Graphic Design and Web Design Courses Stratford-upon-Avon

Graphic Design and Web Design Courses Stratford-upon-Avon

The global demand for graphic designers is gradually growing, while the number of graphic designers looking for work has risen greatly. Everything about the convergence between art and science attracts a lot of people into the world of graphic design. While prospects exist, it can be difficult to get ahead of competitions. This is why getting some formal education in the field of design is important to start your career as a designer.

An online graphic design course by Blue Sky Graphics covers important aspects of the design field – some of which are listed below that you will learn during the course as well.

The layout of the page

When approaching any of the technical fields of graphic design, you need to understand the fundamentals of layout and page structure, both for print and digital projects.

The graphic design course will teach you more about the visual aspects of graphic design, such as the use of colours and contrast, lines to draw the eye and balance to create a complete picture. Although though art may be intuitive to you, it pays to have a detailed understanding of exactly why such elements work.

Usage of computers and Adobe Software
Usage of computers and Adobe Software

Usage of computers and Adobe Software

Some of the biggest challenges faced by someone who wishes to teach himself/herself are learning how to use the programmes required for graphic design.

Even if you are a mastermind when it comes to computers and technology, getting access to such complicated programmes can be troublesome. However, with our online course and expert tutors, you will learn the use of Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator, only so that you make any design you want. Some of the advantages of attending classes are that we will give you access to all of these services as well as guidance about how to use them.


If you are planning to set up a freelancer or work for a company, many of your jobs would include designing advertising or branding. It includes a particular approach to your job, one that helps to teach. There is a range of guidelines for the design of advertisements, from colour variations that function in logos to the best placement of text. Not to mention knowing how to connect the identity of a company to your design.

Designing in the real world

Some of the most important topics that you can learn in the online course for graphic design are in the area of professional development. Blue Sky Graphics school educate you about the standard trends of the industry and train you and reach the job market. You will also be exposed to professionals within the industry and provided opportunities for internships and work in the field. At the same time, you study, thanks to the connexions of your instructors and the school.


Eventually, you should finish the online course with a portfolio of your work taken from your assignments. A good portfolio is important when it comes to getting your first job, and it will help you stand out as a candidate. Without a ready portfolio, designers may find it difficult to break into the industry. A successful design school will help you build up a professional portfolio.

One way to gain a competitive edge is through attending a graphic design school. These schools exist to teach you what you need to learn to excel in your profession, from the basics of poster printing to advanced video game animation techniques.

How much do Graphic Designers earn in the UK?

Junior graphic designers’ starting earnings are in the range from £15,000 to £19,000. If you have acquired some experience, wages will go up to £ 27,000.
You should expect to gain £25,000 to £35,000 at the middle level.
Salaries range from £ 35,000 to £55,000 for senior graphic designers or technical designers. A creative director will make more than £60,000.

You can gain between £ 200 and £400 a day with experience as a freelancer. If you have an outstanding track record and reviews, you can charge more.

Salaries differ according to the work market, position and credibility, and experience. In-house design departments tend to have higher compensation than design firms.

Hours of service

Working hours are typically 37 hours a week, normally for starting and finishing periods. You will probably have to work extra hours as time limits close.

There are part-time job openings, but it can be challenging to locate. You would need many years of experience and professional connexions to become a self-employed individual.

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