Graphic Design Courses Bonnyrigg

Graphic Design Courses Bonnyrigg

Graphic designers use colours, typography, text and photographs to convey messages through graphic design. Graphic design roles tend to be related to branding and marketing, as often graphic designers are employed to design ads for products.

When designing the overall design aesthetics, graphic designers make a multitude of choices. For example, they must choose between bold or soft colours, select or create font styles, and create illustrations.

Among other format options, graphic designers often determine if the image would be asymmetrical or symmetrical and minimal or lavish. Graphic designers may construct their visual messages by hand or use computer software.

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Modern Graphic Design Tools

Aspiring graphic designers need to use digital resources to demonstrate their talents, find new customers, and develop a successful career. Here is a range of must-have tools for the graphic designer.

Modern Graphic Design Tools
Modern Graphic Design Tools

Computers, Tablets

It is almost difficult to develop a career in graphic design without an interactive screen interface. Many computers have flexible touch screens that allow designers to “draw” on top of computer-generated graphics, transform their sketches into 3D renderings, and more.

These tools make it possible for graphic designers to change designs on the go. In both cases, technology offers a place to build, store and revise designs and to share them with clients.

Advanced Tools for Design

Using programmes like Adobe Suite, graphic designers can add effects, fonts, animations and more to their work. These sophisticated systems also have a steep learning curve, so aspiring graphic designers need to spend time familiarising themselves with them in order to be successful.


Thanks to the spread of creating your pages, such as WordPress, graphic designers may create a functional, eye-catching website. Personal websites not only enable them to demonstrate their design skills, including an understanding of coding languages such as HTML and CSS but also allow them to develop a portfolio and attract new clients.

UX Design and Graphic Design

Both user interface (UX) designers and graphic designers work with the main visual design elements to bring the digital world to life.

However, when contemplating a career as a UX designer versus a graphic designer, it is important to remember the distinctions between the two roles. The former generates experience for the public through design, while the latter expresses a message through design.

While it is necessary for potential students to understand the differences between these two positions, both UX designers and graphic designers may begin their careers by pursuing higher education.

Similarities between the two

Although it is essential to understand the role of the UX designer versus the graphic designer, there are many similarities between the two jobs. UX and visual design share the following specifications and capabilities:

• They both need storyboarding, communication, programming and design skills.
• Both must have a well-developed knowledge of computer graphics applications and systems
• Both include a clear understanding of encoding, SEO and copywriting.
• In addition to technical capabilities, both require strong artistic, analytical and communication skills.

Differences between the two

Although UX designers and graphic designers may start their careers at the same stage, there are key differences.

• UX designers build and construct systems that drive immersive, technology-focused products intending to improve user experience. Graphic designers develop visual concepts to target audiences potentially interested in a specific product.
• UX designers’ work is typically manifested in concepts such as phone applications or wearable technology.
• UX designers are also becoming more popular on the VR (virtual reality) scene. Although graphic designers can also work on advanced technologies, their work usually surfaces in illustrations for advertisement or corporate branding. UX designers typically need a more in-depth knowledge of technical computer systems.