How Long Will It Take To Learn Graphic Design If I Watch Video Tutorials On Youtube?

How Long Will It Take To Learn Graphic Design If I Watch Video Tutorials On Youtube?

YouTube, which was founded in 2005, is a video-sharing website that enables users to view, produce, and share videos. It is a publicly accessible website. Students are included in this as well.
Indeed, learning through YouTube has been popular since the evolution of education. All study videos, from pre-school to higher education, are accessible on YouTube. There are many how-to tutorials, in particular, that enable technology-enhanced learning.
YouTube provides many advantages to users of all genders and ages. However, YouTube learning is not without flaws. YouTube has numerous advantages depending on how you want to utilise it. Before utilising this platform for research, it is essential to examine these important aspects.
Although YouTube is a great platform to learn but it still doesn’t quite challenge the online graphic design course such as Blue Sky Graphics in terms of quality. The main reason being, the tutors at Blue Sky Graphics provide one-to-one courses to students and motivate them with assignments and up to date information on graphics design. You can always get aid from YouTube during your online graphic design course proceedings.

Why Should YouTube Be Included in Your eLearning Course?

You already know that eLearning videos may be a highly effective learning tool since they provide a dynamic aspect to your eLearning courses, enhance information transfer, illustrate complicated processes, and aid in the explanation of tough subjects. They may also be very enjoyable and re-watched as many times as your students want.
This is why the video-sharing website YouTube may offer limitless possibilities to improve your eLearning course by not only utilising the numerous films available there, but also by producing your own to assist your audience in achieving their learning goals and objectives.
The only thing you need be concerned with is that the videos you use are linked with your anticipated learning objectives and are suitable for your eLearning audience. In this post, I will discuss why you should utilise YouTube in eLearning, so you can be certain that adding it in your eLearning course will really improve your audience’s eLearning experience.

How Long Will It Take To Learn Graphic Design If I Watch Video Tutorials On Youtube
How Long Will It Take To Learn Graphic Design If I Watch Video Tutorials On Youtube

YouTube’s Benefits for Students

1. Increased Learning

YouTube may be utilised as a learning tool for pupils. These films may be used by students who like to work with visual components. Professors from all around the globe post videos on YouTube on their research. As a result, several videos of the same course are accessible on YouTube, allowing students to choose the one that is most suited to them.
YouTube videos for specific issues provide step-by-step directions, making them readily comprehensible.

2. Remote Access

YouTube is a platform that is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week as long as the students have an internet connection. This is particularly helpful during a pandemic, like as Covid19, when social distance must be maintained.
Similarly, instructors are not need to be at a particular place in order to submit a video. As a result, YouTube is an excellent tool for distance learning.

3. Financial Savings

YouTube is a completely free platform. It does not need any kind of subscription fee or payment (Unless it is a Premium version). In fact, you need not even need a Google account. As a result, students may take advantage of this chance to study without having to worry about the cost.

4. Stress Reduction

Aside from academics, students may view entertainment-related videos on YouTube. YouTube is a website where you can watch videos of games, music, and other programmes. Students may watch these films to alleviate the tension that comes with studying.

5. Expression of Talent

Students will be able to exhibit their skills on YouTube as well. Whether it be for instruction or pleasure, YouTube allows people to post their own videos and become famous.
Students who have a successful YouTube channel may monetise it via advertising services such as Google AdSense. There are numerous youtubers that began with 0 followers and have gone on to make millions of pounds.

YouTube’s Disadvantages for Students

1. Self-expression

Unlike Google Duo and Zoom Apps, which allow students to interact with instructors face-to-face, YouTube does not allow for this kind of communication. Individualism is exclusively promoted on YouTube.
While this may be advantageous in terms of privacy, it may also be one of its disadvantages. Students have no choice but to form groups and address issues collectively.

2. Vulgarity

YouTube is well-known for being a free service with no restrictions on users’ ability to upload videos. As a result, some films include both violent and sexual material. Certain YouTube videos are not appropriate for all children, especially adolescents. These materials may be seen to minors even if no cautions are given.
Parents may protect their children from such material, though, by setting a parental block.

3. Reliability

Not every video on YouTube is from a trustworthy source. Some videos are posted only for commercial purposes. And all of the popular videos may not always include accurate information. As a result, students must spend some time studying on films that provide accurate information on the topic.

4. Access to the Internet

YouTube schooling is entirely dependent on an internet connection. If there is no internet connection, there is no way to access the YouTube learning materials. Furthermore, watching movies for an extended period of time may use a considerable quantity of cellular data. Not many pupils will be able to afford this amount of information.

5. Commercials

Because YouTube is a free site, the only way for users to earn money is by displaying advertisements. While surfing YouTube, students may come across a variety of ads that are unappealing to many. Even some ads are very long and do not have a skip option. Furthermore, not all of the ads shown are related to the material provided.