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Graphic Design Courses Viewpark

The graphic design depicts symbols, logos, typography, colours and all the elements that contribute to the overall image aesthetics. It is focused on the principles of graphic design, philosophies, patterns, and even psychology, to accomplish what was first developed.

For example, a company invests graphic design on their landing pages. Since landing pages are designed to turn leads to actual paying customers, their graphic design can do just that. To generate more sales from the landing page, visuals must contain convincing graphics coupled with a call to action that prompts action.

Simply put, the graphic design is a means of visual communication. And this type of communication is tailored to how humans naturally process information. The human brain transmits 90% of the visuals to be processed. This shows that humans can process photos 60,000 faster than text. And that is the key reason why businesses use graphics in their marketing campaigns.

Why is Graphic Design crucial to Digital Marketing?

While text-based ads still work, ads with the right combination of graphics and text are more substantial. That is because there is a psychological aspect behind the graphic design. Every form, line, colour, font, or arrangement gives the audience a particular feeling or emotion.

And this might make or break the promotional tactics. For example, using the right colour palettes, you can evoke unique emotions on your audiences.

Here’s what every colour in marketing means:
1. Red – strength, power, passion, danger
2. Blue – unique, communicative, compassionate
3. White – innocence, purity, goodness
4. Black – elegance, formality, mystery
5. Green – growth, harmony, freshness

Why is Graphic Design crucial to Digital Marketing
Why is Graphic Design crucial to Digital Marketing

In the same way, the fonts often elicit specific emotions. And there are three different types of fonts used by other brands. That is what font psychology means in marketing:


Serif fonts are font types that have little lines in the edges of the text. More known or conventional brands often use this type.

Sans Serif

This style does not have a few lines in the margins, hence the “sans” serif. More brands that have a modern branding make use of this because of its chic and elegant appeal.


Script fonts exude a more sophisticated, elegant appeal. This is ideal for brands who want to create a whimsical, glamorous, or more personalised marketing appeal.

Graphic Design Advantages for Digital Marketing

Instils the brand to be remembered

Consistency branding is important to digital marketing. When designing marketing materials, the correct colours, typography, icons and what are not used to create harmony. This is how ads can express branding.

One example of this is how social media posts can elevate the brand. When you build-essential, quality, and useful content, you will have a chance to get viral. When your post hits your audience, they can see your brand’s logos, messaging, and other design features that can improve brand awareness.

In addition, when you use the corporate branding guideline, you are also instilling a clear picture in the audience’s minds. In reality, studies show that people appear to recognise a brand more when they implement the same colours, graphics, and other design elements of a brand a few times.

Simple to absorb

People are more comfortable processing visual information today, particularly with a decreasing attention span. That said, visually-oriented advertising is undeniably more effective than text-based content.

Also, text-based online advertisements often do not urge users to stop doing what they do and click on it. It has got to have eye-catching graphics that can draw users to get-go.

And the explanation for this is that graphics are easily digestible than text. Why do you think infographics are gaining popularity in digital marketing today? Since even the most complicated concepts and theories can be clarified more simply by infographics than through whitepapers.

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