What Is A Good Starting Salary For A Graphic Designer?

What Is A Good Starting Salary For A Graphic Designer?

The graphic designer creates conceptual prototypes, drawings, and details; he or she often uses designs to generate specifications or estimates for project materials. As a graphic designer, you can track the status of design ideas and provide feedback to less experienced designers or drafters.

Graphic designers can be assigned drafting responsibilities that include the use of CAD equipment or systems. Additionally, for the role of Senior Designer, a degree in a related area is typically required. With Blue Sky Graphics’ online graphic design course, you can study graphic design and advance to the level of senior designer. A Senior Designer usually has between four and seven years of comparable experience.

How much does a Graphic Designer earn on average in the United Kingdom?

As of February 2021, the average designer salary in the United Kingdom is £82,790, with a typical range of £73,090 to £102,290. Salary scales can vary substantially different depending on a variety of factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, and years of experience in the profession.

What Is A Good Starting Salary For A Graphic Designer
What Is A Good Starting Salary For A Graphic Designer

What Is a Graphic Designer’s Role?

In terms of the most important skills required of a graphic designer, we found that several resumes included customer interface, 7.5% included architecture, and 7.25% included graphic design. These types of hard skills are advantageous when it comes to fulfilling significant job obligations.

When people are searching for work, they often search for a certain word or phrase. Rather than that, filtering by sector may be more beneficial, as you may be overlooking jobs in businesses that you were unaware offered positions close to the designer job description. However, where do you begin? The majority of designers find work in the technology and engineering industries.

As a Graphic Designer, how do you advance your career?

If you want to be a senior artist, one of the first concerns you will have is the amount of education required. According to our estimates, 63.3 per cent of senior designers have a bachelor’s degree. We discovered that 10.1 per cent of senior designers held master’s degrees. While the majority of senior designers hold a college degree, one may become one with just a high school diploma or GED.

You can discover that prior work experience qualifies you for the position of senior designer. Indeed, a number of senior designer jobs need prior experience in a role similar to that of the designer. Meanwhile, a large number of senior designers have served as graphic designers or art directors in the past.

Graphic designers create ideas designed to teach or entertain through the use of computer tools or hand-drawn graphics. The majority of people who take a graphic design course gravitate toward the advertisement and film sectors. However, the skills of a graphic artist are in high demand across a variety of industries. Seen below are a few uncommon career paths for graphic designers.

Additional Graphic Design Positions Available

Medical Illustrator

Health illustrators produce graphics for medical practitioners who are interested in health care, education, and science. Your work can include everything from creating publicity guides for hospital trusts to planning presentations and clinical protocol samples for use in lectures or medical conferences.


Computer-aided design (CAD) is used by drafters to create the systems in which we reside and operate (computer-aided design). If engineers and architects design plans, it is the drafter’s responsibility to convert them into professional-looking drawings on a screen or on paper. They perform their magic by making digital representations of real-world objects, such as houses or gadgets, which is critical in the process of creating anything from a flyover bridge to the terrifying-looking drill used by dentists.

Designer of packaging

Packaging is essential for any commodity, from soft drinks to confectionery. Brands are constantly on the lookout for novel and inventive ways to market their products. Graphic designers contribute to the development of exquisite packaging artwork.

While the packaging is often overlooked during the production process, it is critical to the success of a company or organisation. A package designer must have the education, experience, and skills necessary to create consumer-pleasing, safe, cost-effective, and, in many cases, environmentally conscious food packaging.

Package producers must be adept at considering food packaging from a variety of angles in order to create a packaging strategy that effectively helps to increase product sales. Packaging designers must have not only exceptional creative expertise but also be active collaborators and collaborate with a variety of internal and external collaborators to meet branding, business, schedule, time, and protection requirements.

Wedding Designer

Weddings are significant occasions. Graphic artists are also prominent members of this field. From enticing wedding invitations to individualised thank you cards for attendees, graphic designers build it all.

Industrial Inventory Designer

Industrial designers influence every part of our lives, from the running sneakers we wear to the stainless steel plates we eat to the supercars we drive. They conceptualise everyday objects by fusing technical and aesthetic significance within the sense of functionality. Consider yourself. Almost any manufactured item in your environment bears the signature of an industrial designer.

Artist & Craftsman

Is not the glass vase an excellent complement to the upholstery you are considering for the carpet? Naturally, all of this has been chosen with the wall colour in mind. Take a moment to bow quietly, graphic designer, as you are the creator of all of these things. Although craft artists produce functional items such as pottery, glassware, and textiles, fine artists create works of art such as painting and sculpture that enrich our lives in a number of ways.

Creative Director

An Advertising and event organising intern’s primary responsibility are to collect objective and qualitative data from marketing campaigns. They are conducting market research and competitor analysis. Additionally, creative administrators help the marketing team with day-to-day tasks. Additionally, he/she is required to help in the planning and preparation of events for various occasions. An effective publicity and event manager addresses event goals, integrate main messages and engages participants during the event.