Graphic design and web design courses Scottish Borders

Graphic design and web design courses Scottish Borders

Graphic design is the art of producing graphic material for the conveying of messages, attractively. Using dynamic hierarchy and page layout strategies, graphic designers utilise typography and imagery to address the specific desires of consumers and concentrate on the structure of displaying objects of immersive initiatives to enhance customer experience.

What makes a decent design?

A creative concept is not only the product of a brilliant idea or creativity. This comes from the proper usage of graphic design elements to create a visual image of this concept.


Line is a core element in a style. It has been used to establish a void between certain components or to have a core emphasis. A line as a graphic design feature is more than just a stroke of a brush. The size, weight, and orientation of the line will make a big difference in the design.


Even though technical advances have rendered it simpler to produce projects, as a designer, you should always be mindful of the old-age principles that are required to build a successful design. Colour theory, for example, should be fully grasped by any graphic designer, as colours represent not just the company or the logo, but also the preferences of the customer (e.g. red for alerts).


When it comes to architecture, a shape may be more than just a geometric image. Various shapes reflect the varied target audience. Circles, for example, imply harmony and power, while squares represent stability and protection. Therefore, if you have adequate awareness of the usage of such forms, you can easily create a basic but meaningful design.

Scale and size

Scale and size are also work together to bring balance, proportion and comparison to the design.
Scale applies to the precise amounts of the object in question. At the other side, the ratio is the connexion to the initial calculation, and the balance applies to the contrast of all current items by size and weight. Scale and proportion are used to describe the approximate scale of an object or to illustrate the scale difference between two objects on a given visual show.
Use the correct combination renders the template aesthetically appealing and well appreciated by the audience.

How has graphic design evolved over time?

The word graphic design was invented in the 1920s, and the whole concept of graphic design has evolved since then. Graphic design was not seen as a profitable area, previously, owing to lack of recognition and interest. Recently, though, the introduction of modern design methods and trends, coupled with a number of applications available, has taken the world of graphic design to a whole new stage.

Online course on graphic design

In view of the rising influence of graphic design on the new industry, we deliver an in-depth course on online graphic design! Our curriculum is designed to teach our students all the essential design tools and principles without which you can not build a good design.
The best thing about our online courses is to deliver these lessons in a one-to-one setting! It ensures that you get our tutor’s undivided attention and fully understand the concepts. The one-to-one education system is particularly useful for students who can not do well in a traditional classroom – full of people. They need the individual attention and warmth of the instructor, which is just what we offer.

Why Learn Online?

If you want to learn online rather than on-campus, there are only a few explanations why that is the correct decision!

More Flexible

Online education has proven to be more practical for students, workers and housewives. If you are already enrolled in college and want to pursue graphic design as well, entering the institute might get pretty hectic. Housewives or young mothers may not have the opportunity to go out and study, but online classes are best adapted for them as well.
Our online classes meet a robust schedule. Classes are accessible any day of the week from 7.30 a.m. to 10.30 p.m. This gives you plenty of time to plan your lessons around your busy work and home life.


Online schooling is not time-consuming, so you would be completing our course in a year’s time. You have the chance to complete the course at your own speed without any burden and to complete the assignments as well.

Relaxed and comfortable

What is better than working at home in a peaceful and comfortable environment? You do not need to step out of your comfort zone with our online course, because everything will be open to you online.

One-to-one class system

When mentioned above, this specific feature offers you individual attention and more opportunities to engage in real communication with the professor. You will exercise your abilities, ask more questions, and get reviews too – all at your own speed!

Other Courses Available on Blue Sky Graphics

In addition to the courses in graphic design, we offer two additional courses which are as follows:

Web Design
Web Design

Web Design

Before signing up to web design, make sure you have prior knowledge of graphic design. The web design course focuses on teaching you how to create new websites or redesign existing ones using advanced WordPress software.

You will be qualified in fields such as web development, web design, colour theory, graphic layout, and online home page construction. On completion of the course, you will have your resume as well as a comprehensive certification syllabus.

UX UI design course

The UX UI Design course is an introductory course that teaches the design and value of a user-friendly website. The use of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign is demonstrated during this course. Generally speaking, Adobe Suite is very useful because many of the features Adobe has built allow cross-synchronisation to make processes relaxed and safe. Export features of the programme are very useful because everything is arranged and accessed just as the framework should be similar to other applications. This is just one indication of the current state of things relative to XD, which helps you to see how actual things are going to be.