Can I Learn Graphic Design As A Hobby If I Can’t Draw?

Can I Learn Graphic Design As A Hobby If I Can’t Draw?

Graphic design is a subfield of graphic art that combines different medium forms to produce visually pleasing works of art. This will manifest itself in a variety of ways depending on how you use your talents. The underlying premise, though, is that you are making design decisions to create something that is intended to be shared.

Although the majority of people believe that to be a graphic designer, one must be an outstanding drawer and illustrator, the irony is that drawing skills are barely included in job descriptions for graphic designers. Since graphic design today requires the use of computer programmes and algorithms, hand designs are almost obsolete.

Since graphic design became a profession, artists desired the ability to draw. They lacked the necessary equipment and photographic skills to create visual images. As technologies improved and photos became more accessible (and much less costly), graphic designers shifted their focus to these industry trends, initially ignoring hand drawings but eventually doing so. Today, every graphic designer may use their designs, but this is not a requirement in the industry.

Can I Learn Graphic Design As A Hobby If I Can't Draw
Can I Learn Graphic Design As A Hobby If I Can’t Draw

Should I learn to draw if I want to learn graphic design?

Although it is not needed, learning to draw may be beneficial in graphic design. Drawings should not be used in your work, though they may assist you in adequately expressing your thoughts during the artistic process of a project. You will never be able to draw like an artist, but fortunately, you will never need to. Since painting, like any other form of art, is highly subjective, you can express yourself through minimalistic or comedic sketches.

Many graphic designers are reluctant to experiment with drawing and they feel that either you are born with the natural ability or you can never learn to draw. This is a frequent misunderstanding about learning. Drawing is not difficult to learn; it simply takes a great deal of practise. On the other hand, once you begin learning, you can discover how educational and enjoyable it can be.

You should not be required to pay for expensive classes to learn to draw; you can simply ask a friend or instructor to study your sketches on a daily basis and provide you with truthful feedback. Similarly, you can use the Internet to research tips and tricks, solicit advice and guidance from others, and share your work and experiences with others who are experiencing a similar situation.

Develop your drawing skills

If you want to be in full control and on top of the design process, there are no shortcuts – learn to draw. Continue practising until you can see the idea on paper or a phone. You may use pencils, pens, watercolour, gouache, collage, or something else that encourages you to create hand-drawn sketches.

Often, sketching some brief sketches is the easiest and fastest way to land an idea. To learn how to do something, take your time and watch yourself in the mirror dressed identically to the clothes you want to design. Proportions, shape, balance, seams, and specifics should all be examined. Additionally, visit your wardrobe, choose an item of clothing, lay it flat on the floor, and begin sketching it off. Conduct a visual examination of the dimensions and seams. If you have done this on a few different styles, you will get the hang of it and develop an appreciation for how garments are constructed.

Examine comparable measures. Deconstruct clothes from your own wardrobe or bought samples. Cut what you want from different versions and sew them together to create new ones. This way, you will get a greater understanding of how garments are constructed, giving you a better sense of how your designs can appear and what finishing features they should have. Later, bring this to the warehouse and demonstrate what you want to do.

There are several online drawing courses available; all you need to do is plan to practise and devote yourself to the task at hand, and you will soon be able to draw short sketches with ease. You may not need to be able to draw amazing fashion designs to operate a successful clothes store.

Utilise croquis templates

Another choice is to print similar types of tech pack sketches from the Internet and redraw them on a lightbox with your designs. You already have the architecture and dimensions in place; simply adjust the volume, width, and update the lines to suit your tastes.

Additionally, you can use a croquis template. The clothing drawing can be accomplished by pushing the lines and proportions into shape on top of the croquis pattern.

Experience in painting will be a significant advantage to you. Not only can this assist you in communicating your own designs, but it will also benefit your team as it grows. When you are required to read the work of an employed or contracted artist, you can grasp what and how to “see.” Ultimately, the willingness to see is the most precious skill. Consider what will be, how the template will look with the expected content, details, and trims. To provide an image of how the fabric will move, behave, and feel.

If you lack design skills, do not underestimate the value of including a designer in the creation of your brand. After all, the company is built on apparel design and product development.

Online education

Blue Sky Graphics will collaborate with you to assist you in achieving your dream of being a professional graphic designer. Our online course will teach you everything you need to know about graphic design, Photoshop, video editing, animation, 3-D graphics, desktop printing, interactive coding, and even web design, all while keeping you up to date with industry advancements and innovations. Working on campaigns and developing your portfolio during your studies will also allow you to pursue a career in the new media industry directly after graduation. No, you do not need to be able to draw to be a better graphic designer, but our coaches will assist you in honing your drawing skills if you want to broaden your skillset and learn graphic design in greater depth.