What Is The Best Way To Learn WordPress?

What Is The Best Way To Learn WordPress?

WordPress now powers more than a third of the internet. Why? Because it may be customised to almost any site need. There are also a plethora of themes to select from to make your website stand out, as well as a plethora of plugins to add interesting features.
There is just one issue. Attempting to use WordPress as a novice may be difficult, and the learning curve has delayed many new users. So, how can you get to the top of your class? You can learn web design soon after graphic design in our online graphic design and web design course at Blue Sky Graphics online graphic design course.
Easy! Check out this useful list! We have prepared a list of some of the finest WordPress learning resources below. Each of these choices caters to a different audience and has different objectives, but they are all accessible online and will teach you the skills you need to go from beginner to WordPress expert.

1. WordPress Tutorials from DreamHost

We at DreamHost are huge fans of WordPress. So much so that we decided to develop a free (Harry Potter-length!) e-course to assist our customers in creating their own outstanding WordPress websites (seriously, this content library has the same number of words as The Prisoner of Azkaban).
Simply go to our WordPress Fundamentals page. There, you may get comprehensive tutorials on anything WordPress-related, from FAQs to developer hacks and managed hosting assistance.
What is the best part? We will be adding to the library on a regular basis to keep on top of all things WordPress, so be sure to come back often for more useful tips, tricks, and great advise.

What Is The Best Way To Learn WordPress
What Is The Best Way To Learn WordPress

2. Codex WordPress

WordPress Codex is a free knowledge repository maintained by WordPress.org that provides comprehensive content on anything WordPress-related. Consider it the WordPress user guide! It covers all of the fundamentals you will need to know to create your own website.
The Codex is neatly split into sections that address the requirements of WordPress newbies, site designers, theme developers, and webmasters. If you want to understand more about how WordPress works, you may browse the Code Reference database for information on all of WordPress’ functions, classes, methods, and hooks.

3. WordPress Television

WordPress TV provides in-depth video lessons for both new and seasoned users. The videos are simple to follow and cover topics ranging from fundamental SEO implementation to sophisticated site design.
There is also a video section devoted to WordCamps, which are meetings for the WordPress community to debate and celebrate all things WordPress. You may watch different workshops and guest speaker interviews from previous WordCamps.
WordPress.tv videos are produced and uploaded by active WordPress users. This resource does not need registration — just tune in! — and it is completely free.

4. WPBeginner

With a blog, in-depth lessons and tips, and free video courses, WPBeginner is an all-encompassing resource for beginner-level WordPress users and enthusiasts. The video courses are totally free and may be accessed by filling out a simple email registration form.
These courses are an excellent method to learn the fundamentals of WordPress, and they cover a broad variety of topics, such as how to correctly establish a blog, dealing with web problems, changing language and accessibility settings for your website, and making your site multi-media friendly.

5. Lynda.com

Lynda.com is a website that provides hundreds of online courses in subjects such as web development, design, business, software, marketing, photography, and much more. You got it: WordPress training is one of their online courses!
Students may learn WordPress fundamentals such as establishing and managing a blog before progressing to more sophisticated material such as AMP pages or WP-CLI courses. The courses are well-designed, allowing you to learn WordPress at your own speed.
Closed captioning is provided for all video tutorials for hearing-impaired users, and textual course files are also available for those who prefer reading text over viewing videos. There is a 30-day free trial period. Following that, Lynda memberships begin at £19.99 per month.

6. WP101

WP101 is a video subscription service that teaches novices how to use WordPress, whether they are creating a blog or an e-commerce site. Users may select from WordPress courses on platform fundamentals, Yoast SEO, and more, with over 100 videos and counting in their instructional collection.

The lessons are viewable on any device, and new videos are regularly added to keep the courses up to date with the most recent WordPress version. You may view the first three videos for free, but if you want access to the complete courses, they start at £19.

7. WP Apprentice

WP Apprentice, like WP101, is a video subscription service that teaches WordPress fundamentals to novices. These expert promise: after watching their tutorials, anybody will have a good knowledge of WordPress in one hour.
WP Apprentice’s website has a large collection of training and instructional videos, allowing you to pick and select what you want to learn about. For those who prefer a walkthrough, the site also provides simple step-by-step tutorials.
These courses provide easy, comprehensive explanations on how to rapidly create and modify a basic WordPress site. You may gain access to up to 200 WordPress lessons for a one-time charge beginning at £47.

8. The Tao of WordPress

The Tao of WordPress is a 300-page booklet that covers every aspect of the WordPress platform. It covers many subjects, including web hosting, customising your WordPress site, plugins, site performance and analytics, security, SEO, third-party software, and much more.
Each part is straightforward to read, and the lessons in the ebook are brief and easy to follow. This enormous tome is available as a PDF download for £38.

9. WPSquare

Do not be fooled by their website’s simple look; WPSquare is an excellent resource for learning WordPress. This website provides comprehensive tutorials for simple WordPress activities such as changing fonts, formatting text, adding custom backgrounds, generating banners, adding menus, displaying social icons, and much more. WPSquare’s educational material is all free.

10. Udemy

Udemy is an online learning platform that offers hundreds of professionally designed courses on WordPress and a variety of other subjects. The courses vary in complexity from beginning to advanced, and each one contains study materials and tests to assess your understanding.

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