Web Design and UX UI Design Courses Poole 

Web Design and UX UI Design Courses Poole

Blue Sky Graphics provides the best online web design courses for new and seasoned graphic designers. We offer various levels of training to assess which level of knowledge in graphic design, web design and UX UI design than you already have.
The 3Ps are the fundamental principles our courses are based on which stand for professionalism, passion and proficiency. You do not only learn skills by Blue Sky Graphics, but you also learn how to apply those skills. The tutors have excellent communication skills and work very hard. We have a clear understanding of your subject and are able to help you with every study and assignment.

Web Design

One of the courses that we teach is the Web Design course, which takes place over a period of 8 months. The Web Design course includes the possibility of developing and reorganizing existing websites using specialized technological techniques and methods to explore the layout, vision and usability of a website.

There will also be training in other areas, such as web design, colour theory, and architectural concepts. It’s much easier to have a Web domain so you can quickly apply the information you have gained as you move through the course. The use of WordPress completes a large part of web design. With WordPress you can use the configuration of your search engine to support your website in an organic form.

UX UI Design

UI Architecture is a Virtual User Interface. That includes the click-on buttons, the text they’re displaying, the photos, sliders, data entry fields and all the other things the user interacts with. It involves configuration of a computer, switches, animations of an interface and some other micro-interaction. And, after taking the advanced course in UX UI design from Blue Sky Graphics, you can effectively determine the appearance of every website. This course is conducted over an 8-month span and is ideally fit for those who already have any experience of graphic design.

Why Learn from Blue Sky Graphics?

Choosing to take advantage of our courses is certainly the best thing to do in terms of managing time and effort, since we engage students in the field of web design. We help you create a solid and presentable portfolio for your career by harnessing your strengths, creativity and abilities. Our tutors are highly skilled, and they are hired because they have vast knowledge of the subjects, business expertise and teaching abilities.

The online courses often have very convenient timings. We start each day from 7.30 a.m. till 10.30 p.m. This helps you to select a reasonable time period for learning graphic design despite your busy schedule.

Course Syllabus

The courses at Blue Sky Graphics includes
1. Graphic Design Courses – 9 months
2. Web design and Development course – 8 months
3. UX-UI Adobe design course – 8 months

This course on graphic design teaches you to run Adobe Software and highlights other aspects, such as the creation of logos and advertising which contribute to creating a unique design.

The web design lesson is about designing or upgrading your own website using Photoshop and WordPress.

UX-UI programming course includes the construction of a user-friendly website, so that the public can understand it easily.

What does it mean to be a UX Designer?

Whether you’re landing a job at a start-up or a bigger business, your position as UX designer will be directly involved in the process to make a product functional, accessible and pleasant for the target consumer audience the company intends. Whether you’re managing a large team of UX designers or flying solos, the UX process itself remains the same.

During the design process you will be thinking mainly about how your product / service will satisfy the customer’s actions already. Your product’s design revolves around functionality and usability, rather than colours or images (these are later developed by a graphic designer).

The user researcher’s job is based around communication: visiting user groups, both online, in-person and over the phone, gathering data through interviews, surveys, conversations, and task analysis to inform product design.

Job Outlook for Web and UX Designers

The few different settings you can work in include the following:

1. Work for industry-related companies, like design consultancies or branding agencies (agency graphic designer)
2. Work with any company (in-house web designer)
3. Work remotely on your own (freelance web or UX designer)


WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) and is a tool for the creation and maintenance of a website without coding expertise. The software allows just about every part of the website to be customised.

The WordPress network offers plenty of customized options if you want to build an affiliate marketing network (or some other way to monetize the site).

Company Websites: You can share information using WordPress, provide contact details, incorporate your branding and build a strong online presence, whether big or small.


Elementor is a drag and drop website designed by WordPress. You can create beautiful pages with a visual editor. It is intended to create interactive websites quickly. This WordPress plugin is a complete solution which enables the management of all aspects of web design on a single platform.

XD Adobe

Adobe Experience Design is a Prototyping method. XD incorporates lightweight layout and drawing tools with a simple click to simulate a particular program or web board navigation. The results can be published directly from the application as an interactive online presentation, which can be easily shared by project partners or customers.

You can call it a wire-framing program, but you can add vectors or raster, text blocks, etc. as you go along, so the wireframe end feels much more like a complete product than a wireframe.

Work from Home

Freelancing has often been a means of practically obtaining significant amounts of money irrespective of what the degree of knowledge is, as internet work is more know-how-dependent than skills.

Platforms such as Fiverr, freelancer and People per hour feature teenagers, housewives and people finding secondary jobs, an opportunity to show off their talents and raise a lot of money! This gives you the chance to work from home for any agency or company that hires you. All you need is a unique portfolio to get started!