work. Web design is not limited to websites, as it covers other uses such as web applications, smartphone apps, and user interface design.

We offer a detailed course on Web Design with the only requirement that we are fully aware of and trained in graphic design. Many students taking the web design course seem to have already had a previous graphic design experience. It is because it is relatively difficult to study web design without understanding the basic concepts of graphic design.

What Will You Learn?

This course aims to demonstrate the principles and implementation of web technology. You will learn how web development frameworks, digital models, and overlaps can be applied. During the web design process, you will prepare a list of other websites where you can generate material during the process. The site architecture describes everything about the site — including its language, its presentation, and how it works.

During the course, you will learn how to work with Photoshop, Illustrator, and WordPress in web design, graphic design, colour theory, home pages, and internal websites. The web design course extends beyond the practical scope to include web design philosophy and its applications, as well as web graphic design activities.

During the web design course, you will prepare a portfolio of a number of websites that you will create during the course materials.

Adobe XD

ADOBE XD or Adobe Experience Design is a professional program that is considered the number one tool for making the site look great, as well as designing websites and apps. Graphic Designers will build Photoshop and Illustrator designs and then transfer graphics and icons designed for the software. XD software allows graphics to be designed at low weights in the program, making icons look more clear than blurred.

Adobe Suite is generally beneficial because many of the features that Adobe has built allow cross-synchronisation to make processes seamless and simple.

Other Adobe Programs:

Adobe Photoshop is a graphic design application program that lets you edit pictures, creates art and retouch product photos, images from raster to vector, picture manipulation, and more. Adobe Photoshop provides a variety of cutting-edge tools that help create compelling web platform graphics as well as handheld devices.

Adobe Illustrators is innovative vector-based software designed for graphic design professionals. Instead of using bitmap images to store data, this software used shape drawing algorithms. This is why vector graphics can be scaled to any size within the Illustrator without losing consistency or overall resolution.

Because of its unique style, Adobe Illustrator is used to doing everything from company logos to detailed drawings to animated designs. It can print templates, produce beautiful graphics on the website, and give users full control of their typography.

The new InDesign CC 2020 comes with exciting new features and comprehensive improvements that give perfect precision control over design elements such as layout, typography, and the friendly nature of publishing that fits all media.

It’s always a difficult job for web designers to play with text frame choices. To make the work simpler to a large degree, InDesign implemented adjustable column width options. With this feature, the number and width of the column can be easily controlled by modifying the text frame.

UX UI Design

UX also refers to “user experience design” and UI for “user interface design.” Both are essential to the product and cooperate closely. However, the tasks themselves are quite different, despite their shared relations, and they relate to very different aspects of the cycle of product creation and the design discipline. Let’s first describe what each word means individually before we consider the main differences between UX and UI.

UX Design

UX refers to something that you can experience. The “user experience” component refers to the interaction between the customer and the product or service. Accordingly, the design of user experience takes into account all the different elements that shape this experience. The UX designer is thinking about how the interface makes the user feel and how easy it is for the user to perform the tasks they want.

UI Design

Although user experience is a set of tasks focused on product optimisation for efficient and enjoyable use, user interface design is complementary; look and feel product layout and interactivity. The design of user interfaces is a purely digital phenomenon. It takes into account all visual, interactive elements of the user interface, including buttons, icons, spacing, typography, colour scheme, and responsive design.

The purpose of the UI design is to guide the user through the product interface visually. It’s all about creating an intuitive experience that doesn’t require a user to think too much!

Our Course on UX UI Design

The UX design course is an advanced course suitable for those who already know the techniques of graphic design. This includes the use of Photoshop, XD Adobe, and Illustrator applications.

A UX project is specifically designed to simplify the user interface of any platform or program. It’s about making a customer-friendly website where everything is open to the user, and not too hard to run the app. The goal is to solve the obstacles and problems associated with the customer in order to increase productivity, efficiency, and user experience.