Benefits of Learning Graphic Design Courses Via Online‏‏ In 2022

Benefits of Learning Graphic Design Courses Via Online‏‏ In 2022

Choosing the best learning path for you is important in any education environment but choosing wisely will play a big part in your successful creative journey. It is vital to look for reliable information and research your study options in order to make an essential well-informed decision.

There are plenty of benefits to learning graphic design and doing it has become increasingly accessible and affordable to anyone contemplating a creative career. The biggest benefit to studying graphic design or web design remotely is that it is now possible to learn an entirely new creative skill-set online via your computer from home.

Benefits of Learning Graphic Design Courses Via Online‏‏ In 2022

Changes are happening. On one hand, there has been a shift in the way people are learning and working with a bigger emphasis on home working and home learning especially since the advent of the healthy pandemic with Covid.  On the other hand, education has been changing from preschool to university over many years and digital learning methods have become increasingly common with the development of new technologies every day. Think of Zoom, Skype and online virtual classrooms and you’ll be thinking like the millions of other students currently using these platforms around the world.

For many students that consider studying online, one of the biggest advantages has got to be being able to study in your own time, when you’ve got time and at your own place. The beauty of remote learning is being able to choose your own learning environment that works best for you.

At Blue Sky Graphics we offer live and direct one to one classes all throughout the day thus giving you the freedom to choose when you study within the framework of your course without the boredom and monotony of a pre-recorded class.

Our student to teacher ratio is 1:1 which means that each student has their very own tutor essentially in the form of private tuition. Whereas many other schools are unable to have the resources, time and expense of pairing one student to one teacher. While many consider ratios of 15:1 or 9:1  students to tutor well we do things a bit different at Blue Sky Graphics.

At BSG our online classes can be very interactive, as well as fun and exciting student briefs, will be delivered live by your own private teacher during class time and additional study materials will be available after the class.

Since our courses come from our creative studio in London to you there is need for a visa if you are an international student. You can study from your home country and save on travel and the traditionally high costs associated with university and school.



Of course, online learning is not for everyone and some still believe in the traditional form of in-person learning. There is however a lot to be said for,  remote learning which is much better than it ever was, offering greater flexibility, accessibility, convenience value for money, as well as networking opportunities.

Online study is perfect for those who want to improve their skills, knowledge and career prospects but can’t commit to attending a university, or studying full time.

At Blue Sky Graphics ( we develop, deliver and support all our online courses. Unlike some colleges, we don’t involve third-party agencies in our online learning. From completing your application to study with us, right through your studies and up to graduation, our friendly dedicated team of tutors and staff is here to help you, every step of the way- the Blue Sky Graphics way.


Is graphic design needed in today’s workplace?

Graphic design is a highly important marketing tool and many graphic design agencies and marketing departments rely on their creative and talented designers to add value to their workplaces.

Since graphic design can be used to create posters, flyers, books and magazines, brochures, social media, amongst many, many other things—all those things that immediately spring to people’s minds when you say you’re a graphic designer are what is needed in many companies and thriving businesses today.

When looking at marketing roles almost every job post required some degree of creative application and applicants to be well versed in using graphic design. In fact, Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign are the most requested skill in our sample of job postings.

There is no escaping that it is an essential skill to create your own graphic design and there is no way to avoid it either.

Many companies are looking for Graphic Designers with some real-world experience. There are several ways you can gain this experience.

What is distance learning?

Distance learning and our online courses allow you to study wherever you are, arranging your studies around your work or family life. You learn with the direct supervision and one-to-one attention of a teacher and using study materials and online learning resources that are planned for active learning.


Benefits of Learning Graphic Design Courses Via Online‏‏ In 2022

What are the advantages of distance learning?

Study anywhere – our programmes can be fully studied online so you can learn from wherever you are.

Learn at your own pace – you’ll have the flexibility to fit your studies around your schedule and work commitments on a part-time or full-time basis.

Value for money – fees for distance learning programmes are generally lower than on-campus programmes. You will also save on the cost of relocating to London to complete your degree.

Are students well supported when studying online?

At BSG when you register, we will give you access to your own private teacher and follow a comprehensive rigorous syllabus. You can then access your enrolment welcome pack and other key resources including the virtual classroom, the Student Guide and e-books. Find out more information here. 

