How Do I Get Experience As A Graphic Designer?

How Do I Get Experience As A Graphic Designer?

Given that graphic design is an interdisciplinary, problem-solving, and utterly innovative process, it is unsurprising that it is a lucrative and sought-after occupational term. Not long ago, the luxury of owning such an imaginative and fashionable occupation was reserved for a select few fortunate design students who, through outstanding technical ability, perseverance, and broke through the pervasive obstacles that prohibit many young designers from achieving their professional ambitions.

With the advent and eventual proliferation of the internet, the need for graphic designers has increased exponentially in recent years, allowing a larger number of talented individuals to join this inspiring profession.

How Do I Get Experience As A Graphic Designer
How Do I Get Experience As A Graphic Designer

But, as in any sought-after career, amid the graphic design niche booming in the modern age, rivalry within the industry remains fierce. As is the case for all common and successful careers, having job experience helps applicants stand out on their CVs and provides critical ammunition if they are fortunate enough to win an interview.

If you are an aspiring graphic designer seeking valuable, if not mandatory, work experience, look at the following best ways to obtain graphic design work experience.

Platforms on the internet
If you are currently pursuing a degree in graphic design or are a recent design graduate, there are various platforms available to assist you in gaining expertise., in particular, aims to provide real-world commercial experience to students in an online competition. If you win, you will receive £100; if you do not, you will receive valuable additions to your design portfolio and experience. Learn graphic design with Blue Sky Graphics and get a chance to enhance your skills.

Volunteer for charitable organisations

One way to build a strong design portfolio is to volunteer your design services to charities. Naturally, charities are keen to advertise their charitable programmes, branding, banners, blogs, direct messaging, and social media platforms. With charities’ goals of increasing their public visibility, many would jump at the chance to provide work experience to a young and up-and-coming graphic designer.

Conduct an online search for all local charities in your area and then email each one personally to offer your services and explain how they could help the charity grow its fundraising portfolio.

Make contact with existing graphic design firms.

Being able to state that you have worked for a reputable graphic design firm would instantly elevate your CV overall applicants, even though the job you did for them just work experience.

Therefore, it will be advisable to approach all graphic design firms to fly and inquire regarding the prospect of working experience. Not only can work experience in a renowned design studio increase your employability but there is also a possibility that the organisation will potentially give you a paying position.

Effective Communication

Although retail does not specifically apply to graphic design, some of the experience you will obtain as a retail associate will. For instance, one critical skill you would need to learn is successful communication, especially with clients. Working in retail enables you to gain valuable experience dealing with consumer expectations, desires, and requests. You may also gain expertise in graphic design by designing posters for the retail establishment or doing other design-related tasks within the company.


If you are pursuing a college degree, you will gain expertise in graphic design by participating in a summer internship. At this internship, you will work in a graphic design environment and gain exposure to some of the fundamental skills needed to obtain employment in the industry after graduation. This is also an excellent opportunity to develop connections in the sector that might assist you in securing jobs in the future. While the majority of internships are unpaid, others offer a modest salary or a housing stipend.

Work with Small Businesses

Volunteering your skills to a non-profit or start-up company is another excellent way to gain experience in graphic design. Since start-up companies often run on shoestring budgets, you would certainly be paying very little, if at all. Still, you will quickly and efficiently create a portfolio by donating your services to start-ups and non-profits with minimal resources.

Graphic Design Careers:

Advertising Designer

Advertising designers’ primary responsibilities are to produce visually appealing publicity documents for a brand or business through graphic design, sketching, and photography. They design banners, magazine ads, website advertisements, and all other promotional materials ordered. They create an initial framework based on publicity and public relations techniques by sketching or using CAD tools. They can develop several iterations of a proposal to introduce to the promotional leadership and then use their input to refine the final version.

Publication Designer

Publication designers are responsible for the composition, visual presentation, and illustrations of various printed publications. Companies that produce annual reports, academic papers, books, catalogues, and user guides employ in-house or freelance publication artists to supplement the printed content with photographs and graphics.

These illustrations aid in the readability of data and supplement written topics by displaying a graph or step-by-step instructions for completing a task in a textbook. The artist is responsible for creating the photographs and diagrams and integrating them visually appealingly into the paper.

Logo Designer

To represent a company, product, brand, or service, logo designers create visually appealing graphics or symbols. They do extensive studies on the target market in order to obtain a thorough understanding of the icons that are attractive and unforgettable to them. The artist then selects distinct colours and shapes that correspond to and create the company’s or product’s brand identity. Additionally, logo creators must be mindful of competing styles to avoid cloning or recreating a trademarked logo.

Designer of user interfaces

The user interface designer’s primary responsibility is to ensure that each website and operational phase of the final product adheres to the user experience (UX) designer’s purpose. They usually possess advanced coding skills and collaborate with software engineering professionals to realise the designer’s vision. UI programmers make it easy for consumers to communicate with websites, commercials, and electronic programming. They are responsible for ensuring that the user experience concept is feasible and well-executed.