Graphic Design and Web Design Courses East Ayrshire

Graphic Design and Web Design Courses East Ayrshire

The art or profession of visual communication that incorporates images, words, and ideas to provide information to an audience, in particular, to create a specific effect is described as graphic design.

The definition begins with the graphic design being described as an art. Everyone who has worked on or seen someone work on the graphic design knows it is indeed an art. Any good design begins with an artistic designer showcasing a subject or idea.

Technology helps a business look amazing more than it does. A good branding and marketing design gives an organisation a recognisable image. Customers understand it as a way of authenticating the product.

What makes a design stand out?

Although a good brand design may not give you national recognition, social work will be done. But how do you decide which good design is? Keep it easy. Keep it quick. Within a fast-moving environment, people in the modern world want knowledge as fast as possible.

A simple, simple logo is a perfect way of expressing in one image what your company is all about. These can be done together or separately with the picture and form. The branding will work if you find a good way to do so.

Apple’s branding, for example, is modern, clean and sophisticated, paralleling the way most people describe their products. Talk of Apple’s branding with weak colour gradients and a serif typeface. Not the sort of pictures most consumers would take seriously. Your business may not be as big as Apple, but good design and clear branding will boost the credibility of your product.

Basics of every Design

Typography that can produce or break design is a key element of almost every design. Type can differ between serif, sanserif, script, decorative, etc., and it is important to bear in mind when work through the design process that the typeface you select does not coincide with the other design components.

Basics of every Design
Basics of every Design

Colour is another fundamental element of graphic design. Colour sets your design tone and emotion. The colour that you select should be compatible with your company brand; but, if you have more choice in a design, you can be more adventurous in the colours you select.

You have to bring all the components of your design together on the page.

Layout and composition are a significant aspect of graphic design. A successful layout is balanced; techniques like the grid structure and the rule of thirds can be used to help you in your layout. The kind of grid that you use should depend on your design; if you create a logo, for example, you will use a grid other than if you have a magazine page designed.

All these components will be used in a well-designed project, contributing to a balanced and visually interesting job.

Web Design

Web design, like graphic design, requires the development of illustrations, typography and photographs but uses the internet as a medium for presentation. When web designers have to become a working machine, they need to be able to understand the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

Web Design
Web Design

Web designers deal with the design of the website (UI), the user-friendly interface (UX) and project-related technological computer aspects such as file size, display resolution, as well as speed and performance.

What are the wide differences between Web Design and Graphic Design?


The medium is a major difference between web design and graphic design. Another is for print and another for internet and internet. Furthermore, graphic designers also have more flexibility because website requirements such as programming, resolution or speed do not limit them.

Unique in web design is the knowledge needed to understand the functionality and intuition of a site. The design needs to convey a concept which a graphic designer does not understand, so graphic designers consider designs to be set rather than dynamic.

The layout is static in graphic design, and the visual emphasis is on high honesty. Usually, post-production possibilities are minimal and depend heavily on printing and materials and media. Web design, however, is more complex and visual.

The purpose of web design is to direct the operation of the website’s users and thereby increase interaction. The screen limits the visual focus and more information should first be displayed. In web design, backend creation, server applications, network signals, and support for third-party tools can be used to build opportunities for post-production.

Other Elements that differ between Graphic and Web Design

The use of colour is a big difference between graphic design and web design. Although colours are shown differently in web design on the various monitor, and at different image resolutions, colours in the print design are consistent throughout the project. Print or graphic design typically utilises CMYK colour mode to deliver consistent results in all published materials. On the other hand, web design uses RGB according to its special imaging mode and relies heavily on a user of too many strong colours because of the flow of user experience on a Web site.

In graphic design, fonts can be chosen more freely because the implementation of the final effect is less relevant. Any font can be printed out. Nonetheless, some fonts in web design are not supported by the browser, and thus secure fonts should be used.

The graphic design incorporates physical measurements, such as inches, centimetres, etc. The final result is hardly important in graphic artwork, but in web design, the size and quality of the graphics are influencing the site’s speed and how simple the graphics are in some screen resolution.

Online Learning with BSG
Some people may find it hard to study in a traditional classroom because of their tough schedule and lack of time. To solve such issues, Blue Sky Graphics brings you online courses that you can take from the comfort of your home!

You can learn all the design principles and software to create a unique design and finish with your portfolio as well!

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