Graphic Design and Web Design Courses Wisbech

Graphic Design and Web Design Courses Wisbech

Graphic design may be extended to every field of art and visual communication that is present. Graphic design is a depiction of a mixture of symbols, pictures, and words. The graphic design aims to generate concepts through a visual image. Graphic designers can use effects such as typography, visual arts, and page layout to produce the best results.

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With this course, you will explore a range of technical expertise and new approaches, combine the current technology, and explore traditional methods for the development of innovative performance. You will learn basic colour terminology and the definition and use of colour applications, such as principal, secondary and tertiary colours.

Where is Graphic Design Used?

Graphic design is used both in the creation of communications and in the creation of products. Graphic design is used in several areas. For example, website design is used in logo designs, packaging designs, various drawings, business cards, stationery, brochures, website designs, banner designs, animated graphic designs, and more. Graphic design is commonly used in logo design and animated graphic design today.

Graphic designers are employed today to put creative concepts into reality. Graphic designers have a huge role to play in getting the process into a realistic picture. Graphic designers are also used in the field of greeting cards, as many businesses are looking for cards in a competitive environment.

Why can a logo be used on a web page
Why can a logo be used on a web page?

Why can a logo be used on a web page?

The logo is an emblem reflecting a corporation or an agency. This portrayal forms the basis for the identity of the organisation. A logo can be identified simply as a name, icon, emblem, or other graphic feature. The logo is essentially designed for easy and defined recognition of the target market. Your company’s vision is a logo. People are really sensitive to logos and affirm their meaning.

This representation is very important for the recognition of the company and also reflects the image of the brand. Simplicity is a very important aspect of the logo. Using too many graphics, images, and shapes, the logo that is created can be cluttered. The logo should be easy to identify and should have a strong effect. A logo should have a healthy, recognisable and bold design that suits the company name, communicates the business effectively, and can also be in colour.

Differences between UX Design and Web Design

User-focused and technology-focused
Much of your work as a web designer is spent on catching up with the latest developments in HTML, CSS, and another coding. There may be a few questions that are constantly on your mind as a web designer.

But UX design is not about technology. Instead, it focuses on users — technology is just a way for users to get what they need. Only by concentrating on customers can UX designers build solutions that address the unique needs they have and, eventually, that users would be able to pay for.

UX designers conduct thorough user research to find out the best they can about their customers, most of which the majority of web designers may not have had the chance to do.

UX is more than just the web

The concepts and procedures extend to a wide variety of areas beyond web browsers: mobile phones, desktop applications, and even physical products and retail spaces.

On the other hand, the area of web design is exclusively related to web browsers. This means that UX designers can find job opportunities not only in up-and-coming fields such as technology start-ups but also in mature and stable industries such as car manufacturers. So long as there’s a commodity, there’s a need for UX — and that opens up the world of opportunities.

Although there are many styles of designers, there is no doubt that UI / UX designers are currently in the highest demand. A lot of designers fill the gap between how things look and how they work and make innovative new digital products for people. And with increasing demand for these goods, there is also a growing need for good UX / UI designers, who can, in effect, get much higher salaries.