Why do companies need Graphic Designers?

More and more companies are employing graphic designers for a wide range of reasons from design product packaging to making compelling advertisements for print and digital. They are also using an army of graphic designers to build unique user experiences in mobile apps and web design. This is especially true of companies catering to consumers or members of the public who require accessible, straight forward and efficient means of services through digital channels like mobile phone apps, tablet applications and interactive smart televisions. As technology continually develops in complexity, so too grow the duties and skills of graphic designers.

Graphic Design studios and design agencies across the UK are in high demand to execute projects for a broad range of work for a many type of businesses. Remember that while a picture may be worth a thousand words, graphic design be worth thousands of pounds in any business. A career in graphic design is often deemed a rewarding way to help companies find their unique identity and graphic designers are often seen as the pioneers of change.

Companies need Graphic Designers for a wide range of reasons and when put into context that Graphic design is seen every day, every minute, across the globe, then it is important to understand that a fair deal of responsibility comes with this role. Companies need to make a great impression and they need a consistent brand and that is another reason as to why Graphic Designers are important as they help companies make a positive, lasting impression. The first time a visitor interacts with a company’s brand in any capacity will set the tone for the rest of the business relationship. Companies will often try to capitalise on the first step of the buyer’s journey by implementing relevant and well-illustrated graphics that are attractive and professional.

How do you prepare yourself as a Graphic Designer ready for a company?

Blue Sky Graphics employs a client-based approach to its classes whereby the student is treated both as a trainee but also as a recipient to a brief from a client mimicking a real-life scenario for industry. Your tutor will play the part of a client and you will take on the role of designer and fulfill their criteria through a portfolio accordingly as your homework. This tried and tested method works well and is useful for anyone contemplating a career in graphic design.

Remember that since Graphic Designers communicate visually through a combination of illustration, photography and topography including a range of visual communication methods your work needs to convey or illustrate the intended meaning through projects that will probably need to be optimised for viewing on a range of platforms. Companies may need you to develop and optimise their entertainment, advertising, news and features, including traditional print like their magazines, brochures and, newspapers as well as digital and broadcast media like game machines, television, web browsers, and social platforms. You will do this in digital and print such as product packaging, motion graphics, editorials ads, and a host of other products that require a conveyed message to an audience.

What do companies need Graphic Designers for specifically?

Companies need and rely on the Graphic Designers skills to make sure a message gets across to the public as succinctly as possible, whether it’s something simple like a logo design on a website or an entire web page for a business. Graphic designers must use a discerning eye and knowledge of the tools (primarily Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign) that make building graphic design projects possible. Remember Blue Sky Graphics has been teaching graphic design online through one-to-one classes for over 10 years so if you get stuck trying to learn graphic design and would like to enrol in course get in touch today and together we can create stunning images and stylish visuals that drive the modern economy.

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What types of businesses need Graphic Designers?

Supermarkets to hotel, banks to bird sanctuaries, travel websites to your favourite fashion line, water boat transportation companies to furniture manufacturers, most companies these days have an online presence. Most businesses in the UK and Ireland need Graphic Designers. Since the internet has become one the most common ways of accessing information and an important and effective channel of communication this in turn requires the services of a Graphic Designer.

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