Graphic Design Courses Ashtead

Graphic Design Courses Ashtead

Welcome to Blue Sky Graphics. Through our graphic design course, students learn how to build beautiful and creatives designs for a specific target audience. As students’ progress in the curriculum, they create a body of work that reflects their creativity, analytical thought, and expertise with graphic design techniques.
Students learn how to combine typography and images to create a broad variety of designs, such as magazines and newspaper advertisements, food packaging, and logos. The roles also require design for conveying both a brand logo and a personal identification.

Learning online

The one-to-one online course focuses on learning to assess the needs of the individual, to establish a meaning that meets certain needs, and to communicate the idea effectively, both visually and orally. Professional coordination and market acumen are essential to performance in the world of architecture. A range of methods and strategies are used to execute the programmes.
Graphic design students can learn how to use industry-standard graphics equipment and software to build fully-functioning electronic images. Project management is also a vital aspect of the plan. Students must understand how to plan and execute tasks within multiple timeframes reliably and competently.

Image-based architecture

In the case with an image-based GUI, the image bears a majority of the message with either little to no text. It can be based on a painting, graphically rendered, or even drawn or sketched. A single image is responsible for creating thoughts, attitudes and reflecting an idea. This design style suggests that the audience already has visual details that will produce an appropriate reaction when displayed.


Typography may be just as effective as a photo. A company logo or ads can often consist of only a shape and be empty of any symbol or emblem. The style and colour of the font will express a message that is as strong as the sense of the terms themselves. Every sports team, vehicle, product or film has a distinctive and identifiable profile, colour and kernel.
There is much about the artist about care of than the typeface itself. A replica of an advertising can be viewed as though a painter were facing a blank canvas. The text attributes (bold, italics, capital letters, height, kernel, indents, underscore, space, colour, and drop-shadow) allow the designer to form the text into a visual statement that can carry a design well beyond the face value of the semantic connotation.

Duties of a graphic designer
Duties of a graphic designer

Form and image-based interface

An imaginative combination of shapes and photographs can also help to communicate a message to the target audience. Text and images are more commonly presented in graphic design, since most forms of print advertising include both contextual and visual branding. Sometimes a good or service requires more than just an image to demonstrate its distinctive selling proposition.
The consumer also needs a clear and brief description as to what the good or service is and how it can benefit them. The artist may produce photographs and logos that can boost the attractiveness of text material in an ad, or the text can help to solidify the significance and power of an image.

Duties of a graphic designer;

Graphic designers typically do the following:

• Visit customers or art directors to decide on the size of the layout.

• Use visual animation, picture editing software, and layout software to create designs.

• Create graphic elements such as labels, initial images and diagrams that communicate the intended message.

• Plan models and pick the colours, photographs, and typefaces you want to use.

• Present concept proposals to companies or art directors;

• Integrate the proposed changes of customers or art directors into the final designs;

• Search the design for errors before printing or publishing