How Do I Get A Job In Illustration?

How Do I Get A Job In Illustration?

Seeking employment is one of the most daunting aspects of becoming a freelance artist.
Finding freelance illustration jobs online is also difficult. Search every famous freelance website and you will find less than 100 work listings for illustrators who are no longer active.
There is no reason to feel disheartened. As an illustrator, you can raise money in a number of ways online. Join Blue Sky Graphics online graphic design course and learn graphic design without leaving your home!

How Much Do Illustrators Get Paid?

According to a slightly dated survey conducted by 3 magazine, illustrators in the United Kingdom will receive up to £948,000 per year. However, £530,000 of the total originated from other outlets, such as the sale of prints and commissioned work.

The best illustrators in the UK earn about £100,000 a year on average. However, many people earn less than £1,000 a year.

Here are some of the techniques they use to earn a lot of revenue.

How Do I Get A Job In Illustration
How Do I Get A Job In Illustration

#1 Look for Online Jobs

There are many ways to earn money online from the comfort of your own house. However, looking for work on freelance marketplaces is the cheapest and simplest way to earn money as an illustrator or some other form of freelancer.

Unfortunately, famous platforms like UpWork and barely have employment containing sketches or drawings.

To find illustration work, you may need to enter specialised marketplaces or scan career boards.

#2 Take on Art Commissions

Commissions are a common way for new illustrators to earn money online.

This is particularly common among DeviantArt users, a forum for artists. Clients on DeviantArt will compensate artists in either cash or DeviantArt points.

There are also other illustrators who use various channels to communicate with clients and take commissions. It functions like this: a customer contacts you with a proposal for an example, you negotiate on an amount, and you are compensated until the job is finished.

#3 Market Your Vector Designs

Advertising your job digitally is the most efficient way to generate a profit when creating ongoing income while you sleep.
You may begin by registering with marketplaces such as Creative Market, GraphicRiver, and Envato Elements.
These websites allow you to sell a broad range of artworks, including drawings, character designs, emblem designs, mascots, icon packs, and a number of other graphics and models.
You cannot, however, hope to sell anything on these pages. Finding a lucrative market is the secret to producing a lot of profits.
Visit certain pages to see what sorts of diagrams and vectors are selling like hotcakes. And ask about how you might develop the diagrams with certain types.

#4 Business Posters and Prints

Print copies of your sketches and paintings are another fantastic place to sell your art online.
However, in order to market your art as posters and canvas prints, you must first establish a reputation and advertise your work online in order to gain an audience.
Many artists offer posters on DeviantArt while still sharing their work on the same website.
You may also use other websites, such as Society6 and Printful, to do much of the hard lifting, such as printing the posters and mailing them to customers. All you have to do is submit the image to the platform, and you will be paid a royalty for each transaction.

#5 Earn money by selling t-shirts.

If you like to sell T-shirts? Does not that necessitate collaboration with factories and manufacturers? Not at all!
You can print your own T-Shirts featuring your own designs and sell them online without even touching a T-Shirt.
This acts in the same way as selling posters does. Printful, RedBubble, and Design By Humans, for example, encourage you to upload your artwork and use it to design items such as T-shirts, mugs, and phone cases. The platforms would also advertise your work and pay you a share of every profit.

#6 Make use of Facebook, DeviantArt, and Instagram.

Maintaining an involved presence on social media is critical for supporting your work as an illustrator. It is also an excellent place to pursue freelance jobs.
All it takes is a short search on Twitter to locate a gig.
Instagram is another website you can be using on a daily basis. Use it to showcase your finest work as well as to advertise your services.

#7 Taking Part in Tournaments

Participating in design competitions is a perfect opportunity to refine your talents while still showcasing them and eventually earning income.
Furthermore, whenever you win a race, you can still use that as bragging privileges.

#8 Research Hand Lettering

Hand lettering is a hot trend these days, particularly in the realms of website design, branding, T-shirt design, and greeting card design.

Learning hand lettering would surely render you an invaluable artist, and you will be able to extend your ability to a number of other activities as well.

You may, for example, use your hand lettering expertise to make perfect wedding invites and greeting cards to sell online.

Alternatively, become contact with a few web designers. Inform them of your ability and recommend that any clients in need of hand lettering work be guided your way. You can sweeten the bargain by agreeing to give a tiny portion of the payment to the person who refers you.

#9 Make and Sell a Font

You may also use your hand lettering abilities to build your own handmade fonts.
Creating a font takes certain technological skills, but it can be quite satisfying. Simply selling a font on a platform such as MyFonts, Creative Business, or Envato Elements will produce recurring revenue.
These sites can handle sales and promotion for your fonts; all you have to do is build and upload your font.

#10 Build An Online Course

It might seem to be a lot of effort, but selling online courses will earn you more money than any other tactic.

All you have to do is film a screencast of yourself drawing a character or a sign, and people would pay to see it.

Consider Other Possibilities

Keep an eye out for further prospects. Browse internet sites to search for work, for example. Many businesses, such as video game publishers, often post job openings for game level designers and character designers.

Graphic Style in Major Forms

Graphic design has been classified into different classes since prehistoric times, and the most common types today are:

Web Design is dealing with all forms of graphic design on the internet. Sculpture, portraits, drawings, and paintings are some examples.

The animation industry is highly robust. People who have a lot of background in the business would earn a lot of money. It includes elements such as reality television, film, TV shows, and computer games with special effects. This is a group about those who deal in motion graphics.