Graphic Design and Web Design Courses in Bebington

Graphic Design and Web Design Courses in Bebington

Graphic designers plan, assess, and create visual solutions for communication issues across a variety of print or electronic media in colour, form, illustration, video, animation, and various print and graphic techniques. Graphic artists produce and design a wide variety of media, including magazines, journals, newspapers, business reports, and other media, and work in the field of advertising in many respects. Sign up for Blue Sky Graphics for many online courses and learn home graphic design!

Course in Graphics Design

This course covers all aspects of advertising and corporate graphic design related to signage, business cards, and the identity of the company. It explains the use of Adobe software to learn how to use colour, size, form, form, and layout correctly to create an outstanding product.

The aim of this course is to repair and reconstruct images using a variety of techniques, create logos and visual identification, incorporate simple methods and software, and build document size, print, and video settings.

Adobe Software

Adobe Creative Cloud provides a lot of tools that the illustrator, photographer, graphic designer, or filmmaker wants in digital media to know and understand.

Combine images and text to create new objects. The new Lens Blur algorithm uses your computer graphics card (GPU) to create fluid edges of objects in front of the focal plane, a more natural bokeh look, precise colour processing in the CMYK, and LAB colour modes, and vibrant photography highlights. You will learn how to use Adobe software via the Blue Sky Graphics training programme.

Courses on Web Design

Another sort of course on Blue Sky Graphics is the web design course that is completed within a year. The web design course provides the opportunity to create or reorganise existing websites using specialised technological methods and techniques to explore the layout, vision, and usability of a website.

Graphic Design and Web Design Courses
Graphic Design and Web Design Courses

You will also be taught in other areas, such as web design, colour theory, and architecture concepts. It is much easier to have a web domain because as you advance through the tutorial, you can apply the things you learned instantly. A big part of web design is achieved with WordPress. You can select your search engine configuration with WordPress to help your website organically.


WordPress has been used to drive millions of online presence. One thing is clear if WordPress did not exist, 28% of the internet was gone. It’s challenging to find out whether the future is all WordPress.

Use it to build nearly any website you can think of. Here is just a small sample of what kind of WordPress websites are suitable for:
Many web designers and developers use WordPress to build pages for both small and large corporations.

Many internet marketers use WordPress to create high-end ads and landing pages for their products and services, either because you can create them more quickly than an HTML file, or because they are scalable.

News Pages: WordPress blog format works well for news articles, and many of the same features are also used for news and blogging websites.

Digital portfolios: You can demonstrate your achievements and talents with the right WordPress theme or highlight your work and past ventures.


Elementor is a WordPress building drag-and-drop website. You can create magnificent pages with a visual editor. This is designed to create interactive websites quickly. This WordPress plugin is a complete solution that allows you on a single platform to handle all aspects of web design.


Elementor is a fantastic tool to create from your entire website to single websites. Ads, advertisement pages, and even custom forms are also available. This platform helps you to build any page you can imagine on your WordPress website.

No HTML / CSS / PHP / coding skills are required — all can be accomplished with a simple user interface.

More importantly, it works for all WordPress designs, so that you can maintain your present design and still get the goodness of Elementor it comes for.

Adobe XD

Adobe XD is a common platform used by UI / UX designers, web designers, and mobile app developers. It has some intuitive function that reduces working time. The greatest advantage of XD is the integration of design and prototyping.

HTML CSS PHP coding skills
HTML CSS PHP coding skills

Some improvements that you can see and enhance have been made. A live demo is a big phase in XD prototyping. It’s like a second screen that shows the prototype instantly. You will automatically display your changes if you make adjustments to your templates or transitions.

UX-UI Design Course

It is an advanced course offered by Blue Sky Graphics taught over a span of 8 months. If you already know Photoshop and Illustrator, this is the right direction. The subjects explored in UX-UI design include Adobe Photoshop software, Illustrator software, and XD Adobe software. This experience allows you to build a user-friendly interface that encourages computer handling for your website.