FACT #1: Sounds basic but you need to know the key software which are Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

This is a must and there are different ways of learning Graphic Design from taking a D-I-Y approach and learning it at home, reading and practicing from books to taking a course online. You must know learn and be proficient with the software if you want to become a professional! We offer a fully comprehensive course from the comfort of your own home with a one to one online tutor providing full training. Enrolment takes place each month.

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Learning graphic design and making a portfolio is a requirement and not a choice for those who want to become professional graphic designers. Our course covers the most vital units which every graphic designer must know.


There is a lot choice among training institutions for students and the exact course content can vary from institution to institution but, the training must include training on how to work with InDesign, Illustrator, Flash, and Photoshop. These programs are used in the day to day work of graphic design internationally.

Learning Graphic Design with Blue Sky Graphics

FACT #2: Graphic design courses are offered in a private classroom environment where one-to-one does in fact mean one-to one!

In the past, learning graphic design online involved attending a college, university or learning with videos such as the popular Udemy site. This has changed with the advancements in technology such as remote learning or e-learning as it sometimes referred to. Remote learning is a modern way to learn from home where classes online are very similar to classes in a real classroom except classes online happen in a virtual classroom (we run our classes using specialist conferencing training software) involving you (the student), the graphic design tutor and a white board. The direct tutor to student ratio means the student has ample time with the tutor across 9 months of study.

FACT #3:
Our classes are flexible, and we offer them on weekends and evenings too!

Learning graphic design online is not only easy but also very flexible since we typically offer classes from 08:00 am for those early birds that catch the worm to 9:30 pm for those more nocturnal. After completing the course with a bit of hard work and passion with the exercises completed you will be having a quality and praised portfolio and certification of content in graphic design. You may be able to create and sell design templates for newsletters, annual reports, letterheads, etc. You will have the ability to make your own business by either selling such commodities or selling a custom design service.

The skills that you are equipped with during the training will enable you to create great designs on websites, logo and the entire world at your disposal!

We hope you found this information useful and you may find more information to any questions you may have on our FAQ page 

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