How Can Graphic Designers Make The Most Money?

How Can Graphic Designers Make The Most Money?

Graphic design is recognised as one of the most powerful methods of communicating with visitors. Graphics may aid in the expression of thoughts or ideas. Any corporation aims to keep their consumers engaged by supplying them with thrilling graphics. There are various types of graphics that can be used to visualise anything by a company or a person.

With graphics design, there is often a way to display details, messages, and details in a well-structured manner. One can conveniently represent themselves using graphics such as videos, photographs, diagrams, and infographics.

How Can Graphic Designers Make The Most Money
How Can Graphic Designers Make The Most Money?

How do graphic designers earn more money?

1. Selling graphic novels and comic books
You will have the potential to capture market share by selling digital comics online. Importantly, distributing comics as digital goods helps you to escape the difficulties that conventional publishers encounter, such as the need to offset the expenses of retail stores or persuade customers to pay for postage while buying digitally.

2. Colouring books that are printable

Designing colouring books will encourage you to showcase your design abilities to their full potential.
The adult colouring book trend took the world by surprise in 2015, when over 12 million books were sold, with some retailers earning up to £329,000 that year. While some assert that the pattern has stopped, some contend that this might not be completely right.

Adults and children alike continue to love colouring, but instead of ordering from conventional publishers, consumers now choose to buy from independent self-publishers. Their market figures are not necessarily accurate, but it is estimated that independent self-publishers sell up to 60% of hobby books today.

Small retailers have taken over the demand for colouring books. This is an excellent chance for new sellers because markets that are not owned by large corporations are much easier to reach. Colouring e-books that can be printed are thus an ideal commodity for freelance artists to market.

3. Icons and site components

With nearly 200 million active websites on the internet today, company owners want to stand out from the crowd. Companies may demonstrate their individuality by using special online icons and personalised graphics to help them share their storey.

Custom illustrations are one of the most common web design trends right now.
Custom illustrations are one of the most common web design trends right now.

Custom illustrations are one of the most common web design trends right now. Looking forward, we may anticipate that as the site becomes more crowded, the trend and demand for custom web illustrations will continue to rise. As a result, selling icons and illustration packs online would be a strong way for graphic designers to augment their revenue from digital art.

4. Typefaces

Fonts are an essential aspect of every website. Especially now, when designers and programmers (as well as Google) put a priority on items like website readability and usability. Fonts have not only been an important part of UX, but they also play an important role in branding, which explains the increasing interest. This could be the ideal time for freelance graphic designers to hop on the bandwagon and sell their exclusive fonts.

5. Instagram Covers with Highlights

All understands that if you are not on social media, you do not matter. People have now noticed that high-quality, eye-catching visuals are important for attracting and retaining followers.

Though Facebook tends to be the most successful social media site in terms of regular usage, Instagram is a near competitor. That being said, Instagram is where visual presence matters the most, so if you are wondering which site to concentrate on while building your visual set, this is it.

Aside from photos for the feed, Instagram Highlights Covers are a popular product right now. It is something that is hardly visible, but it is important for projecting a professional and polished picture as people view the profile.

Even though marketers have acknowledged the need for Instagram Highlights Covers, the availability is still relatively small, so take advantage of the trend when it is still relatively uncompetitive.

6. Emojis, stickers, and emoticons are all appropriate.

With over 60 million emojis posted on Facebook Messenger every day and emojis featuring in half of all Instagram posts, it is apparent that people tend to connect visually. Of course, if customers want anything, advertisers will use it.

Since Twitter first launched branded emojis in 2015, businesses of all sizes rushed to add their own emojis and logos. Over 250 brands, including Coca-Cola, have also developed their own emojis.

This movement will undoubtedly continue to evolve as emoticons become an important part of daily communication. As a result, more and more marketers will be on the lookout for exclusive and witty emojis to use in their advertisements. This is where the creations can help—provide emojis, stickers, and emoticons to help businesses reflect their individuality and market their items.

7. Wall art that can be printed

According to industry experts, the global home decor market is rising at a rate of nearly 20% each year. A drop-shipping company that produces custom-printed items, announced that posters are their second best-selling commodity of all time.

As long as individuals and businesses travel and renovate rooms, furniture such as signs, canvases, and wall stickers will remain at the top of the best-seller list. The greatest thing is that selling wall art would not necessitate the printing and shipping of actual objects. Instead, spare yourself the trouble and have free print files, leaving the printing to the client.

8. Decor that is printable

People are placing a particular emphasis on decorations in the age of Instagram and Pinterest. Consider this: parents today will comfortably spend up to £250 on decorating their children’s birthday parties. Couples are paying up to £2000 to ensure that their weddings are picture-perfect.

There will never be a better time to capitalise on this pattern to produce passive income. Aside from the ability to raise money as a freelancer, selling party decorations presents you with unlimited ways to express yourself.

9. Animated GIFs

GIFs have been used for 25 years, but the trend has only taken off in the last three years. GIFs are now used almost all and everywhere in visual communication, from sharing stories to communicating feelings.

When Instagram launched GIFs in posts, many smart marketers saw them as just another way to lift brand awareness. As a result, they began posting personalised GIFs for all to download.

Now that the movement has taken root, more enterprises are searching for exclusive GIFs to buy and use in their correspondence. So it is a wonderful time to sell your work and make money off it, if designing moving graphics is your passion.

10. Ready-made 3D prototypes

3D designs offer resources that would otherwise be unavailable in an online environment—they provide a face-to-face impact. Experts expect that realistic-looking 3D graphics and simulations will become more prevalent in the coming years – not only in big-budget ads, game projects, or Hollywood blockbusters.


To sum up, now is the best time to study graphic design! Fortunately, you can do so from the comfort of your home. Blue Sky Graphics teaches a graphic design course online so sign up today and start earning!