Benefits of Learning Graphic Design Courses Via Online‏‏ In 2022

We also offer our students a wealth of careers resources and guidance. There are also many possibilities for Graphic Designers to branch out into other design areas in the industry.

It is no secret that graphic designers have many transferable skills, which can help them transition into related professions, such as Marketing, IT, UX/UI design or web development. Find out more about us here.

Is distance learning and online study right for you?

Most of our programmes are designed to be studied online, independently. Our students benefit from the flexibility to choose where and when they study at a pace that fits their lifestyle.
Contrary to general belief, studying at a distance may be right for you as it doesn’t mean that a student is left alone to it. We support you each step of the way. We have expert tutors and these tutors are specific to the respective module being taught to provide students the right guidance based on their expertise.

Benefits of Learning Graphic Design Courses Via Online‏‏ In 2022

At BSG we empower our students with the latest graphic design techniques and skills to enter their dream careers with highly marketable portfolios.

We adopt a personalised teaching style, where individualised needs are met in an inclusive way, to nurture creative thinkers with strong technical expertise and a rigorous command of graphic design, web design, UX-UI and typography. This is all made possible through the live delivery of our one-to-one classes and engaging briefs.

At Blue Sky Graphics the class strategy is to ensure an easy to follow step-by-step, well presented, vigorous teaching experience with the learning style of the student always in mind.

Our teaching philosophy encourages you to first build your subject knowledge and creative skills, then apply these to your design environment. Showcasing your entrepreneurial skills necessary to survive, you will learn to succeed and thrive in the creative profession of graphic design.

We adopt a cognitive approach to education, embedding a range of teaching styles and techniques to meet students’ diverse and individualised abilities by encouraging discussion and reflecting on what has been taught.

Is distance learning recognised?

Our prestigious school has been around for over 15 years and we are internationally recognised, combining the flexibility of online learning with the academic rigour and structure of an on-campus programme. We have years of experience in distance learning delivery which means we understand the support students required and provide additional guidance, both academically and administratively, to all our students to ensure the successful completion of their chosen degree.

You would become proficient while making a graphic design portfolio working with the correct graphics composition, using colours correctly according to the colour theory and maintaining the design rules.

Graphic design rules are taught throughout the course of studies and the emphasis is focused on making a portfolio that is built during the course. We have been teaching for just over 15 years and pride ourselves on our high standards of teaching, passion for creativity and effectively making skilled graphic designers and improving the level of already Junior Graphic Designers and 98% of our students recommend us to others in our student testimonials.

Our course is geared towards making sure our graduates have the best possible chance of employment—we ensure that they have the skills needed to become a practising graphic designers in the industry.

Our classes are one to one and always have been ensuring you have the full attention of your tutor.

Many of our courses are developed in collaboration and academically supported by industry experts reputable member institutions.

Many of our distance-learning and online degree programmes are split into courses or modules that can be studied individually. Short courses are useful for continuing professional development, refreshing your knowledge, or exploring a new area of interest.

A great thing about being part of an online classroom is meeting students from every part of the world. The accessibility provided by online programs makes it possible for people from all over the world to connect over their shared academic interests and experiences.


The new normal now is a transformed concept of education with online learning at the core of this transformation. At Blue Sky Graphics we have been teaching graphic design and web design since 2005 and our online classroom has also been fully occupied since this time too.

Our online courses have the same high academic standard as many formal qualifications. You will have obtained a fully accredited, certificate of completion endorsed by Affinity. We are an online school, as well as a traditional one. How you choose to study does not affect the validity of your qualification.

You’ll be in touch with professionals from contrasting industries, companies, and on different levels of their careers. This mode of contact is a goldmine of networking opportunities.

Remote learning allows you to fit your learning around your job and home life and you can pursue your course from anywhere, with the use of a computer and a solid internet connection (even if you travel). Many people that enrol for remote learning are people who are working part-time and full-time.

The good news is regardless of whether you are exploring graphic design as a hobby or in a professional capacity- perhaps in a Marketing or an Events manager role,  the world of graphic design is infinite.

You may be exploring graphic design career opportunities if you are planning on changing careers and enhancing career prospects. Whatever your reasons for studying graphic design you will be enhancing your personal and professional skill-set in a way that resonates with many job descriptions in today’s modern digital world.