What To Post On Facebook To Get A Lot Of Likes And Comments?

What To Post On Facebook To Get A Lot Of Likes And Comments?

When you post on Facebook, you are communicating that you have a lot to share with those who care enough to join; thus, avoid boring those good guys, amirite? If you post on your company’s new product line or just want to inspire your customers, you can create informative and visually appealing posts that will slow down the scroll and add a touch of beauty to the world.
We have compiled a list of Facebook post ideas for all the various and sundry reasons you may like to produce an excellent post—promotions, unveiling new products, announcing events, sharing inspirational quotes, explaining how-to—and we will offer tips about how to make them happen during our online graphic design course.

1. Wish to fly with a video message of wanderlust

Create this look in the graphic design app by changing the photos for your article first. We outlined it with a white background and then filtered it for some stylish effects. Since images can be auto-saved to your hub, when you are ready to build your article, simply click Create New to start with a blank canvas. Include your edited Hub images and give each one a drop shadow by selecting the Effects section of the Graphics palette. Replace a frame in your collage with a recording; see our tutorial on how to use video stylishly.

What To Post On Facebook To Get A Lot Of Likes And Comments
What To Post On Facebook To Get A Lot Of Likes And Comments

2. Created photographically using a film strip post

There are several methods for simultaneously displaying several photographs. Create a film strip effect by combining a few photographs or graphics that have a certain aesthetic or style. Consider an array of black and white photographs to showcase your latest work, or a collection of vegetable photographs to promote your farmer’s market stand, or even a collection of smiling faces of your workers to demonstrate your friendliness.

3. Create an in-person look by doing a mock-up of a flat lay post.

The flat lay + device mock up look provides an out-of-this-world POV that is extremely enticing to viewers due to the ease with which a variety of pieces can be taken, whilst the negative space around the products is pleasing to the eye. Additionally, can we simply assert that it looks cool? These types of photographs can be found in our image gallery.

4. Make the sales argument public.

Are you seeing a pattern in any of these post ideas so far? They are all a) photo-based and b) use the least amount of text necessary to convey a direct message. Since your fans can click on your post to discover the specifics, all you need to do is capture their interest with a finely created image and a brief tweet. There is no mistaking what “SALE” means!

5. Demonstrate what is new in the store.

If you have a retail location, give your fans a sneak peek of your newest offerings with a product image update. Add valuable information to the header and footer, such as the website URL or product names, and you are done in a matter of minutes!

6. Publicize the upcoming case

Invite your followers to your next event with a text-over-image post like this one. The white blocky font is just bold enough to obliterate the possibility of “I missed your post!”

7. Demonstrate your abilities and attract new customers

Perhaps you fashion beautiful wedding gowns, operate a stunning event venue, or are a talented photographer—in all of these cases, showcase your work with a photo post inviting potential clients to book, order, or book your services immediately. And if you are not in a hurry and your calendar is clear, go ahead and make it seem as though you are fast filling up due to your high demand!

8. Embrace trends and do not be afraid to use them.

Consider what is trendy right now (or what your young resident is interested in) and incorporate it into the post. For a while, it was just about the bees, and then it was all about the avocados, and now we have both cold roasted coffee and Mason jars, two fads that merit any true longevity. Whether you are offering accounting services (“How much can you invest on coffee each year?”) or actual coffee, capitalise on what is hot and use it to increase your Facebook visibility.

9. Share details through a how-to post.

You are brimming with intriguing ideas, and you can share them with the world through a how-to tweet. You could advertise your upcoming lesson (which is an excellent way to get shoppers into your store! ), or you could take advantage of Facebook’s ad carousel style by uploading a series of two to ten images that guide your followers through the scrolling process.

10. Inspire with motivational quotes and images

Why share a bland picture when you can surround it with a beautiful graphic halo? Given that you have been considering it for some time, we are going for visuals in the interim.

Post several photographs, drawings, and videos.

Utilize a variety of multimedia to break up voting, links, and other types of posts. Any visual content you create for your blog or other media outlets, such as YouTube videos or Pinterest infographics, can and should be shared on Facebook. Visual and engaging content is very popular right now and enhances the attractiveness of a Facebook profile.

What is to be used in the photographs, images, and videos?

Persons! Individuals! Your fans and buyers like to see the human side of the business, which managers, buyers, and other influential individuals include.

Utilize Captivating Thumbnail Images & Link Descriptions

Naturally, you want to share the links you make on Facebook with your own cool content and the associated content you curate. However, a large number of links, especially those with little or no thumbnail photos or descriptions, will quickly clog your page and make it unappealing.

There are two things you can do to address this issue: use multimedia and other types of articles in addition to links more often than not, and include outstanding thumbnail photos and descriptions for your links.

That means including an eye-catching custom image for every blog post and article you write. That requires creating compelling meta descriptions that entice both search engines and social media users to click through.

Are you still perplexed? Take a peek at our online graphic design course Blue Sky Graphics’s Facebook page and you can learn a thing or two on how to make the ultimate Facebook post and design.