What Software Do Digital Artists Use?

What Software Do Digital Artists Use?

When it comes to choosing the right digital art tools, you have a lot of options. The most difficult part would be choosing which kit to use, and this is where we will assist. There are so many amazing digital art applications on the market that you might spend forever trying to locate the one that is just perfect for you, but we have scoured the market for all the best choices so you can make an informed decision.

There is something here for everybody, whether you like free apps, subscription-only plans, or the ability to pay once and have the app forever. And it makes no sense if you are using Windows, Mac, iPad, or Linux; pretty much any device conceivable has a decent digital art kit accessible for it. Simply scroll down to find our recommendations for the best digital art and illustration programmes so you can make an educated decision.
Do not skip our list if you are searching for some fantastic graphic design and digital design software. At Blue Sky Graphics, we believe in providing our students with the best and we hope that this list will prove to be beneficial for you.

What Software Do Digital Artists Use
What Software Do Digital Artists Use


Photoshop is already number one for a variety of purposes. We teach photoshop in our online graphic design course at Blue Sky Graphics!
Photoshop was the undisputed king of digital art software for a long time, but rivals’ products have steadily challenged the throne. Photoshop, on the other hand, remains a hugely competent and versatile platform, and recent enhancements have seen its capabilities extended much further. Add to that the complimentary iOS software, which is only going to get, and the photo-editing behemoth becomes ever more appealing.
Since it is a feature of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, you can securely transfer your data and view all of your materials – including paints, pictures, colours, and styles – through all of your computers. There is also a large library of Photoshop plugins required to enhance the program’s capabilities. More detail can be found in our Photoshop CC analysis.

Affinity Designer

Anything you need to make unique drawings and graphics is included in Affinity Designer. Affinity Designer gives you detailed power over curves, brush stabilisation settings, sophisticated blend modes, and, best of all, one million+ percent zoom (no, really – this could be our favourite feature).

Not just that, but in the previous year’s update (here’s our Affinity Designer review), Affinity added support for the Apple Pro Display XDR monitor, as well as tweaking the software to run quicker than ever on new Macs. Although this is mainly a vector instrument, you can turn to a pixel setting if required. A new edition (Affinity Creator 1.9) is now in Testing, so keep an eye on this room for an update. There is also a companion software for on-the-go design: check out our graphic design course for graphic design learning.

Corel Painter 2021

The latest version of Corel Painter includes several new additions and improvements, especially for Apple users. Sidecar support is included in macOS Catalina, allowing you to replicate the Mac screen on your iPad and colour with your Apple Pencil, and Touch Bar and multi-touch trackpad support is available for MacBook Pro users.

Other latest features include AI-based art trends with 12 creative styles to chose from, a thick paint workflow for creating stunning oil looks, clone tinting and improved layer power, and numerous output enhancements.

Painter is well-suited to a multitude of styles, with recommended workflows for photo photography, decorative art, comics, design art, and illustration. There are also over 900 brushes and a plethora of customization possibilities to work with.

Much of this comes at a cost: Corel Painter 2021 costs £429/£359.99 or £229/£180 to update, but when you realise that there is no monthly price to deal with, and that offers on the programme occur from time to time, it may not sound too steep.


Rebelle 4 was launched in December 2020, filling in some of the holes left by Rebelle 3 and transforming the software from nice to fantastic. New features include a large rise in brush presets to more than 170 (addressing our key concern regarding Rebelle 3’s shortage of brushes). Your favourite brushes can also be posted and downloaded.

Other improvements include the potential to use extremely natural watercolours and oils, as well as modern stabilisation and texture features. There are also various new layer, process, and canvas functions, such as natural RYB colour mixing, layer classes, colour control, and many more.

In a nutshell, we are blown away by this excellent, low-cost piece of tech that feels completely real.


This is not interactive art apps as we know it – Procreate is unique to the iPad (although if you want top art app for your iPhone, be sure to check out Procreate Pocket). However, it is such an amazing platform that we are beginning to see more and more visual artists incorporating it into their workflows, which is why it is on our list. This software contains several of the features used in a desktop tool, such as detailed colour picker tools, a text application, the ability to interact with hundreds of layers, and industry standard resources like masks, Blend Modes, and classes.

Choose from over 130 Procreate brushes (or create your own using the brush engine) to quickly and efficiently imitate various conventional art effects. There is also complete PSD assistance.

Clip Studio Paint Pro

Clip Studio Paint is fast becoming the medium of choice for manga artists and comic book authors. This is the tool to use if you want a real and conventional feel rolled up in a digital drawing and painting app. Clip Studio Paint utilises sophisticated pen pressure sensing to produce natural-looking pen strokes.
This tool is available in Pro and Ex models, with the latter offering more sophisticated capabilities but becoming somewhat more costly. You will download either for free for 30 days and see if you like it.


Artweaver, which comes with a large range of preconfigured brushes, would have you making your masterpiece in no time. You may use the brushes as-is or customise and save them to your taste. Its user-friendly interface is also extremely adjustable, though it is already set up beautifully out of the box.
Artweaver 7 is a robust digital art platform that comes in two variants: Artweaver Free and Artweaver Plus. Examine the contrast map to help you determine which is best for you.
Hopefully, this list will prove to be helpful for you, join us at Blue Sky Graphics online graphic design course to learn more.

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