Graphic Design Courses Galashiels

Graphic Design Courses Galashiels

Graphic designers work through different industries and contribute to various media — from brochures, books, and magazines to digital media such as blogs, smartphone applications, and games. And with more businesses seeking to grow their digital presence, by 2026, graphic designers’ employment in the computer design industry is expected to rise by 20%.

How to Begin?

The best way to become a graphic artist is to gain formal education from a professional. Formal education offers a sound base in key fields such as drawing, painting, and architecture.

Sign up for an online graphic design by Blue Sky Graphics to learn about the key elements of graphic design and the skills you need to become a designer. While you do not need a certificate to get a job as a graphic designer, getting one would dramatically increase your chances — especially if you are trying to get an entry-level role in a graphic design company.

Many of the other key qualifications for working as an intern or an entry-level graphic designer include:

1. Strong grasp of the principles of graphic design
2. To have an artistic flair and a passion for design
3. Strong social skills
4. Capacity to collaborate as a team
5. Efficient Time Control Competencies
6. Good expertise in Photoshop, Illustrator, or other associated graphic programmes.
7. Training and Experience

Junior Graphic Designer

Graphic designers work to establish a recognisable brand for a business or service. Depending on the scale of the business, they may deal directly with customers or account managers. Graphic designers can also work independently or with a wider team of illustrators, designers, and stylists. The tasks of an entry-level artist include designing concept briefs, making preliminary drawings, and consulting on layouts.

Also, junior graphic designer roles can include the development of designs for:
• Web pages
• Logos
• Products
• Packaging of commodities
• Social media

One of the benefits of a career in graphic design is that it helps most artists to practise at work. Show a passion for stepping out of the box by coming up with fresh concepts for new projects.

It is also important that you keep up-to-date with new technology. Making the transition to a mid-level role can come with additional responsibilities, such as:

• Meeting with brand managers or customers to discuss projects;
• Presentation of design ideas to account managers
• Supervision of interns

Mid-Level Graphic Designers

Mid-level graphic designers are also experienced at working with many media, ranging from graphics processing applications such as Photoshop or Illustrator to computer-aided design. They may work as part of a team made up of marketing professionals, account managers, and web developers

Mid-Level Graphic Designers
Mid-Level Graphic Designers

Extend your skills

To apply for a senior position as a graphic designer, you would need to show a solid understanding of graphic design techniques. Senior graphic designers are extremely qualified in a range of web, modelling, and digital applications, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and several of the Adobe Creative Suite apps. Besides academic expertise, they are also highly imaginative and experienced in key fields such as typography and colour theory.