Graphic Design Courses Serbia

Graphic Design Courses Serbia

Graphic design is a profession filled with a plethora of terms and acronyms, which can seem daunting to newcomers. However, it is important to study essential graphic design terminology since they can allow you to get a clear understanding of design principles and techniques. Knowing the language would allow work simpler through communication with those who are skilled in design work. It has the possibility to improve your prestige as a designer.


Typography is a significant part of artistic design. The way letters and phrases are designed to make the piece accessible and appealing to readers. Typography is one of the key terminologies utilised in manufacturing vs. trade-ins discussions, but it mainly pertains to retail.

All text that is physically presented, whether online or in print. There are such typographical terms as baseline, ascender, kerning, and monitoring and font-weight.


In graphic design, saturation refers to the amount of colour in an image. A highly saturated colour will appear intense and vibrant, while one with low saturation will seem muted or pallid. A paint that is both strong and pure results in a hue of grey. You will highlight your emotions or attitude through the artistry of colour saturation. Using a saturated colour palette will help to make the item stand out. You may decrease the contrast of the colour palette to minimise the influence of the item in the shot.

Colour theory

Colour theory is an analysis about how people respond to colours, and how colours may be mixed together. The article explores different ways colour may be used to express significance and the ways it is used in various texts. Colour theory is an instructional lesson about how colour is used to create a gentle mood or a bold attitude. Colours are divided into three distinct classes depending on their colour wheel positions: principal colours, secondary colours, and tertiary colours.

Understanding colour theory can help you use colours efficiently as a graphic designer. Colour plays a crucial role in how people perceive a commodity and how readily they know whether they like it or not. You learn how many colours there are, the associations between them, and the words and processes related to each.

User-experience and User-interaction.

These considerations contribute to the architectural style of the digital world. UI stands for the user interface, which contains all the components used to create the web and the purpose of each feature. UX refers to a person’s reaction or sensation following the application of a certain piece of technology. It considers the benefits of the product, including performance, ease of use, and usefulness. UI and UX go hand and hand because they are main elements of a user-friendly device.


The extensiveness of graphic design is the way it is detailed. The darker a substance is, the less translucent it is. Opaqueness and transparency are also used interchangeably. This has to do with how light breaks apart into various areas.

An opaque surface has light barred from going into it, while a transparent product requires light to pass through. Opacity is essential to graphic design as it can be used to construct depth by creating layers such as images and shapes.

Online School for learning graphic design

Blue Sky Graphics in the UK is an online school that provides a graphic design course to not only students in the UK but our courses are open for students all around Europe! Our courses can expose you to new design terms and techniques. The tutors will show you how to work for several customers in a range of graphic design apps such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and InDesign.

Online School for learning graphic design
Online School for learning graphic design

Graphic artists work to create photographs for commercials, containers, signs and several other display applications. They guarantee that magazines, papers, directories, and other articles are issued on schedule.

There is anticipated to be development in Graphic design companies and web-based knowledge and design companies. However, anyone with expertise in programming computer applications would be in demand. Advertising agencies, publishers, and computer design companies employ the majority of designers. Creativity, teamwork and problem-solving are needed for an effective graphic designer.

You can become a web designer too

A creative, entertaining and enticing website will enhance the relative value of the products as well as general visibility. The originality and creativity of the visual elements of a web design is based on the experience and ability level of web graphic designers.

Individuals who work in the area of web design also communicate with several other team members. Web design usually involves creating the front-end of a website with distinct graphic marks. One point to remember here is that web design is part of the network engineering aspect.
Web designers can help create online graphics for blogs and websites. Web designers must also build a web navigation and architecture system for web pages.
As a software developer, my primary duties will be to deliver stable, high-performance, web-based applications and services.