What Are The Common Software Used By Graphic Designer?

What Are The Common Software Used By Graphic Designer?

Adobe Photoshop, a true classic in the field of graphics design, has maintained its reputation with both professionals and amateurs. You can create blogs, smartphone applications, posters, and icons with the same ease. Photoshop is an ideal platform for designers, artists, and photographers due to its user-friendly software and plethora of models.

Why should you use Adobe Photoshop?

It is, after all, familiar and convenient, with a plethora of practical methods and models. Though it is widely used, it is still useful for a variety of tasks, including photo editing, web development, and the creation of complex templates. Blue Sky Graphics can show you how to learn graphic design and master Photoshop.


The well-known cloud-based graphics modelling software was simply a guide for those who did not know how to use Photoshop. Nonetheless, it has evolved, and it is now an easy-to-use platform for producing professional-quality graphics design. The drag and drop editor enables users to function intuitively and create every kind of content. It is well worth noting that it can be used by both professionals and beginners.

What Are The Common Software Used By Graphic Designer
What Are The Common Software Used By Graphic Designer

Why should you experiment with Canva?

First and foremost, it is cloud-based. That means you can quickly save your models and access them from any location with an Internet connection. You do not need to bring a laptop; join an Internet club and continue working on whatever you were working on. Furthermore, it contains a plethora of models in case you need to build some graphics quickly.

Muted Colours

A muted hue is one that has been de-saturated with black or white. It was a big deal in 2019, and there is no excuse why creators will not use it in 2021. They find a picture cool and pleasing to the eye by being the polar opposite of vibrant colours. Muted colours are commonly used by large corporations, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Microsoft, who are changing their colour palettes to reflect this pattern. It is an excellent choice for any reason, whether official documents or a party invitation.

What are the benefits of using subdued colours? If you are dealing with a white backdrop, choosing a lighter hue ensures that it can fit in well, providing more soft yet noticeable contrast. Use subdued colours if you want viewers to see the message of your work.


This is a free, open-source editor that is suitable for both experienced designers and beginners who want to make minor changes to their images. GIMP is suitable for all users and is very simple to learn from the ground up. This editor is very simple to learn, so it can be a good starting point for anybody who wants to learn at least basic photo editing skills. It has a fantastic range of features, including image enhancement, brush customization, and noise reduction. Often, it may be the method with the simplest GUI.

Why do you experiment with GIMP?

To start with, it is completely free. It is simple and straightforward while still being very resourceful. It comes with a plethora of options that can be used in place of Adobe Photoshop. It can be learned in a few hours by a novice, and if you are a pro, you would be amazed by the built-in tool-set.


If you are an artist, a professional designer, or a project creator, Autodesk is a platform you would love. A fantastic collection of drawing and painting techniques that allows you to make a scene from the ground up. Aside from that, the toolkit includes a plethora of interchangeable brushes as well as a fantastic colour catalogue. SketchBook has an easy-to-use GUI which works on tablets. You can draw with your bare hands if you like – Autodesk is fantastic if you want to feel like you are looking at a real drawing.

Why should you be using Autodesk SketchBook?

It isn’t easy to imagine, but this fantastic tool is completely free for personal use. It accepts a wide range of file formats, including JPG, PSD, PNG, TIFF, and BMP. It gives the impression of conventional painting. Finally, when used on a smartphone, it enables you to scan line images with translucent backgrounds and colour them as desired.

Flowing forms are a global trend

Beautiful shapes and lines with a sense of flow are very fashionable among today’s artists, and their appeal is growing. They would look great with muted colours and the rest of your style concepts. Their appeal stems from the general feeling they evoke, a sense of something normal. After all, there are not so many angles in existence. Flowing shapes aid in the creation of graphics that become more realistic, imaginative, and unusual while still being very attractive.


Another cloud-hosted graphic design platform on this list is suitable for someone trying to produce sharp graphics or a strict and strong presentation. The platform includes everything you need to create a report, infographics, or even slides quickly. The drag-and-drop editor offers an intuitive experience for users – you do not need to read the manual to begin working with Piktochart right away.

Why do you experiment with Piktochart?

It is ideal for quickly making a large number of presentations. It is very simple to use. It is jam-packed with models, allowing you to complete repetitive tasks in the blink of an eye and continue working on your designs.

Adobe Dreamweaver

If you want to create visual content for a website or smartphone app, Dreamweaver is a must-have. All you need to build websites is conveniently housed in a single dashboard, making it an ideal platform. What is more, you can display the website blueprint to your client and automatically change it as desired. A list of various screen sizes is included in the suite of built-in features. In reality, using Dreamweaver, you need to code once, and AI will take care of the rest.

Why use Adobe Dreamweaver?

If you mainly deal with blogs, this is a fantastic idea. You will use the coding engine to generate just what you need and change all of the parameters. It is a useful method for creating websites using templates or from scratch. Finally, Dreamweaver for Windows supports many displays.