London Graphic Design

London Graphic Design is a huge industry that hosts a variety of Graphic Designers in a multitude of roles across London from marketing role to product design and development. Many of London’s graphic designers are from small but growing start-ups but also in large corporate media companies that use offices around the city. London corporate banks that use Graphic Designers for their media and marketing needs will usually always have a team of London based graphic designers ready.

Not all London graphic designers will be found in the East of London although Shoreditch is does host an array of design studios. London is quite simply not only an amazing city filled with diversity to niche area that typically house many graphic design agencies or studios such as the trendy East London area Shoreditch to the more liberal and punk setting of North London, Camden which traditionally homed more alternative art types but actually homes nearly everyone in between. In that sense London is truly diverse not only culturally and, in its community, but also in its art, designs and ideas.

Home of a vibrant and colourful culture

Blue Sky Graphics head office is based in capital and we are proud to be located on Nile Street, Shoreditch, home to a vibrant and colourful culture of street art, murals, agencies, galleries, restaurants, fashion and creative arts and craft markets. Our one-to-one classes are hosted by tutors that are as diverse as London itself and our passion and love for London and graphic design is constant. Street artists from London’s east end and the UK as well as international artists from all over Europe are often found somewhere in Shoreditch albeit on a cafe, bar or an art gallery.
London Graphic Design - best bus design
Examples of best London bus art

What is good graphic design?

Good graphic design can be found all over London and London street to London busses or on London’s famous underground. By good graphic design we mean effectively good visual communication that capture the attention of Londoners and anyone visiting the capital. Graphic design murals and billboards can be found on many of the big red busses passing the Big Ben for example, to a suburb like Wembley housing football games. Usually, a message or idea is conveyed through visual means and this communication of a particular message may be political, sponsored, biased, provocative or even loaded with values and ideologies. Graphic Designers should therefore consider carefully and follow the project or brief that their client instructs them to do because ultimately the client will have an agenda regarding the result of the message or piece of communication. 

There is a difference to a Graphic Designer in their inherent job role and an Artist. A designer is either a freelancer or in-house designer who creates images to communicate specific information – as opposed an artist who more often would expresses an idea or abstract concept or feeling through own subjective expression without the need to be so succinct like a Graphic Designer.  
London Graphic Design - Wembley park steps
Wembley Park is always on brand and looking great!

An example about a client instructing a graphic designer to make a logo personalised and unique would mean that the logo needs to adhere to strict visual criteria. A logo is of no use to anyone but that client or company and because one of the requirements of a good logo is that it is be unique the Graphic Designer is strongly recommended to stay away from using clip art “logos”.  

Logo Design examples
Check some standards of logo design on 99design
Example of generic logo design

Such clip art would overall be a poor choice of logo as they are widely available and not unique in any way (not to mention that it may well violate the usage guidelines for that clip art image).
Graphic Designers tend to a custom service for a client and creates many visual medium prints from posters, bus wraps, train adverts, tube maps, billboards, food and product item packaging, logos and marketing materials among other things.

What are typical roles for graphic design?

Graphic Designers may work from home or in media companies or at magazines, advertising and marketing agencies and they are an important part of society, especially when it comes to marketing a business or product.

Graphic Designers use an international visual language that is universal such as typography and colour rules, and designers deftly translate messages into something unique, captivating and interesting so that everyone can understand. You may be able to create and sell design templates for newsletters, annual reports, letterheads, etc. But it’s highly unlikely you could make a living selling such commodities as opposed to selling a custom design service.  

What is the future like for Graphic Designers?

Example of Optimistic Graphic Design
Necessity of user experience will provide optimistic future of Graphic Designers

The future for Graphic Designers in the UK is looking very optimistic with an increasing number of jobs on the market. London continues to be a hub for Graphic Design agencies and independent studios but there is serious talent everywhere. Evolution of graphic design seems to be largely connected to the user experience which is sure to remain at the forefront. Designs will become more personalised and more interactive over time.  

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