What Does Creative Cloud Membership Include?

What Does Creative Cloud Membership Include?

Since launching nine years ago, you have probably learnt of Adobe’s fast-growing Creative Cloud, dispelled some of the popular misconceptions about it, and are considering subscribing to CC now that over 22 million of your colleagues have. You should also be aware that since Adobe discontinued production of the older “CS” releases in 2012, there have been thousands of new product additions, upgrades, and performance improvements applied to CC, as well as essential new online services.

Many of the common photo and video editing applications that make Adobe successful, such as the flagship Photoshop, are included. However, the service includes web and UX architecture applications, 3D modelling, file storage, and other tasks.

What Does Creative Cloud Membership Include
What Does Creative Cloud Membership Include

Below are the key Creative Cloud applications:

  1. Adobe Photoshop
  2. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
  3. Adobe Stock
  4. Adobe Illustrator
  5. Adobe InDesign
  6. Premiere Pro
  7. Premiere Rush
  8. Adobe After Effects
  9. Adobe XD
  10. Adobe Dreamweaver
  11. Adobe Acrobat Pro

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When you throw in complementary, task-focused software like Photoshop Express, Adobe Fresco, or Media Encoder, you have an amazing collection of over 20 apps. Although the applications are unquestionably the offering’s focus, they are not the only spotlight of Creative Cloud. The below are some of the key advantages:

No Local Storage: When you operate on the Cloud with this programme, you do not need to load heavy apps on your laptop. There are no desktop or smartphone applications.

Compatibility: Since it is cloud-based, you should not have to think about it. Creative Cloud is compatible with both Apple devices and Microsoft-powered machines. Mac and Windows operating systems, as well as iOS and Google Android, are all supported.

Web-optimised: The majority of Creative Cloud applications have been optimised for use on mobile devices. Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom CC, for example, can be used on your iPad or smartphone, as well as your iPhone or Android phone, without sacrificing features or accuracy. This is perfect for operating on the go or making social media posts. This means you will not purchase an Adobe application outright anymore; now, you would need to sign up for an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

It also means that you no longer need to import and update all of these programme applications on your Mac or PC; instead, log in to your Creative Cloud account and access them from the Cloud.

Here’s all you get for free (on Windows or macOS) and for life:

The final desktop version of Adobe XD for Windows or Mac is completely free to download and use. Adobe XD, which stands for “Experience Design,” is a common all-in-one UX/UI solution for easily designing websites, smartphone applications, and more. With the latest Starter Plan, you get Adobe XD for free – and not a preview edition, but a fully functional version.

Similarly, you now have access to the all-new Premiere Rush Starter Plan: The Starter Plan, which is available for free, provides consumers with access to all Premiere Rush features, the option to use desktop and smartphone applications, and the ability to build an infinite number of projects and export up to three projects.

Additional free apps: You get the full version of Adobe Aero to create, display, and share virtual, augmented reality (AR) creations, as well as a free Starter Plan for Adobe Fresco, which incorporates a range of vector and raster brushes, as well as unique new live brushes, to provide a fully natural painting and drawing experience.

A lifetime licence to Adobe Bridge, the company’s flagship desktop media explorer and versatile digital asset manager that helps you to find easily, arrange, monitor, preview, and batch process your content files – including most graphic, vector, audio, and video files. Display and control Photoshop PSD, Camera RAW, Illustrator AI, InDesign INDD, Adobe XD, Acrobat PDF, Flash SWF, and many other file and paper formats without the need for additional software.

How Many Millions of Paid Subscribers Does Creative Cloud Have?

Full integration with Adobe’s mobile app families (over a dozen! ), allowing you to sketch, sculpt, paint, build templates, edit images, and make videos on your tablet or smartphone.

Access Adobe Acrobat Online Services on an ongoing basis

Convert Microsoft Office files to PDF or compress PDF documents, fill and sign forms and agreements, and share and archive your documents using these helpful online resources.

Begin with advanced Adobe Fonts: choose an infinite number of online fonts from approximately 1,000 available for your websites. You will also sync 1,300+ cool fonts to use with your favourite desktop programmes, such as CC demo software, older models of the Creative Suite, non-Adobe applications, and even iOS/iPadOS.

Adobe Spark, an interactive online and smartphone solution that helps you to create and upload impactful visual content quickly, is available for free. You can quickly make social media articles, artistic animations, web sites, and animated images.

A perpetual licence for Adobe Edge Animate 1.5 – you can import and use this desktop edition of the EA programme to build immersive and animated web content using HTML5 technologies.

Creative Cloud Memberships: Free vs Paid

If you later opt to enter the Creative Cloud as a full paid subscriber (All Apps), you can retain all of the privileges of the free level of membership – plus the following:

  • Links to the entire Adobe CC 2021 toolkit
  • Use Adobe’s more new creative technologies, with ongoing updates included as soon as they become usable – you will still be using the most recent software update.
  • There are over 18,000 Adobe Fonts (formerly Typekit Portfolio) that you can scan, browse, and use anywhere you need them. You may not have to think about installation, licences, or limitations when using Adobe Fonts. Private and industrial uses are also covered.
  • Adobe Fresco with Premium Features, a one-of-a-kind iPad app that combines the world’s largest brush range with ground-breaking new technologies to offer a natural “live” painting and drawing experience.
  • Adobe Portfolio, which allows you a simple and easy way to build a stunning portfolio website to show your work without having to write a single line of code, is now included for all paying CC members.
  • Up to 100 GB of online storage and other Adobe offerings, such as free Creative Cloud Training from industry-leading partners.
  • An Adobe Spark Premium Features update allows you to build and post branded stories with your logo, fonts, colours, models, themes, and more. This commodity alone is worth £9.99 a month.
  • You can run all of the desktop programmes on up to two computers and easily transfer the software between them as required.
  • Pay plans include weekly or annual subscriptions, which are both flexible and cost-effective.