Should I Learn Illustrator Or Photoshop First?

Should I Learn Illustrator Or Photoshop First?

Photoshop and Illustrator are popular applications for graphics design and other things; mastering one of them would not only improve the graphics design skills. However, it might look fine on your resume. Choosing which of the two you want to focus on is determined by what you want to make the most.
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What Is the Difference Between Photoshop and Illustrator?

The primary differences between Photoshop and Illustrator are the form of graphics produced for either application; Photoshop produces raster graphics, while Illustrator creates vector graphics. Don’t panic if you’re not sure what that means; we’ll go through it right away.

Should I Learn Illustrator Or Photoshop First
Should I Learn Illustrator Or Photoshop First

What Exactly Is Raster Graphics?

Raster graphics is a form of graphics in which the image is formed by arranging tiny squares, known as pixels, side by side. The machine remembers the arrangement of these pixels and uses it to view the image.

Raster graphics are created by drawing with pixels that are placed side by side.

Raster graphics have one major drawback: since the pixels are memorised by the machine, they cannot be expanded without sacrificing any of their consistency. There are several methods that the machine may use to generate more pixels in order to make a larger image, but there is a limit to how much you can resize the image without compromising much quality. Getting a wide enough image from the start, whether by painting on a large canvas or photographing with a high-resolution camera, is important. It is not unusual to have photographs that are bigger than what you require.

Photoshop was developed specifically for the development and editing of raster graphics.

How Vector Graphics Work?

Vector graphics, on the other side, are generated using mathematical equations. If you draw a line in this manner, the programme redraws the line from scratch each time it shows it, utilising the equation it has in memory. This gives vector graphics a significant benefit over raster graphics, regardless of the format.


Here’s how a picture would appear if it were zoomed with both raster and vector graphics:

Vector graphics have a significant advantage over raster graphics in this regard; no matter how far you zoom in on the picture, vector graphics would never let you down.

Vector graphics take up far less room than raster graphics since the object’s equation (the line in this case) is clear and small.

Having said that, you can assume that vector graphics should be used exclusively. In certain instances, this might be valid. However, vector graphics has certain limitations, such as the failure to construct dynamic pictures. If you want to make vector graphics, you can study Illustrator.

What Is the Reason for Photoshop’s High Cost?

You may be thinking that Photoshop is prohibitively costly. That depends entirely on how you look at it. For decades, the only way to get a real copy of Photoshop was to buy it separately (£699 for the standard edition or £999 for the expanded version) or as part of Adobe’s Creative Suite (prices ranged from £1299 to £2599).

However, as you can see above, you can now get a complete, legal installation of Photoshop for only £10 per month.

Whether or not it is costly to you depends on whether you are a student or a hobbyist, as well as the degree of curiosity in Photoshop.

And, you know, debates about whether Photoshop is costly or not are often messy. Adobe’s premium plan hasn’t gone over well for anyone. In reality, when Adobe first revealed their switch to a subscription model, they faced a lot of pushback from their customers. And this subscription model hasn’t been without flaws.

Furthermore, many people contend that Photoshop is actually more costly when purchased as a subscription. The point here is that, based on the subscription you want, it will be easier to purchase Photoshop outright over the period of many years.

Is Adobe’s Subscription Model Expensive for Photoshop?

This is largely a dying horse that has been battered, resuscitated, and beaten again. And, in any event, the arithmetic becomes difficult, rendering a straightforward, apples-to-apples calculation of subscription to Photoshop monthly versus purchasing it outright unlikely. Here’s why:

Adobe has a number of licencing plans for Photoshop and the whole Creative Cloud suite. Will the whole Creative Cloud suite be compared, or only Photoshop CC?

Previously, there were many Photoshop variants (regular Photoshop and Photoshop Extended) as well as various Adobe Creative Suite versions (Creative Suite Design Standard, Creative Suite Production Premium, Creative Suite Master Collection, etc). What are we comparing for both of these variables?

Prior to Creative Cloud, Adobe has an 18-month update period, followed by a 12-month upgrade cycle. Every type of analogy becomes incredibly difficult. Made it much more complicated is the possibility that certain people will not purchase complete copies of each latest release, but would simply pay for an update. We have no idea what the update costs were…so how far back are we supposed to go with the math?

For both of these factors, it is difficult to create a clear distinction between Adobe’s former licencing scheme and their new subscription model. Furthermore, whether Photoshop is too costly or not is essentially meaningless, but regardless of how you or we feel regarding Adobe’s subscription model, they are not returning to their conventional software model.

In other terms, this is the actual state of affairs. Whatever our thoughts are regarding Adobe’s subscription programme, there’s no point in me moaning or hoping things will go back to the way they were. This is as it is right now.

So, Is Photoshop Worth It?

This is essentially a personal issue that only you should address. How committed are you to mastering Photoshop? Will you be using it to make money? Or would you be using Photoshop in conjunction with a sport, such as photography?

Then you’ll have to determine if Photoshop is worth £10 a month.

For me, a professional who uses Photoshop on a regular basis, spending £10 a month for access to the most current edition of my preferred graphics programme – one that I’ve been using for decades – is a no-brainer.

Know that the £10 monthly fee includes Lightroom as well as a few other perks. We should also note that upgrades are included with your membership, so if a new version of Photoshop is released, you can always receive it at no added expense.
However, whether you’re a casual consumer or don’t need the amount of control that Photoshop provides, £10 per month can be difficult to explain. If that’s the case, finding an option is your best choice.

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