Graphic Design Courses Bramhall

Graphic Design Courses Bramhall

Are you searching for design-related careers? Graphic design is more around us. It affects how we view the environment through colours, images, fonts, and illustrations. Take a moment to look at the design of the objects around you, and you will see that someone has thought about making them both functional and attractive. There are several positions to choose from within the world of graphic design, each needing its own collection of specific skills. Careers with design can range from multimedia designers, flash designers, sports graphic designers, website designers to art directors, the scope of the graphic designer is vast, increasing the number of opportunities for those interested in a career in graphic design.


These components are moving hand in hand. They are responsible for adding harmony, proportion and contrast to each architecture.

Size refers to the actual proportions of a given entity, while scale refers to its comparison to the initial measure, and proportion refers to the association of all the present elements to both size and scale.

Scale and proportion are used to denote the actual size of an item or to highlight the disparity between the size of two items contained in a single visual display.


Direction is a design feature that creates a general mood and environment. It gives rise to the idea that there is movement inside the architecture.

Visual orientation applies to occasions where the content yells “look over here” with the usage of horizontal and vertical lines.

The Concept Principles

Principle in this area refers to the manner in which elements may be exploited to produce a piece of art.

The design values and components have the same weight in the implementation of a successful piece. If you forget the values, you have a graphic piece that lacks a plot.

These concepts are rules that are used to express visually the concepts expressed by the components.

The Concept Principles
The Concept Principles


Proximity applies to the manner in which the items are clustered together such that the audience or reader’s focus is redirected to the separate aspects of the visually crafted post. It is the proximity of one variable to another.

Proximity maintains harmony and maintains the continuity of the visual components. It establishes a connexion and a correlation between the items on the list. Proximity is the focus point that is the core of attention or action.


Balance is the distribution of the different visual weights of the items used in the visual display, the correct combination and cohesion of the colours used, the sound and sophistication of the visual texture, and the effective usage of space.


This specific theory applies to the order and structure of and between the components. When the elements are matched, they establish a visual link to each other that communicates a narrative.

Alignment helps to tie together the components in a visible and understandable structure. Alignment is a sibling or continuation in proximity to another. It explicitly applies to the alignment of objects in such a manner that they are compatible with each other.


Repeat can be daunting, but not in nature. Repetition is visually pleasing when used to highlight specific elements which can easily draw the interest of the reader.

Repetition enhances the architecture by binding the individual components together. It provides continuity and affiliation, while at the same time providing a sense of unified activity.


Contrast is described as “the difference in visual properties that renders one object distinguishable from other artefacts.” Contrast is also used to illustrate key elements in particular design projects.

Contrast is used to make the elements stand out and attract attention. Contrast, like proximity, provides a focus point for a graphic design.
Contrast generates artistic suspense which raises the interest of every piece of art or architecture.
Colour comparison, for example, will divert the reader ‘s focus to a greater aspect or message of the presentation.

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