Study Web Design and UX UI Design Barnsley

Web Design and UX UI Design Courses in Barnsley

A website is created by web designers for branding, creating an identity, starting a blog, etc. Web design and UX UI design cover a wide range of sectors, so learning it might be a smart idea! The practical layout is remarkable and may affect the tastes of decision-makers. The ability of the company to dramatically increase its demand for large customers is considerably enhanced by improved designer performance.

If you are interested in studying graphic design at home’s convenience in Barnsley or anywhere in the UK, Blue Sky Graphics is the most significant opportunity! You can become a professional graphic designer with Blue Sky Graphics as graphic design basics are required to learn web design. Classes are available throughout the week – starting early morning and lasting up to late evening so you can pick a timeslot best suited for you.

A one-to-one learning program has been launched, which allows students to get the undivided attention of the tutor so they can learn and understand the concepts of design better. There is no need to worry about online learning, as the tutors are highly experienced and have excellent command over the subject. They will assist you with any query you might have during the course.

Design Courses at Blue Sky Graphics

Blue Sky Graphics provides three main programs: graphic design, web design, and UX design. These courses are suitable for all types of students – whether it is a newbie or those with previous design experience.

The course in graphic design is rigorous and aims at preparing pupils with their educational approach to become professional graphic designers. This course shows you the use of Adobe Applications and several other aspects, such as the development of logos and ads that create a dynamic brand.
The web design course deals with how you can build or upgrade your website. It will also introduce you to the colour theory and the use of WordPress, Elementor, and Adobe XD.

UX-UI design course is an advanced course where you will learn to create a user-friendly website or application using Adobe XD.

Web Design Course

This course aims to teach concepts and applications for Web design. The way you work with the integration of the website design program, graphic templates, and overlaps will be shown. In the web design course, you need to plan a list of several websites where you can create content during the course. The website architecture determines all about the site — including the language, how it appears, and how it all works.

When designing your website, there are some web design features you need to consider. It is essential to select a readable font, and that complements the design of the website. It is also vital to align the colours with your brand and your message when choosing colours for your site.

The Blue Sky Graphics Web Development course is taught in eight months using WordPress, Elementor, and Adobe XD.


You can open pages and insert design features of other web design software here. You can attach pages to your homepage, design landing pages, including pages for other programs, but that can be moved and installed in the WordPress app. You can select WordPress to promote your website naturally by using search engine settings.

WordPress themes are easy to customise, as all of them come with their colour shifting, loading logo, setting up gorgeous sliders, and customising them entirely for your needs.


The quickest and most efficient WordPress editor is Elementor. You can customise your site using the drag and drop editor and add a variety of themes using Elementor Theme Design. Typically, you will edit your Cascading Design Sheets or deal with complicated theme customer software if you are interested in changing the global design settings of your site. Plus, if you improve the colours, you’re going to have to start all over after the turn.

Luckily, Elementor can help you quickly build your site and preserve long-term stylistic choices. Elementor allows you to control some of the world’s most popular settings from the app’s user panel. Those variables are:

• Backgrounds
• Heading and link styles
• Images

Combine all these elements, and you have the foundation for a website design that is unique.

Adobe XD

UI / UX designers, web designers, mobile device designers, and product designers use Adobe XD as a versatile platform. It has specific inherent characteristics, which reduce working time.

The ability to prototype is one of the essential components of XD. It helps us to create a user-friendly travel interface, build and import digital shortcuts, and click on the pages. You can use XD to open the prototype right into your browser via a direct link to the project. XD also has an integrated comment feature, which can be used to share information easily or to ask questions directly in the project.

UX UI Design Course

Blue Sky Graphics UX UI Design Course is a specialised course, suitable for students of graphic design. The Photoshop, XD Adobe, and Illustrator applications are required.

The main aim of a UX designer is to simplify the user interface on any platform or program. It’s about having a customer-friendly website where everything is available to the user, so it’s not too hard to run the application or software. It seeks to address customer-related issues to improve productivity, efficiency, and consumer satisfaction.

What Jobs Can You Apply for After Completing a Web and UX UI Design Course?

Jobs directly related to your degree include:

1. Web Developer with Graphic Design
2. Digital Marketing Intern
3. UX Researcher
4. Web Content Manager
5. Junior Designer
6. Web Designer
7. Corporate UX Designer

Work from Home

Using Blue Sky Graphics, you can learn and gain from home. Freelancing is an excellent way to earn a lot of money. Platforms such as Fiverr and freelancer offer you the opportunity to display your talents and then be employed by professionals from the comfort of your home if your style fits. UX UI Design is a lucrative profession and easily accessible for qualified independent professionals.