Things To Consider When Buying A GPU for Graphic Design

Things To Consider When Buying A GPU for Graphic Design

Graphics cards are devices that transform numbers into pictures. Most CPUs (central processing units) now have a graphics card (GPU) as part of the system. These GPUs are excellent for showing text, 2D graphics, and windows, but they are not suitable for gaming or other graphically demanding tasks.
As a result, if you like gaming, videography, or graphic design, you will need a dedicated GPU. Because GPUs are one of the most costly components of a computer, you will want to take additional precautions to ensure you choose the correct one.
As of 2021, all graphics are produced by AMD or Nvidia. There are some variations in the way the competitors settle, but we will skip over it and concentrate on the most essential factors to consider when purchasing a GPU from either manufacturer. You can learn graphic design through Blue Sky Graphics online graphic design course.

Nvidia or AMD?

There are hundreds of graphics cards from dozens of manufacturers, but only two firms produce the GPUs that power these components: Nvidia and AMD—though Intel’s Xe Graphics may come this year. AMD is more competitive in general performance than it has been in years with Nvidia and its current-gen Ampere cards, such as the GeForce RTX 3080, with its newest “Big Navi” RX 6000 cards.
However, the real-time ray tracing is the realistically illuminated elephant in the room that we have been neglecting so far. “Team Green,” which was introduced as a significant new feature with Nvidia’s now previous-generation RTX 20-series cards, is currently on its second generation RTX with 30-series GPUs. AMD (“Team Red”) made a huge splash in this game with their RX 6000 cards in 2020, but it is still in its early stages with real-time ray tracing and therefore trails behind Nvidia on this front.

Things To Consider When Buying A GPU for Graphic Design
Things To Consider When Buying A GPU for Graphic Design

Do not forget about Nvidia’s AI-assisted resolution upscaling, DLSS. It may provide better performance with less of an impact on frame rates than the conventional method of maxing up your monitor’s resolution. However, once again, this functionality is only available in a selection of games (admittedly a growing one). And, once again, AMD has its own (open source) DLSS solution in the form of Fidelity FX Super Resolution (AMD FSR). However, it is not yet ready for a 1.0 release, while Nvidia’s DLSS 2.0 version has been in use for over a year.


It makes no sense to put costly components on a low-cost vehicle. Similarly, adding an expensive GPU to a low-cost computer with a low-cost CPU makes little sense.

We recommend that you spend 30% of your entire PC construction budget on a GPU. With 30% of your money set aside, you will be able to buy a fantastic GPU that makes sense.


GPUs generate a lot of heat. This heat production is reflected in the TDP number, which is important when selecting a GPU. If your TDP is high, your computer will need additional fans to disperse heat correctly. TDP number is important since fans need more room and power.

Smaller computer towers need GPUs with low TDP values, while larger computer towers provide more versatility. Check read our blog post Computer Cooling 101: What Your Computer Needs to Stay Cool for additional information on the heat sink and fan to buy.


Aside from the TDP value for space considerations, you will also need to examine if your power supply has adequate 8-pin or 6-pin connections for your graphics card. You may simply guarantee this by buying a power supply rated at least 80 Plus Bronze.


The video RAM on most graphics cards ranges between 2 and 12 gigabytes. However, there is much disagreement over how much is required for optimal computer performance. Some forums state that the amount of RAM does not matter, while others state that it is a critical factor when buying a graphics card.

We consider video card memory to be essential because it stores anti-aliasing operations (which eliminate jagged edges on objects), textures, and other components needed to make your pictures come to life. Because it enables you to play games at greater resolutions, video memory is extremely essential in picture quality.

As a result, divide your system memory by two and use this figure as a reference to determine how much RAM is required for your graphics card. For example, if your system memory is 8GB, you will need at least a 4GB graphics card to get the best performance.


For some, the significance of GPU memory is arguable, while bandwidth is critical for everyone. Bandwidth refers to the amount of memory that the GPU can access at any one moment.

Data is delivered to the shader cores at a quicker pace when a GPU has greater bandwidth. As a consequence, games and video visuals operate smoothly and clearly.

To comprehend bandwidth, you must first comprehend how it operates. When memory speed and bus width are combined, bandwidth is calculated.

1) Clock Speed of the Graphics Card

The clock speed is measured in megahertz (MHZ) and influences input lag, frame rate, and latency. GPUs can read 64 bits of data at a time as a standard. Many GPUs, however, read more than one chip at a time to speed things up.

2) Width of the Graphics Card Bus

For example, if a GPU can read two 64-bit chips at the same time, it is reading 128 bits rather than 64. This gives the bus a width of 64 x 2.

Cores of Shaders

Shader cores have a significant impact on bandwidth. (Shader cores are referred to differently by Nvidia and AMD.) Nvidia refers to them as CUDA cores, whereas AMD refers to them as stream processors.
Shader cores bring visuals to life by providing light and dark variations to 3D objects. When a graphics card has more shader cores, it renders images quicker and more accurately. However, GPUs with fewer shader cores may outperform GPUs with more shader cores in some video games. Before buying a graphics card, you should think about shader cores, bandwidth, memory, power, pricing, space, and cooling. Similarly, it is usually a good idea to check at internet reviews and forms.