Graphic Design Courses Limavady

Graphic Design Courses Limavady

Whether it is on our tablets, books, or blogs, we are actively interacting with graphic design. From the instruction booklets to the billboards on the streets, graphic design is everywhere around us. We frequently focus on the influence of the written word but seldom do we consider the designer’s role in its creation.


Typography is the art of organising letters and texts that makes the copy legible, simple, and creatively pleasing to the viewer. Typography includes the style, presentation, and structure of the font and is intended to produce certain feelings and express particular messages. In brief, typography is what gives life to the text.

Typography was a specialised craft until the modern age, related to books and magazines, and ultimately to public works. Moving forward to modern days, typography is often related to both the digital world and printing. An artistic revolution in the practise of typography came with the advent of the Internet. Suddenly, web designers had a range of fonts and type choices at their hands, making typography more visually diverse than ever before.

Why is typography so important?

Typography is much more than simply picking elegant fonts: it is a critical part of user interface design. Effective typography would create a clear visual hierarchy, provide a graphic balance to the website, and set the overall tone of the product. Typography can direct and educate the users, enhance readability and usability, and ensure an excellent user experience.

Typography affects decision-making

Typography has a major impact on the way people digest and view the information transmitted by the text. Eye-catching is much more convincing than weak fonts that do not reinforce the text message.

Graphic Design
Graphic Design

Typography catches the interest of the readers

Effective typography could be the difference of anyone being on your website for a minute or a half an hour. The website must be visually stimulating and unforgettable, and typography plays a major role in this process.

Typography is building brand awareness

Not only can good typography improve the personality of the website, but your visitors will subliminally begin to equate the typeface used on your site with your brand. Special, clear typography can help you create a large fan base, build trust in your customers, and help move your brand forward.

Fonts and Styles

There is some misunderstanding between typefaces and fonts, with many treating the two as synonymous. A typeface is a graphical style that consists of a myriad of characters of different sizes and weights, while a font is a visual representation of a text character. Simply put, the typeface is a family of similar fonts, whereas the fonts correspond to the weights, widths, and types that make up the typeface.

Graphic design is not an easy job to get started. Yet graphic design can be mastered faster and better if you take the proper steps to learn it. It requires obtaining a graphic design certificate such as that provided by Blue Sky Graphics after you complete the online graphic design course!