How Much Do Freelance Graphic Designers Make UK?

How Much Do Freelance Designers Make UK?

Digital design has become particularly relevant as eCommerce companies are emerging, requiring blogs, online logos and sponsored social networking accounts. Both of which are excellent news for graphic designers for those employed in UX/UI sectors.

There are a host of legitimate explanations for choosing to work as a freelance graphic designer. You may want the opportunity to schedule your own hours, to appreciate the versatility of employment with a multitude of various customers, or to want to fly around the world while receiving your money. Yet, amid all these problems, you’re still going to want to collect a decent wage for the graphic designer.

How Much Do Freelance Graphic Designers Make UK
How Much Do Freelance Graphic Designers Make UK

If you’re a seasoned graphic designer curious about earning the same salary when you quit working at home, or you’re looking to earn entry-level graphic designer salary, we’ve collected data to address all your questions about freelance graphic designer salary, so you can determine if freelance is the right choice for you.

What’s the normal wage for freelance graphic designers?

Setting the best freelance graphic design prices is a very critical procedure that you need to take seriously. However, this is something so many designers are struggling with. For many ambitious individuals, translating your skills and desires into a successful company always falls second to the act of development. Few citizens in this field are ever told how to seek artistic professions. In reality, they are always pushed away from the creative industries because they are not “true careers” that “pay well.” You’ve read these comments before—we’ve all heard them. I can also consider this pushback to be a kind of initiation into the business, so welcome!

If you’re scared that graphic design will never transform into a realistic profession, we’re here to teach you what it can and can do. Unlike other sectors, there might not be an immediate straightforward direction for you, but if you’re still a heck of a future in graphic design (which you should), you’re one of the fortunate ones; now more than ever, there’s a strong demand for artistic professionals across all industries, and the kinds of work available are diverse enough to suit any ability set.

Graphic design is a lucrative, thrilling profession. Unlike other areas, graphic designers have the flexibility to determine what their professional direction is going to be like. Would you want the flexibility and organised style of a 9-to-5 job? Too many companies are searching for in-house graphic designers. Do you dislike the thought of a 9-to-5 job? Modern technology allows it easy to be your own manager and to develop a career as a freelance artist.

Graphic design is a lucrative, thrilling profession.
Graphic design is a lucrative, thrilling profession.

There are possible risks and challenges involved with freelance, of course, but none of them are as challenging as deciding what prices to charge customers. How you approach ventures, build partnerships with customers, and eventually make a decent living is all related to your pricing approach.

Average wage data will hide a wide variety of income bands, but it’s always a decent place to start. According to two polls, the total annual wage in the US is about $57,000.

Freelance Web Artist Annual Salary Level

That’s a really wide variety, of course. At one end of the spectrum, the highest, professional graphic designer salary is more than $90,000 a year, while at the other end, the entry-level graphic designer salary may be as little as $26,500. If you split that down to an hourly fee, your pay may be anywhere from less than $15/hour to more than $60/hour.

How much would a web designer have to receive in other countries?

Today’s business landscape is a multinational village, but that doesn’t guarantee your pay is going to be the same everywhere you live.

Due to universal digital connectivity, the outlook for earnings in developing countries is reasonably consistent. Graphic designers working in the United Kingdom receive anywhere from £15,000 to £19,000 from start-up, and up to 35,000 to 55,000 at senior level. For freelancers, there is just a slight gap in the pay of the graphic designer in the UK and the US – the typical freelance graphic designer in the UK makes $22 per hour, compared to just over $29 per hour for the average freelance graphic designer in the US.

Looking at developed nations, you’ll find a far wider difference. For eg, freelance designers in India are paying much less than those doing the same job in the US.
This suggests that the average freelance graphic designer wage in India is less than $5, compared to almost $30 on average in the US. In reality, a Swiss graphic designer, home to some of the highest wages in the world, earns more than ten times as much as a graphic designer in India! Much as in real estate, place matters.

Here is a new article on top foreign blogs for independent designers searching for jobs.

Other considerations that affect the freelance graphic designer’s compensation
Your degree of knowledge and the scope and complexity of your design skills play a key role in your earning capacity. The advantage of the freelance open market is that your income power is simply what customers are able to pay for anyone who has your skills. The price of rival freelancers puts certain constraints on top-of-the-range ability.

The following are some of the important considerations to remember while researching how much you will gain as a freelance graphic designer.


You would certainly have prices, like the vehicles, materials, software and other items. Remember, the job is only lucrative if you place rates over these expenses at a fair markup.

Amount of Job

The more advanced the essence of your job and the more special your talents are, the higher your capacity for earnings. Learning complex or special software programmes and design skills will improve the sales. For e.g., UI and UX designers are currently in high demand. If you specialise as a UI/UX designer, you might receive an estimated annual salary of over $97,000. It’s much higher than the regular wage of the graphic artist.

Experience and experience

Clients also favour individuals with considerable experience and knowledge to critical tasks. In addition, showing good results creates confidence, and customers may pay more for someone who is trustworthy. An accomplished graphic designer’s pay may be almost eight times that of an entry-level graphic designer!


This outlook on earning opportunities for freelancers in graphic design can help you find out if this is the best way to work for you, which talents to specialise in, and also which nation to pursue when you’re looking for jobs. Freelancers profit not just from a stable paycheck, but also from versatility and job variety. Learning graphic design through our online graphic design course at BSG today!

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