How Do Graphic Designers Make Money Online?

How Do Graphic Designers Make Money Online?

Graphic design has grown in popularity among IT practitioners and freelancers. Building a career in graphic design is simple if you offer it your undivided attention. The secret to success is consistency. Before you begin searching for jobs, it is advisable to participate in a graphics course or degree programme. If you want to learn graphic design online then enrol at Blue Sky Graphics online graphic design course.
Since they see the opportunity, an increasing number of people are entering this sector. If you have the talent, it is a career that lends itself well to freelancing. Many businesses and blogs employ graphic designers to work with them. And they are well compensated.

Enhancement of Skills

When you see the first passive income from a design you’ve placed out there, you’ll be inspired to make more. The more artworks you create, the more you can see changes in your technological or graphic design abilities.

How Do Graphic Designers Make Money Online
How Do Graphic Designers Make Money Online

Online Visibility

We are now in the year 2021. Graphic designers and other art professionals should have at least a portfolio page or other online presence that they can use for career applications or just to place out there for potential employers to see.

Become a Contributor to Design

If you are great at making vector graphics or have the talent for creating breath-taking graphic assets and do it for pleasure, you will find that you have spent 15 hours doing it without realising it. You are unquestionably eligible to be a design contributor.

Websites for Graphic Designers: Creative Market

Creative Market is one of the best markets for graphic designers to develop and offer online designs such as icons, models, and other elements. Users will set up their own stores and earn money by selling their creations. Through being a store owner, you will be able to make your own items and upgrade them anytime you want, and once published, the goods will go live automatically. The best thing about this forum is that there are no penalties for advertising your ideas on other platforms.

Payment Specifics

Designers will set their own rates and upgrade them if needed through Creative Marketing. The creators would receive 70% of the proceeds from each sale. Designers are paid by Creative Market through bank deposit and PayPal.


48hourslogo is a massive marketplace for purchasing and distributing logos. Since its inception in 2010, the business has expanded exponentially, with over 3 million logos and 40,000 customers. This website is intended for experienced graphic artists, not beginners. To advance in your graphic design profession, you must have a strong portfolio. It operates like this: if a customer needs a logo, they launch a logo creation contest. Once the contest is online, artists will enter and must create a logo in 48 hours. The customer would have a range of designs to select from within the time frame.

Payment Specifics

The customer determines the expense of the mark, which is usually between £99 and £300. If your concept is selected by the customer, you may receive the bonus money. PayPal and Stripe are used by the firm to pay its artists.


Inkd is an online store for print templates such as pamphlets, logos, cards, menus, and so on. The firm, which was founded in 2009, now has about 2000 original concept models. The way this online platform operates is that after signing up, designers create storefronts to showcase their creations and models for sale. Designers must first select the form of product they wish to create, such as a brochure; then download a blueprint from the website to ensure correct standards; and finally, upload the image. If you’ve submitted the design, users will go over it for quality assurance before approving the job, which will then be posted for sale on the website.

Payment Specifics

The artists are compensated by commissions on their work. Any time a customer purchases your concept or blueprint, you receive a 20% discount on the sale. Each concept ranges in price from £39 to £99. PayPal and bank checks are used to pay the company’s models. The bill threshold is £25.

99designs is just another excellent web design marketplace for freelancers. The website debuted in 2008 and rapidly grew to become one of the leading design selling platforms, with over £200 million in design sales to date. To begin working as a professional artist, you must first build a public profile; from there, you will search for competitions that attract you and apply your designs. By entering concept competitions and communicating with clients, you will expand your client base and portfolio. Remember that entry-level designers are limited to 10 contest entries a month.

Payment Specifics

99designs pays its designers through Payoneer and PayPal. When a designer enters a contest, the bonus money is deposited into their account. You will seek a minimum reward of £25.


It is a freelance website that mostly serves graphic designers and website designers. The firm, which was founded in 2014, enables entry-level designers to develop and create their portfolios. This provides you with an excellent chance to further your graphic design career. Signing up is the first phase, followed by selecting your expertise and uploading your graphic projects. Clients will contact you directly to recruit you after your profile is made official. It’s critical to note that any account is checked for quality management before it’s made public for clients to recruit.

Payment Specifics

AwesomeWeb does not charge freelancers any expenses and does not take a portion of the job bill. However, the firm charges £27 a month to maintain the account active. But the best thing is that if you don’t get any clients that month, the organisation can refund your income. Clients pay freelancers directly and they set their own prices. Each party agrees on a payment gateway of their choosing.
You should be able to develop your portfolio and earn consistent profits using these platforms. Meanwhile, here are several websites where you can sell miniature paintings and portraits and earn money.