What Are The Popular Companies That Hire Graphic Designers?

What Are The Popular Companies That Hire Graphic Designers?

Since March, the majority of working designers have held their heads down, concentrating solely on maintaining their careers. But, when life starts to return to normalcy, now is an excellent opportunity to determine where you are with your profession and suggest a step to a new place.
Over all, the top professions will still remain highly competitive. However, since many designers are reluctant to abandon their present work, rivalry is likely to be decreased. What of the above places the chances in your direction of securing your dream job?

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Below are ten large agencies (defined as ‘large’ in terms of scale, power, or both) that are actively seeking designers in the UK right now. And, although several other agencies aren’t currently promoting unique positions, don’t dismiss them either. Art directors, in our experience, are often on the hunt for the best talent, and they always inform us how much they enjoy seeing killer concept portfolios on spec… as long as the candidate is actually involved in the agency and not only spamming them.

What Are The Popular Companies That Hire Graphic Designers
What Are The Popular Companies That Hire Graphic Designers

Of course, designers are needed by more than just the most visible organisations. There are also game creation companies, TV and film production houses, and in-house design jobs at major businesses to remember. Don’t overlook to look at this spreadsheet that lists many of the BIPOC-owned studios that are actively recruiting. In short, if you want to succeed in your career, don’t let lockdown keep you back: get out there and start sending out your innovative resumes!


WMA is a full-service digital agency that specialises in music and culture and is devoted to assisting performers and companies in engaging with their target markets. It currently has branches in London, New York, Los Angeles, Nashville, and Melbourne, and its clients include Universal Music, Sony Music, Ministry of Sound, Disney, and Netflix. The firm is now searching for a senior designer to join its London office.


BJL, a Dentsu Aegis Network affiliate, is an integrated entity with 85 staff distributed between two locations in Manchester (Spinningfields) and London (Shoreditch). It is currently searching for an innovative engineering lead to oversee the agency’s technical policy, growth, implementation, and creativity. You must have at least five years of experience designing usable and immersive websites.

There are also game creation companies
There are also game creation companies

We Are Social

We Are Social is an award-winning multinational organisation with over 850 employees worldwide and partners such as Adidas, Activision, Google, Vodafone, and Audi. It is actively seeking a junior visual artist with experience in web design and motion graphics. Applicants should have at least two years of agency experience.

The Havas Group

Havas Group is one of the world’s leading advertisement and marketing companies, with activities in over 100 nations. It is now searching for artists to fill traineeships that will last two years at its studio in Thames Ditton, Surrey. To submit, you must have a good portfolio and working knowledge of Adobe applications.

Stranger and Stranger

Stranger & Stranger is a graphic branding agency specialised in packaging for the foreign beverage trade with branches in London, New York, and San Francisco. It is now searching for a senior packaging designer to operate from its London office. You’ll need expert-level Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop skills, as well as samples of prior beverage packaging jobs.


JH is a market-leading digital agency headquartered in Nottingham that specialises in the creation of ecommerce websites. It is currently searching for a junior digital artist who is passionate towards lifelong learning. You’ll need some experience in a consulting job or as a freelancer, as well as an outstanding resume of great design work and a knowledge of responsive web design.


Through its offices in the United States, Europe, and South Africa, Jellyfish offers digital marketing tools to a broad variety of multinational brands. It is actively looking for a UX designer to enter its London office, which is located in the famous Shard house. You must have “a lot of digital awareness, resources, and excitement.”


Since 2012, W12 has been defining, creating, and prototyping visual goods for media and film industries around the world with a team of over 40 programmers, animators, and technologists. It is currently looking for a mid-weight UX/UI Designer for its London studio, who will be interested with all aspects of the product design phase. To apply, you must have two or more years of experience in a design role within an organisation or product company.


MetaLab is a Canadian user design company that works with companies such as Slack and Google to design, create, and ship their goods and services. It is actually searching for a production lead that can operate remotely. You’ll need knowledge and awareness in this practise, as well as strong leadership skills, to direct a team in the creation of interactive goods.

Bit zesty

Bit Zesty is a multi-award-winning digital agency that partners with startups, major companies, foundations, and government departments. It is currently looking for a mid-senior level UX designer for its London studio. You must be a critical thinker, have prior experience as a UX builder, and be excited about successful UX.

Saffron Brand Consultants

Saffron Brand Consultants, headquartered in Madrid, believes in “transforming products and industries with the precision of rigorous thought and the courage of daring ideas.” After its inception in 2001, the company has risen to the top by welcoming globalisation and the promise of emerging markets.


Anagrama, a self-described “brand intelligence group,” is a multinational branding, engineering, and tech company with an outstanding track record (and a successful, wide-ranging clientele to match). The organisation is inspired by collaboration, innovation, and a deadline-driven workflow process. Essentially, it’s a winning combination of free-spirited art and critical thought.

Dumbar Studio

Studio Dumbar has been developing meaningful brands “from strategy to practise” since 1977. What separates this company is that it is part of a broader agency, Dept, which hires 750 new technology specialists.

A Technique for Daily Life

A Profession for Daily Life’s integrity has been founded on strong professional partnerships with like-minded customers. They concentrate on ideas, ensuring that each style is special and significant. Art direction, identities, magazines, exhibits, format architecture, signs, advertising, and multimedia are also part of their repertoire.


Spin’s goal is to introduce beautiful and clean concepts to a multitude of markets, including the media, communication, broadcast, architecture, technology, and entertainment. They often take pride in their thoughtful responses to innovative briefs, which provide in-depth context analysis on their customers and, if necessary, seminars with target audiences.

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